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Sunsilk Fantasia Academy: Top 14 Unveiled!


Photo Credits: HuiXian

Thankyou Organisers, for making me one of the official media bloggers for this exciting reality tv competition.

I foresee an amazing journey ahead in the next few months, and I'm not just plain guessing or predicting. It's definitely gonna be fun, especially having personally attended the recent media conference at SG Flyer, organised to officially reveal the Top 14 contestants.
*Drums Roll* . . .


I admit, when I first saw their photoboard at the press conference, I thought they looked like typical hairstylists (which reminded me perhaps partly cause Sunsilk is one of the organisers, haha?) I still think they look like one, however, trust me, these 14 amazing people are way better than your typical hairstylists! They are 14 talented young souls, gifted with powerful vocals and some even with abilities to dance, compose songs, model, mimic etc. I really respect them, kudos everyone! Oh, bytheway, could I just add that I think they actually look better(more like themselves) in real life rather than during the photoshoot.


When I attend such events, deep down I'm really thankful to have studied Corporate Communications as one of my Business majors. Because at least I'm prepared for such media conferences - The atmosphere of the place was full of life and a tinge of excitement while waiting for the programme to start. Oh! Big cameras, Professional cameras, Compact cameras - Everyone was armed with cameras in their hands hoping to catch  the 
firsthand best shots of the individual contestants, while they introduce themselves officially to media friends. I had always known it isn't easy to be a reporter. You need to master the ultimate skill of multitasking between listening to what's said as well as capturing the best moments.

To start off the event,

Lin Pei Fen, YES 93.3FM DJ
Emcee for Sunsilk Academy Fantasia Media Conference

Mr Tan Tong Hai, COO of Starhub

Martha Contretas, TV Azteca
Co-format creator of Academy Fantasia (which first stated in Mexico)
Adrianna and herself flew all the way down to Singapore to grace this event!

One of the Show Hosts, Mr Joe

Without further ado, here's your 14 individual contestants coming together in 1 ACADEMY 明星学院, living under the same roof and undergoing trainings for the next few months!

These finalists come from all walks of life, ranging from university students to a former FHM model; a British man who is a Vice President in an established foreign bank, and a Malaysian who is a dead-ringer for local singer JJ Lin.   There are also two Chinese nationals amongst the finalists. One of them arrived in Singapore just a month ago to enrol in a local music school, but was sidetracked by this competition instead.

What I have for you on my blog, besides their personal Biographies,
I'll be doing more than just an intro so that you guys can get to know them better + my personal sincere take from conversing with some of them!


YouTube talent VEE is a family-oriented girl who believes her determination and strong family bonds will help her progress far in the competition. As a fond food lover, VEE feels the most challenging part of the competition is losing weight.
Something she told us about her: She has never had a BF before! Anyways, managed to speak to her after the interviews and found that she's quite a sincere and cheerful girl besides having a super sweet voice. Looking forward to more conversations with her!
Petite, soft spoken and relatively shy, Hui Xian comes across as a quiet, harmless character, her voice, however, has been said to “move mountains.” If you are a believer of the phrase, “size does not matter,” Hui Xian is the perfect example to reinforce that fact. Hui Xian is currently studying and working simultaneously.
As you guys may know, she's my secondaryschool close Cliquemate! Don't worry, I'm won't be biased though! She was secretive about joining this and it was only until I flipped through the presskit during the media conference that I realised it was her (didn't even recognise the photoboard). We totally jizzed when we saw each other later on in the interview room. Anyways, am totally proud my girlfriend! And, this reminds me of Campus Superstar days... and all the other times we had together. Seeyou next Wed before you 'book in' to camp. Haha!

The middle child of the family, Natalie feels that she owes her willpower and determination to her neglected childhood. Her innate ability to dance eventually won her parents’ trust and support, letting her to pursue her superstar dreams. The former pre-school teacher finds it exceptionally challenging to be captured on camera 18 hours a day.
Didn't really get a chance to speak to her but I'm impressed by her daring dancemoves! I honestly think this talent of hers is a plus point in this competition and that she needs to know how to use it wisely so as to capture the hearts of audiences.
Former FHM model, Fiona, used to strut down runways and participate in beauty pageants, now, she wants to excel even further and delve into her passion of singing. Playful and zealous for life, Fiona also enjoys running marathons and doing extreme sports. With immense love for nature and wildlife, she once considered becoming a Veterinarian, however, now, her main goal would be to succeed in Singing and TV Hosting.Didn't really get a chance to speak to her but when she first came out, she reminded me of Cheryl Wee from Jean Yip. She has this girl next door look plus with a good figure to boot. Kinda think it'll get stressful on her after people know she used to be a FHM model.

