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Sunsilk Academy Fantasia: Semi-Finals!


Time flies. I remember the first encounter with this competition - it all started at the Top 14 reveal Media Conference then I attended the Round 3 concert as well as the Roadshow at Central mall. This weekend's already the semi-finals! That's also how long the remaining Top 5 contestants have been staying together under one roof.

The atmosphere of the place felt familiar still only that this week's concert was a different experience. As a blogger of this event, I managed to get special access to front stage where I could snap closeup shots of the contestants! YAY! And, I'm so glad I had my clique girlfriends with me this week - we made a pact to go together, finally a week that most of us can make it!

Semi-Finals - 1st Sept 2012

As usual, the contestants performed a group song to open up the show proper. This week, they brought us the theme song of this entire competition.
Semi-Finals - 1st Sept 20121

The Semi-Finals see Top 5 contestants performing 2 songs each - a New 'unknown' & an Oldies. Was quite Which 3 performed deserving enough to enter the Finals?  It's your say. Voting closes at 1am tonight!

Like I said in my previous post, I'm not musically trained, don't come from a music background, forgot almost everything about my piano & singing lessons, and am certainly in no position to critique performances of these remaining talented souls of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia SG. But, I'll just share my personal take! #humble&honestkidhere *waves*

Semi-Finals - 1st Sept 20124
New Song:《男下女上》& 阿杜's《情人节》
IRWIN the talented performer, has been stable in his singing all-along. This week's no exception. The aim of these new songs were to let audiences know its existence and out of all 5 new songs, he made me like his song the best! The melody of 《男下女上》was soothing and easy to sing/sway along... His overall performance felt a little weak compared to previous weeks, but I loved his pink jacket #justsaying;he managed to pull it off quite nicely visually.

Semi-Finals - 1st Sept 20125
New Song:《打开爱》& 张学友's《我真的受伤了
VEE is such an all-rounded performer! With her unique vocals and oriental looks, I could see the STAR factor in her on stage and future overseas potential. I have to agree with the judges, with her eloquent voice, she is probably better off as an emcee or as an actress. All the best! I'm sure you'll have a promising future career in the media industry.

Semi-Finals - 1st Sept 20123
New Song:《爱上爱》& 陈奕迅‘s《十年》
According to the judges, ET played safe and didn't do as well this week. Probably they had higher expectations of him, that's why. Overall, I thought his singing techniques were good and obviously, he did well enough just a pity he didn't surprise us with his performance. Judging from his other performances, I wanna comment that his voice is really able to touch audiences!

Semi-Finals - 1st Sept 20122
New Song:《谁也没有想过会这样》& 万芳‘s《新不了情
HUIXIAN impressed the judges with both her songs. Not being biased because I'm her friend, but it's undeniable that she has powerful vocals and strong emotional stage presence. Don't you agree? Even the judges said she's already 'up-there'. Looking more and more like a star every week, sometimes looking at her I can't believe she's actually my personal friend. Feeling like happy kids, we are all proud of you, girl!

Semi-Finals - 1st Sept 20126
New Song:《揭穿》& 林忆莲‘s《至少还有你
ZHANGCHI gave a sincere, slow & steady performance. He looked as stone as ever while performing, as if he's in his own world, but I guess if that's his style, then so be it. Being yourself is always the key to success! Putting it in a nicer way, probably the word's cool. Smile more! Overall, I think this guy has great potential to progress in the media industry, plus he's still young so that's an asset!

This week's an emotional week for them because 1) they had some of their family members and close friends seating on stage left watching them perform 2) they watched a video recorded by people close to them before singing their 2nd song.
Thankgod, through they felt appreciated and were very touched, their singing weren't very much affected by their emotions. Well, a singer has got to learn how to control emotions right! (:

After all had performed, the judges called them up on stage for an impromptu Q&A 'interview' which caught them back. However, they managed to answer the questions sincerely from the bottom of their hearts.
Singapore, your Top 5
the guys
the girls
They have performed. You have voted.

We bid goodbye to ET & VEE this morning, so here's your Top 3: Hui Xian, Zhang Chi & Irwin! Catch them at the Top3 pre-finals roadshow next Saturday, 5pm at Central mall! Seeyou!

The finals will be in 2weeks time. Till then, all the best! Have a great week ahead!

This blogpost is brought to you by yours truly,

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