11 November 2014



Yes, I realised that I've been missing from this space for a long time. It's one thing about announcing that I'm on a blog hiatus but it's another thing about me missing writing and missing the times I have time to seat down to blog proper. Time flies, I need to remind myself to be consistent with penning down my happy (and also sad) days, all the good things and blessings from above.

Final exams are coming, as usual I'm not very motivated to study for them. I'm looking forward to more of the one week study break I have before the exams, yup, I'll rather be spending the time blogging as it's rather therapeutic... just typing away...


Thank you, God.
for being ever so amazing and forgiving, there is none other like you


26 October 2014

London Calling


“There is little faith involved in setting out on a journey where the destination is certain and every step in between has been mapped in detail. Bravery, trust, is about leaving camp in the dark, when we do not know the route ahead and cannot be certain we will ever return.”


This probably best describes my one month stay in London right now.
Came all to way to UK not knowing what to expect but I've learnt so much about life and cultures, and in fact, I must admit that I love living in London.

Singapore will always be home to me, but I do not deny how much I love the experience of living abroad and being away as well as seeing new things and meeting new people. I guess it's just in me. Since young, I was never the child that cried when my parents left me at childcare. Instead, I loved going to school because I get to play with my friends there. I consider myself to be rather independent, well at least I'm the kind that would be excited to explore new grounds all by myself. I would go ahead to explore even if my friends do not want to come along. I don't really feel the need to be around people, I don't feel lonely, I am very contented and comfortable being by myself. I guess that's what happens when you are the only child. You learn to be independent. You learn how to survive on your own and how to be contented with yourself, only because you have to. Also because, I know wherever I am or whatever I do, my God will always be with me.

I always believe to fully understand a city and its culture, you've got to really stay in it for a period of time. One month isn't very long to be honest, but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do so. I remember a year ago, when it was my first time stepping foot in Europe, I didn't visit London as it was not convenient on the itinerary. I was sad back then, but I told myself it's okay because I will eventually come here. Someday. Little did I know God had already made plans for me, even better plans in fact, as I got a chance to stay here for a month. Not to solely travel, but to stay. Best of all? My BFF was coming along with me for the first two weeks! So we made plans to head over to UK a week earlier solely for travelling together, glad we didn't get too lost nor kill each other halfway. heh!

always in awe of the underground tube stations

If it wasn't for summer school, I probably wouldn't come here but thank God for opening doors. Like I shared previously, enrolling in university for me is just a platform for me to travel and enjoy studying abroad opportunities... well, because there's no other chance for me to do such things if I had chosen to start work straight away after poly education. University life is when you travel and discover yourself with the precious value of time you have. Last year's summer, I spent a month in Canada and it was a wonderful place to be as well. Blogged about my experience, read here if you haven't. Anyways, tbh if you are at my stage of life, there's don't intend to "chiong" as much as before in studies, just cause you don't have to. Ultimately, what's your goal in life? Well that's besides the point, but all I can say is London's a really awesome choice I made for myself.

King's College London was simply amazing!
I even got to be the face for next year's summer school poster and marketing collaterals alongside some international schoolmates

Located at the heart of London city and within close proximity from where I resided, walks to school every morning were such a pleasure. I hate morning lessons, I will never bid for a morning lesson in SMU. But just imagine this. Being greeted by the beautiful view of London Eye and the Big Ben while getting to school with a big breakfast spread waiting for you. Doesn't that already perk up the morning and the day ahead? Also, lessons were quite interesting because unlike the UBC summer school where class was made up of all SMU students on the same summer programme, my classmates in KCL came from all parts of the world! People from different countries work differently but I'm glad to say that we managed to get our projects and assignments handed up in time and nicely done to our standards at least. I was so glad that my lessons were pre-assigned the morning session which means I will be done from school at 1pm. Thus, I arranged for after-school activities daily with short day trips to other parts of UK over the weekends. I even had time to enrol myself in some classes over the last weekends because I got a little tired of travelling out of city London.

