15 April 2015

Exchange Beginnings

Hello from another part of the world...

april 7TH, 2015

Today marks the first day of school.
Week 1

It's my 3rd week here in Tokyo, besides the oh so not-very-fine weather, I'm adapting just fine. As usual.

It snowed.

It supposed to be springtime.

Where's my sunny days? I can't wait for summer.

 It doesn't take long for me to adapt to a new environment, after all, I am used to being alone and used to going for self-exploration trips. Well, I always remind myself, as I enter a foreign environment, patterns of thinking, behaving and feelings just need a little twitching here and there.

It's your choice.

Stay in the small bubble or Explore the Unknown world out there.

I choose the latter.

Be comfortable with taking risks, you'll learn more and be satisfied at the end of the day.
Like what my Dad always says, 'Travel more, you'll learn much more through travelling than your books'

Till then,
gone exploring

19 March 2015

Exchange, here I come!

Hello everyone,

After a very dramatic week, I'm finally off to exchange!

Will be updating from Tokyo!

Till then,
track me on my IG: @princessamantha

12 March 2015


Give to me the gospel if the fields and woods,
The sermons written in the book of books;
The sweet communion of the things on earth 
Fresh with the warm baptism of the sun; 
Give me the offertory of bud and bloom, 
The perfect caroling of happy birds; 
Give me the creed of one of God’s fair days 
Wrought in the beauty of its loveliness; 
And then the benediction of the stars, 
His eloquent ministers of the night. 


09 March 2015

Simplicite Cafe

march 5th, 2015


More options for our sweet palates!

Chanced upon this new cafe while driving pass it the other day, did some research on it and what attracted me to try it was their pretty blossom waffles! I've seen round, heart, even snowflake waffles but never a floral waffle in typical cafes before, and I thought since it's so close to my place, why not give it a try!

“because new is always good"

Was there on a weekday during its non-peak hour and it's no surprise that we were the only customers there. The cafe just opened for about a month or so and not many have blogged or published on their social media platforms yet. It's quite underrated thus I recommend it's a good time to visit it before it gets too popular in future! I personally love the place and its simple dessert offerings!


Living up to its name, the cafe has kept things simple with its minimalistic decorations. Spacious, white, wooden furniture. Really, it's pretty much fuss-free with nothing to be excited about, but one thing that impresses is the humility and good service attitude of their staff which made me feel like home upon entering. It's very important especially for a small start-up cafe like theirs. I enjoyed my time there over some sweet nothings.

Menu's pretty limited, simple like I mentioned above. After all, good food should never be too complicated. The cafe doesn't serve any all-day breakfast nor real food for lunch or dinner, think just coffee, tea and desserts (like their daily bakes) and of course the speciality blossom floral waffles with Gelato/Sorbet. They have normal shaped waffles but of course, since I was there for the floral waffles, I ordered that with a scoop of dark Belgium chocolate gelato!

 single scoop floral waffles ($11)

"Did you know, psychologists have proven waffles taste better when they look prettier?" Well, I'm the psychologist...


It proved to be a great choice! Not only were the waffles pretty looking, the taste was up to my standards! Not too sweet nor buttery, but rather it was crispy (yay my favourite type!) and light! It came with a perfect combination of chocolate sauce and lovely strawberries and blueberries. You could opt for the whip cream as well but I decided not to have them. As for the gelato, my dark chocolate was not too sweet, just the way I liked it to be. They have a special "Guess This" flavour, and it turned out to be Cherry Tomato! How special but not my cup of tea, hahaha!


A sweet start to 2015, glad I found this gem in the east coast!
And for those who stays nearby, you'll be happy to know that they open till Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Simplicate Cafe
425 East Coast Road, S429012

07 March 2015

Monochrome Months


because sometimes life throws you lemons, and you simply need some faith, hope and love

For the past few months, life has been like a monochrome. Black & White.
Kinda meaningless I would say...

IMG_5704 I mean life goes on.
Day in day out, week in week out, month in month out.
I've been doing the usual routines, weekends spent with the boyf and attending church/kids ministry. weekdays spent cafe-hopping and meeting up with old friends. Nothing wrong with that, but after a while, I find myself not being as productive with the huge amount of 24hours I have on hand everyday.


Truth is, I thought that I would have been away from Singapore since January since most exchange students fly in that month or so. Little did I know that Japan universities start their exchange term in April! Gosh, it's March and I'm still stuck in Singapore... doing nothing. If I had envisioned this earlier, I would have gotten myself an internship stint or part-time job. Then again, as the days go pass, I admit I was kinda lazy to do something about it. But then again, even while doing nothing, I was procrastinating on documenting my back-dated blog posts. Trying to do up some posts before I fly at the end of this month...

But, having so much free time at hand, taught me many things about myself and others.
Having free time is precious. Use it to bless others as much as I can...


Be practical.
I need a vision in life.
Appreciate every opportunity given to you.
I cannot simply stay home all day and night.
I need to have something to do everything else I'll be frustrated.


It's true that...
"Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself..."

In this world, it's already quite hard to get acquainted, to maintain that friendship, let alone being able to find someone similar to you. Once you have found that person, cherish.

Quite glad that through these few months, I have my equally unemployed girlfriend to entertain my boredom. We have been going for zumba/yoga/pilates try-outs, did some cafe-hopping and did some random photoshoots to kill time. Basically, she makes a great partner, one whom I can gladly and shamelessly try out new things with! Thank God for you babe, I don't know who else who crazily do all these things with me, heh. Thanks for everything!