11 April 2014

Easter 2014; Outrageous Love

Why in the world would a bunch of SMU students with exams around the corner venture into a totally foreign campus with pink balloons and welfare packs?

There can only be one reason: 


Hope Church Supernatural Pioneering for Easter Harvest!
Amidst the study week & me feeling sick still, we decided to be happy vessels of blessings to the students in Laselle! Only Outrageous Love makes us all wanna do this together as a ministry. Thank you Laselle students for being so welcoming to us, letting us into their work stations/studios/out-of-bound places! Really enjoyed my stay there for the day plus making new friends who were very receptive to us! Oh, and some of us even did an interview for a student's final-year project! So glad we could help!
Laselle students are really VERY SUPER DUPER talented (God-given talents, indeed!), I can't even match up to their standards in terms of design and performing arts (duh!) but I'm so so so happy for them. At least they have a skill, I honestly think their degree/diploma is worth so much more than mine. Gosh ~ anyone can study business, but not everyone can do talented design art pieces/performances, etc. And, what's studying when no matter how much I study, I can't score very well anyways. omg #truestory ... If that's the case, I rather invest in eternal kingdom things like blessing others and making their day; because investing in other people's lives are so much more worth it than the certificate from university at the end of the day.
People remember how you have impacted them, not what your GPA is! (:


Hope y'all are blessed by our pretty pink balloons and welfare packs filled with love! May God continue to work in our hearts!

Having said that, of course I'm not saying that I should not study and take the easy way out by depending on God. Well, I myself have to buck up and do my best because God can do the rest! So, I have to go back to studying... It's just called prioritising and making active choices.

Prioritising VS Procrastinating

2 Days to Final Exams!
(pardon me for abandoning this space)

1 Week to EASTER SERVICE, join us in a night of film and performances!
Less than 2 Weeks to Summer & Travel
(plus flying off the same night, right after my exams) ~

Toodles and till I jetoff again,

Sneeze Sneeze and Coughs Coughs

03 April 2014

Spuds and Apron, Mount Faber

april 3rd 2014
When the hunger pangs peak and you just wanna dig in without a care, there’s only one thing to do – let yourself go and indulge in some wickedly sinful food! We promise we will tell no one. What’s more, at Spuds & Aprons you will find yourself at the top of the hill at Mount Faber with other food junkies. Get high on the eating, let the greenery relax you and drink in the view of the running cable car line, the Harbour and Sentosa Island.

Spuds and Apron
 is a brand new, fun and playful food and beverage joint at the top of the hill at Mount Faber, serving up yummy east-meets-west dishes.

Remember the blogpost I wrote for their special Valentines Day menu?
Was invited to try out the other dishes on their menu. An enchanted night of memorable dining experience coupled with good quality tasting food. What more could we have asked for?

Spuds & Aprons - 20th March 20142
To get there, we had to ride on the cable car. We were really excited because it's been years since I sat that to Sentosa/Mount Faber. Felt like an overgrown kid inside me, but still maintaining my calmness outside. Anyways, here it goes... it was a short ride not too long before we reached The Jewel Box!
Spuds & Aprons - 20th March 20141
We arrived there in the night so we missed the beautiful sunset :(
It's alright, we can always make a trip back the next time ~

At Spuds and Aprons, you get to choose whether you want to seat indoors with air-con or alfresco dining. Indoors would be a better choice if you prefer a more cosy air-con place to enjoy dining.

IMG_1641 Despite the nightfall, we opted to chill out at the alfresco Garden. No air-con out there, but I was glad that it was actually quite windy and the best part?

Getting an unblocked view of the alluring city landscapes!


You could even host a private party/event here over the weekends!


These long benches are more suitable for families with children, or perhaps gathering with a big group of friends ~


There were lots of food to choose from their large menu! Amongst them were International and Modern Asian cuisine. Also relish in local lunch favourites of Singapore Curry Chicken, Singapore Laksa, Hilltop Sambal Fried Rice and XO Fish Noodle Soup. Or get between the bun with our Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich featuring crispy pork belly slices and Sriracha in a Baguette. We decided to order some of their 'Die Die Must Try' items!
“Spuds means Potatoes. And, I LOVE POTATOES"

Here’s a whiff of the wicked aromas and temptations Spuds and Apron have created for you:

SAM_8065 SAM_8089

probably how a feast looks like

wicked fries & gravy|$8
Long touted as happy food, lift your mood with the humble steakhouse cut potato fries, wickedly lashed over with thick, hot gravy and 6 types of cheese. Not a huge fan of all types of cheese, but I definitely loved those melted cheese. Spells nothing but yummmmm! (:
My recommendation is to share these wickedly sinful calories with a bigger group of friends...
chilli crab in a tux|$12
Tease your palate with this dish! Looks Good? Wonder what's that?
Chilli Crab stuffed in Potato Skins! Normally I fancy potato skins, but they fried it and made it super crispy which went well with the spicy chilli crab. Best part? Eating crab without having to dirty your hands. 
Glam, woohoo, loved 'em!

After the appetisers, we had to wait awhile before main courses arrive, thus, I decided to take a walk around the place. Snap some pictures around the pretty eventful looking place.

Spuds & Aprons - 20th March 20143
Spuds & Aprons - 20th March 2014
Make a happy promise up here!

