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Take your seat at ReStore Cafe

Hello, My name is Samantha & I'm on a quest for my favourite waffles in SG.
please help me ٩(^‿^)۶


So, after lunching at Talent Cafe, we walked down the next street where ReStore Cafe's located to have desserts! Besides being well known for good Korean BBQs, many dainty popular cafes lies within the heart of Tanjong Pagar. I'm sure I'll be exploring that area a little more as time passes...



Upon stepping into this cozy quaint cafe, what greeted us besides the smell of sweet baked treats, was a row of colourful vintage furnitures of different designs, shapes and sizes. What's more interesting was they were hung on the walls. My goodness, how simple it is as decor but really creative!

Vintage is the new Modern!
probably that's how the rave of this cafe came about
Oh, these furniture are for sale - If you eyed any, you can buy them off the walls, if I'm not wrong!
row of vintage furnitures; which's your favourite?
cafe's menu
while waiting for our yummy waffles to be served!

Although you can't hear it via my pictures in this blogpost, but I'll like to acknowlege the appreciated melodious jazz music playing softly in the background, which made us just felt like seating in the cafe forever. How lazy of us!

We unanimously decided on Chocolate, Almond & Banana Waffles (S$9.80) which turned out to be a good choice! The portion at ReStore is as dainty as how the cafe looks - just perfect for one lady, like me. But the three of us shared as we were still full from lunch plus, we just wanted to try the waffles253836_10151209291313665_1839729396_n

First bite into the waffles, I was delighted! YAY FINALLY! After trying a few others, finally a decent waffle! To me, decent meant crispy on the outside & fluffy on the insides. Just the way I like it! One thing I didn't like was the buttery aftertaste :( And, on hindsight, we should have added some ice cream on it through.

& since it's just the one and only we ordered, shall spam more pictures!



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