Korean fanatic, Celyn, is a freelance performer who shares her songs on YouTube. She likes penning down the special events in her life in journals, as well as shooting videos to record precious moments. A girl with a big heart to love and to give, she is well aware of the fact that being in the Academy would mean being far apart from her loved ones for a period of 3 months. 
When she first made her appearance, I honestly think she stood out compared to the other girls, mainly because of her height. And also because, she was the first to introduce herself via singing. She certainly has the makings of a star, but from now till then, we shall see!
Mature, soft-spoken and quiet, Chloe is an independent thinker. The sole breadwinner of the family, she is very responsible and family oriented. Chloe feels very uneasy about being filmed on camera the entire day. Regardless, she strives to do her best, for singing is something she truly enjoys. 

On first sight, she doesn't seem like a singer to me, but her voice is really unique despite the gentle soft-spoken vibe she gives out.

Jessie, the ‘girl-next-door,’ is a balanced mix of Ying and Yang. She hates flying insects but enjoys the thrill of a good horror film. Having had prior performing experience, she does not have stage fright at all. A cute, sweet and bubbly girl, she sees staying with 13 other contestants a challenging but exciting feat.
This girl is super bubbly and animated! A bundle of joy, I can totally sense sudden excitement everytime she speaks! Her voice seems more towards the high pitch tone.
Malaysian born Jun Yang is a hot contender. With a fan base of over ten thousand, he is already a popular figure in Malaysia. Not one to rest his laurels, Jun Yang is determined to expand his boundaries and make it ‘big’; in fact, he would invent a flying car so as to avoid traffic congestions. This self-proclaimed ‘prankster’ is excited about what’s to come in the Academy, keeping in mind the promise he made to his late father that he would make a name for himself in the music industry.
Didn't speak to him much, but from his profile, apparently many people say he look like JJ Lin. Do you think so? In the next few weeks, we shall see if he does sound like too. This young man comes across as being experienced as he is comfortable on stage.

Straight-forward, charming and lazy are three key characteristics of 18-year-old, Zhang Chi. Having been living in Singapore for a mere few weeks, Zhang Chi is still very new to Singaporean local culture. As a self-proclaimed “lazy and pessimistic boy,” Zhang Chi He considers singing to be his greatest accomplishment in life, thus far. As an individual who detests people with a materialistic obsession, one might find it queer that this talented individual’s ultimate dream is to make it big so much so that he claims to have envisioned his own posters plastered everywhere.

I really admire how he is able to stay under the same roof with people that he doesn't know plus people of different culture (for his case). Plus, he has only been in Singapore for a few weeks only. Whoa! He didn't have as much stage presence as compared to the others BUT that was exactly what made him stand out because he came across as having a straightforward and honest. A natural little block-headed during the question and answer segment with the hosts, made the crowd giggle at his no frills personality.

Born into a financially well-to-do family, Kenneth has the luxury to drop all current commitments for his passion in music. Describing himself as a relatively 'tame' character, he claims not to lose his temper unless he is provoked or annoyed for more than three hours. With a passion and talent in music, Kenneth is known for his ability to hit the high octaves without using falsetto. He believes that the recognition from the competition will allow him to regain his family’s trust. Should he win, he will invest the prize money on himself and purchase another house for his parents.
Spoke to him a little and he seems like a comedian in the group! Also, he seemed quite experience in such competitions as he too was confident on stage. All the best!
Phil is no ordinary Caucasian man. With his great understanding and passion for Asian Culture, Phil often describes himself as 'an Asian trapped in a Western's body. In fact, two of his biggest music idols are Korean band, 2PM and Taiwan singer, David Tao. A man of many talents, not only does Phil enjoy singing and music, he also has a great passion for the art of cooking and often enjoys whipping up sumptuous meals for his friends. As an intelligent individual, Phil also works in a financial institution. Lucky for him, his job does not require him to dress formally; instead, he heads to work in T-shirts and jeans.
First things first, whoa! he not only speaks Chinese but can even sing Chinese songs. Impressive, because I know some Singaporeans who can't even do so. Deenise and I conversed with him over teabreak and he was telling us how he used to be really heavy when he first came to SG and eventually went on a diet successfully because he wanted to chase a girl. haha, anyways, I find that he's a very determined guy and I look forward to seeing his performances.
As an all-rounded musician, Irwin’s talent lies not just in his vocals but also his gift in composing songs. With a great passion for his tunes, he often describes his keyboard as his best friend. A filial and understanding son who knows not to take his family for granted, Irwin promises to work hard to provide for his family.
We spoke a little and I find him approachable through he kept teasing ET and I. Tsk! Anyways, Deenise and him spoke more because they were both from NUS. Small world huh! From the others comments, they say he's really talented - can compose songs, dance, sing etc. Looking forward to his performance. Btw, he looks so much better in real life compared to the photoshoot. More lively, especially when he danced on stage and grooved to the beat with those cool yellow dance shoes!

