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Sunsilk Academy Fantasia: Concert Round 3!

photocredits from an onlinesource, edited by myself
Ever since the Top 14 reveal Media Conference which I attended, I haven't been able to catch the first 2 concert shows LIVE! due to my physical self being in school's summer camps. All I could do was watch everything from my blackbox at home aka TV and even so, I felt like a virtual student spiritually with them.

Anyways, looking forward, this week, I was finally able to make it for the 3rd round of concert (28th July) & I felt very privileged with exclusive invite as a blogger to part of this whole competition! When I reached St.James, Dragonfly, I saw familiar faces - my cliquegirls! I didn't know they would be there (long story) but it was a pleasant shock/surprise!
And, thanks to Angeline, I managed to get them over to VIP seats with me. Throughout the whole concert, I was enjoying the songs and grooving to the music alongside my girlfriends, just like back in those good old' days.

With us lovin' ALL of the song choices sang by the contestants,
Welcome to this week's Genre, Rhythm & Beat(more commonly known as R&B)
We should understand that not every singer is good at R&B and just by being poor at R&B doesn't make them a bad singer. Like any genre challenge, this week's, some contestants were put at an advantage but for some, R&B proved to be not their thing.

"Being relaxed, at peace with yourself, confident, emotionally neutral, loose, and free-floating - these are the keys to successful performance in almost everything."Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

So who managed to do so?

Like what the judges/host said, R&B theme challenge is a competition of who is able to catch the beat of the song best! I'm not musically trained, don't come from a music background, forgot almost everything about my piano & singing lessons, and am certainly in no position to critique performances of these 12 remaining talented souls of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia SG. But, I'll just share my personal take! #humble&honestkidhere *waves*
opening (3)
Opening Perfomances by the Top 12!

Followingwhich, the contestants were partnered in pairs as they make their appearances on stage. That marked that start of a friendly PK 'battle' between the Males and Females!

Irwin &Chloe

I felt that he's a sincere singer and that he smartly & comfortably made use of every part of the stage for his performance be it seating or standing, etc, his stage presence was enough to impress. Oh! I love his song choice and so did my girlfriends, we were totally singing together with him downstage.


One of the most down-to-earth contestants, her sincerity was brought out in her song and I could feel it. I feel that her vocals are uniquely suited for soothing songs like the one she sang this week. I really loved it! However, I agree with the judges that her performance didn't leave an impression plus she was the first to perform, how to remember till the end!


Guang Li & Vee


Guang Li
Could tell that he tried his best to catch the rhythm of the song and I credit him for the effort. However, I wouldn't say his performance was the best, because from his facial expressions, it seemed as though he was in agony singing it. Nevertheless, this guy has potential, R&B just isn't his thing.
I didn't think that was her best performance. Nevertheless, she did a farely good job and managed to touch our hearts with her song. Perhaps she was the first girl to perform, thus, it was hard to gauge whether it's good or not.
ET & Natalie
He is so suited to sing R&B. Out of the guys, I felt that he caught the groove best! And as usual, it was a joy to watch him perform and do his thing - his stage presence and audience interactions were so natural, it added points for his performance as a whole. A pity based on votes, he was almost booted out.
She started out a little shaky but gradually went into a welldone performance! She was very absorbed in her performance and I remember enjoying watching her sing. Chic and Sincere! Sighs, What a pity she was voted out this week! I was actually looking forward to see her dance on stage (assuming there's a dance genre!)
Jun Yang & Zhi Lin - the most glam pair of the show
Jun Yang
He changed his song choice last minute and I think it was a good move. Not because he sang very well, but because the song sounded nicer. He didn't impress with his performance that afternoon, in fact, I thought he started out quite off-beat but thankfully, ended off on nicer note. Through not the top scorer, in terms of votes, however, he was leading that week.
Zhi Lin
Dressed in her long red frock, she looked so glam and gorgeous. Outer appearance she wins hands down, however, her vocals need to be improved on. A-Mei's songs ain't the easiest songs to sing, especially for a competition. She managed to do better than last week but still, her voice lacked the R&B feel this time round. Luckily for her, votes kept her in the running still.

Phil & Jessie - the difference in height pair


Definitely one of the more sincere performances thus far, I mean, he even dedicated the song on national tv to his ex-gf. Some say it was a suicidal move, but I thought it was sweet and his guts were worth commending! A pity he's out this week (Definitely because of his votes)! I was looking forward to more chinese songs by an angmoh! His Chinese improved quite a fair bit!



Just like ET, she's the most natural performer amongst the girls. Every of her performances, her cheerful and bubbly spirit never fails to come through! I would say she was the only one who really interacted with the crowd downstage - stage presence wise, totally welldone despite her petite frame! Both judges and audiences loved her, she's quite safe!



Zhang Chi & Hui Xian


Zhang Chi
As stone as ever, but he's always a different self on stage when singing. Judges even commented artistes should find their own style to stand out and that he has found his to be the 'cool-styled' guy. Vocal powers not much of a problem, was quite soothing to hear from him, but R&B ain't his thing either. However, there's just so far you can go playing cool and singing in your own world - He needs to be more active interacting with his audiences!

Hui Xian
 One of the more powerful vocals, Hui Xian has improved week after week. With everyone else choosing slower soothing songs, she challenged R&B by going with a sexy song choice, LANDY. I personally don't like that song choice, however, this little powerhouse managed to ace the performance with her quality voice which made everyone start grooving to the beat with her. However, she needs to work on her low bass.

Catch parts of the performances here:

credits: superadrienme
Ending off the night, we had a guest, Taiwanese singer Lala徐佳瑩 performing for us
Singing her hearts out

Show's Over!
They have done their best, now, Their fate lies in your hands
Remember, no matter what the judges think or say, they only have 30% impact on the overall results, whereas, you supporters have 70%! So what are you waiting for?

Support your favourites by voting for them!
Picture with hmmm, honestly, I don't know who, Yiusi insisted that he's Jay Chou's chereographer and wanted a pic with him. And, as usual, I was the one who went up to ask him for a picture... only to find out from her afterwards that it may be mistaken identity. Who knows who's he? haha! :/

Stay tuned to Starhub, Channel 110 to catch the 
点点滴滴 of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Singapore 2012!

For live updates of the show contestants, follow @AcademySG  on Twitter!

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