Being a relatively small eater, I was really full after the appetisers (even after walking around the place) Gosh! *facepalm* Don't blame me, everything came with Potatoes (SPUDS & Aprons, yes I realised!), I LOVE POTATOES, so I ate quite alot of the appetisers and... potatoes make one full easily. Heh! Nevertheless, I had to try their main courses and boy, I was really excited to sink my teeth into them!

pasta vongole|$18
Linguine with Fresh Clams and Herbs in White Wine Sauce
This dish may sound not sound unique at all, but when it arrived at our table, I was quite amazed. Besides its big portion, they were very generous with their wonderful clams.

crispy pork belly|$26
Pork Belly soaked in a hot tub and slow cooked until Pork tenders - Perfectly Crispy and served with Homemade Pineapple Pickle
This is one of their signature must-orders! Meat lovers, this is the one to go for! What I loved about this dish were the sides that came along with it ~ Sauteed potatoes and a great combi of refreshing pineapples!

braised five spiced oxtail|$22
Wagyu Oxtail Rubbed with Five Spice and Braised for 3 Hours

jar of happiness|$10
Tickle your sweet spot by indulging in this Jar of Happiness lovingly made from Shortbread Biscuits with Almond Flakes, Mixed Berries, Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with Warm Berry Compote

Spuds & Aprons will be having a Mothers' Day special set lunch on 11 May 2014, Sunday.

There is a special promotion for the first 50 guests who make a reservation with them! That's not all... there will be a complimentary cake surprise for those who reserve by 7 May 2014.
  1. IMG_1642

  2. With an indecent repertoire of comfort food, let ‘loose’ and just chill on the top of Mount Faber at Spuds & Aprons. Another reason why I'll definitely be back here on the evenings of Thurs, Fridays and Saturdays, got to be their awesome live bands! Imagine this - Let the live bands serenade, as you pair your sinful indulgences with a chilling swig of Beer Below Zero – experience minus5 degrees on the top of Mount Faber.

  3. To sweeten the deal, you can be away from the 
    buzzing city crowd!
How to get here with fellow food junkies?
Drive to the top of the hill or jump in our ‘joyride’ and fly over in the cable car

Daily FREE Valet (*with minimum spend of $30*) at Mount Faber - Applicable for all diners at Spuds & Aprons, Faber Bistro & Moonstone

I find this a super worthwhile deal. Just get a main course or a drink, there you spent $30 already! (:

* CABLE CAR: From Harbourfront/Sentosa: 15% OFF total bill at Spuds & Aprons for cable car ticket holders. Last boarding at 9.45pm! Don't miss it! ^^

Dining here?
#spudsnaprons in your instagram or facebook pictures!

Spuds and Apron
109 Mount Faber Road, Level 2,
Singapore 099203

Tel: (+65) 6377 9688

31 March 2014

Chock Full of Beans

maRch 30TH 2014397329_210147602403216_2032093713_n
Finally had the chance to visit this cafe at Changi Village on a weekday night, also a great end to my (feels-so-long) week! Yay, yet another awesome cafe in the East adding on to my Eastie-Pride (hurhurs) but even so, Changi Village is equivalent to the far end of the east so it's still quite inconvenient for me on a typical day.

Anyways, I have been wanting to dine here after seeing impressive photos of their cute latte art uploaded on Instagram and other social media platforms. Yes I even did my 'research' and knew what latte art I wanted! Indeed, it didn't disappoint! Only for the fact that that night their 3D caffe artist wasn't around, so all we had served to us was in 2D. It's okay! I'll be back again next time because their coffee/chocolate drink tasted good, not just another oh so cute gimmick for kids and girls.

The ambience of the cafe was rather cosy but since indoor seats were full, we sat outdoors. No complaining or whatsoever because it was night time and thank god for the great chilly weather. Well, at Changi, the ends of the East Coastal areas, what do you expect.

Their menu is decent, not many choices plus no all-day breakfast sets of weekdays, so we were left to choose from the main courses and desserts.
seafood spaghetti|$8.50
Not exactly the best pasta I've eaten but it was still good for cafe standard considering their prawns were quite fresh. Could have been more peppery and less oily.

beef meatballs|$10

salmon salad|$14

IMG_0857mushroom escargots

And, there's always room for lots of Desserts!
Mr Bear looks like he is thinking of something Scary :/
dark chocolate cake|$6.50
new york cheese cake|$6.50

Food was pretty mediocre I would say, but it's okay because the highlight of tonight is of course their super duper adorable latte art.
“Well-Loved for their Unique 3D Latte Art!”
Oh and my research led me to know beforehand (sadly, and the truth hurts) that the latte art designs are randomized! I was like WHAT GOSH SERIOUSLY?!? But I guess a smile and some puppy eyes help sometimes (at times like this) so I managed to request for my Hello Kitty design! :D
Look at this QTpie! ^^
I took so many pictures of it and with it, and still #bimbome, just couldn't bear to drink it up ~ but eventually I decided to drink it and to my surprise the kitty foam was still there even when it was half drank!

Only when I got to almost 3/4 of the hot chocolate, did the kitty head kinda disappear. Little Joys, I guess!

"Happiness is seeing this adorable Hello Kitty in my hot chocolate, especially after a long day"