Moving to Singapore at the tender age of 11, GuangLi is a filial boy who loves his mother fondly. Not your average teenager, GuangLi had to earn his first keep, selling fish. As a man of multi-talents, GuangLi can sing, dance, beat-box, play the guitar as well as mimic. His mimicking talent never fails to leave people amused as he impersonates idols- Jay Chou and Fei Yu Qing.

Am impressed by his ability to mimic! Super funny I swear. I bet he will be the happypill in this group because I can imagine if there's gonna be any conflicts in the house, he can 'transform' into the idols and make the other party laugh instead. How to stay angry for long with him around, right! Anyways, he told us that he is going on a diet for this show, so Good Luck!

ET aspires to become Singapore’s ‘next singing sensation’ just like JJ Lin and Stefanie Sun. An affectionate and loving boy who always has his family’s interests at heart. His relentless persuasion for his father to switch jobs is something he is very proud of. The part time artiste at the Music and Dance Company paid his University education entirely through his own pocket. Contrary to many, he dislikes the process of courtship.
ET was one that I could talk to like friends through we only met that day, just because of SMU so we had common topic! He just graduated from SMU Accountacy (totally different from his music path right!) so he was just sharing with me about SMU culture, camps and stuffs like that. Thankyou for that! Oh, the other guys say that he's a strong competitor because he has stage experience couple with a widesmile. Wow. How good? I have no idea, but he's good at hyping crowds, so till then, we shall see!

Talk about chasing your dreams, they totally show how it's done through their actions

What is
truly cool about these 14 people is that they all love singing and performing for sure, and that they're now hoping for a shot at eventual stardom

All the Best! Be Yourself!

with the show hosts

Besides the unveiling of the 14 finalists, StarHub also launched the Sunsilk Academy Fantasia mobile app, available in Apple & Andriod appstores

you miss the shows or by any case, want to get closer to the show,


The app comes fully loaded with biographies of the finalists; photo and media galleries that allow viewers to check out exclusive photos and videos taken during events and activities. The star attraction of the app is the karaoke function. It enables users to sing along to lyrics on a minus one track, and conveniently share their singing pieces thereafter via Facebook.

Irwin and Vee helping out...

Introducing the new interactive mobile app
What I like about this app is that vewers like you and I can be updated with the latest news of the show throughout the entire season. There are many other cool features and options in the app for you to play around with, such as the interactive contestant's profile where you can literally check them out and if you like them, you could also VOTE for them via this app! How convenient!
Do remember to DOWNLOAD it to be involved (:


And, just when I thought the whole event was over, the organisers told some reporters and myself (bloggers) to head over to another room for a personal interview with the contestants. Honestly, I wasn't prepared for it so I had to think of questions on the spot. Thankgod I love interviewing people so overall it was fine through initially Joyce and I were ridiculously saying how come we feel more nervous than the contestants all of a sudden. haha!

The 14 finalists were split into 3 respective groups for interviews with different media


Watch this space, as I bring you more updates about this show!

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia premiers on 8 July 2012 on the Academy Fantasia Channel (StarHub TV Channel 110). Viewers can also catch it out of their homes via the convenience of their mobile devices, as a simulcast of the Academy Fantasia Channel will be made available online on and StarHub TV on Mobile.

E City (StarHub TV Channel 111/ 825) will screen daily recaps and weekly recaps, highlighting the best and funniest moments. The weekly concerts will also be aired on E City, Academy Fantasia Channel, StarHub TV on Mobile and online.

For more information on StarHub TV, visit

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