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Sunsilk Academy Fantasia: Meet & Greet @CENTRAL

After weeks staying all-round the clock and beeing cooped in the Academy, the contestants could finally see the light of outsides in peace last Saturday at Central Mall. With the elimination of Natalie and Phil, the competition's Top 10 had their first Meet & Greet session!
Were you there to witness this event?

I arrived early and I thought the hosts did a great job entertaining the family, friends & fans of the contestants through Q&A goodie-bags giving sessions. I'm sure the crowd was a little more hyped up after that. But of course, nobody likes waiting, thus everyone present was just waiting for the moment when the contestants to come on stage!


The contestants were interviewed about how they felt about the competition thus far and things like how much they missed their family & friends etc, typical. To our surprise, they sang the theme song of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia as a whole group! I thought they made the song sound so much nicer!
Following which, was the mini-quiz session whereby each contestant was pre-assigned a question to be directed to the audiences. They get to pick who they want to answer their questions and correct answers stand to win fantastic goodie bags!
so proud of myself, I could answer almost all their questions. heh, #justsaying

The most emotional award of the afternoon goes to ET. He totally broke down on stage when he saw his family and friends. I'm sure every other contestant felt the same way too, just that he was a little more expressive about it and we all respected true feelings. I mean, who wouldn't miss the people they love most when they're far away right! JIAYOUS everyone!

Next up, I loved this segment best!
It was epic because the contestants were handed their cameras for them to take pics of & with their supporters and people they know. However, the catch is they are NOT supposed to come down from the stage! So everyone ended up having to take pictures really awkwardly, trying to fit all of us in the same picture. It was a great test of whose camwhoring skills are the best!Collages1
418661_10151150093098665_531970827_nDeenise & I with ET
Of course, there were some exceptions - Irwin came down the stage to hug his Dad! Well, I guess being filial is a good enough defence reason, right!
425166_10151150092348665_807207530_nAWWW! Super Sweet!

Check out all their goodies received in just a short span of time!
Jessie's the popular kid here with all her gifts, luckygirl!

To end off the event proper, the contestants were given the opportunity to rally for votes for the future rounds of competition...
So, VOTE for your favourites to keep them in!
Presenting Deenise & I, part of the Media for the day!
Thanks for having me there!
And! I managed to snap a picture with the 2 awesome hosts!

Can't wait for the next few related events! It's gonna get even more hyped and even more crazier. Woah! And, till then, toodles!

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