Home for 1 week with the BFF was a small hotel which I wouldn't really recommend. The other weeks were spent in one of the prettiest and most comfortable hostel apartment I've lived in! I was truly impressed by the facilities as well as the room itself. Shared kitchen was my other suite mates, and I missed making food together. I remember those huge super sweet strawberries and blueberries that we would buy from the markets and store in our fridges. Missed those days!

I also miss the morning and evening walks/strolls I could randomly take, admiring the beautiful sceneries and smelling the fresh scent of flowers. To enjoy life and to live in the moment, by appreciating the little things around you. You'll find this world a better place to live in.


Having said that, I'm so appreciative and grateful for the people that have helped me in London, the new friends I've made, the Hope London lifegroup I attended which made me feel alot like home, the random strangers who helped me with my huge luggages up the stairs, whom helped me navigate the tube and bus stops then getting onto the right bus and getting to where I needed to be. Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions on where to visit, how to get there, places to go for must-eat food, must-watch musicals. A big thank you to my parents for being supportive in my choice and for funding my trips. Thank you all so very much! So anyone who's reading this post, drop me a message/email to ask me about my experience in detailed should you be interested in doing what I did for a month or so. I'll be happy to share my plans with you, because why not? (:


That aside, I love London, I really do
I told myself I could stay here for at least a few more months.

After a few days there, I'm more or less done with doing all the touristy things, so I' tried to live there like a citizen. Headed down to less mainstream places, discovering new things to do and am so excited to share these places with you!

Will be blogging about the Top 10 places to visit in London as well as the must-try foods, so stay tuned! :D


"You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place." 

04 October 2014

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

This entry is photo heavy, you have been warned!


By now, you probably would have already known that the famous Trick Eye Museum from Korea has arrived in Singapore! No need to fly all the way to Korea for these interesting conceptualised 3D art photos, great big yay!

Ever since its opening (plus there was an opening promo 50% off tickets), I've been wanting to visit that place, but via my research on Instagram, looking at how long the queues were and people having to queue 4-5hours JUST TO ENTER. Can you imagine that after queueing for 5 hours, you still need to queue at practically every station to take your one or two pictures? I was like omg, NO WAY! By then, I'll probably be rather angst and bored (though we could and would be happy to self-entertain but still...), perspiring like mad (looks and points up at the scorching weather here) which makes photos uglier (because mood plays a part in photos) and in conclusion, likely wouldn't enjoy my experience there as much...

So the boyfriend came up with this super genius plan of visiting ALIVE museum instead. Well, we have fun there as it was a first-time experience for the both of us, seeing how the 2D wall images come alive (literally) in 3D as a photo. However, we told ourselves that that was just an eye opener and to train us for future similar museums as we still wanted to visit Trick Eye Museum hopefully when it gets less crowded in the next few months.

God read my mind!

Because one day, I received the invitation to Trick Eye Museum.
I was super excited, like yay God is such a great giver in his best timing. This is all in his plans and coming to the museum now means no queue to enter and us bloggers have the entire museum to ourselves. Awesome!

"The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.”

We've never been a big fan of any sorts of museums, really. But this has to be an exception.
What more can I say?

To make this post more interesting, I shall share a real life fairytale story then.

A story of how... *giggles*

(if only it happened in real life... haha)

 But anyways, here goes!
As all fairytales, they begin with;

Once upon a time, 
there lived a @princessamantha (for more pictures & updates, check out my instagram!)

IMG_5432     IMG_5359

She loved all things pretty, well anything and everything. Needless to say from the look of my floral blog layout.
Call her the typical girly girl, yup she is, but what you need to know is that she has a sporty side to her too.


She even did skydiving and it was one of the best feelings she had ever felt!
Not only that, but this time round, she took this activity to a higher level by combining it with her love for taking selfies. "Smile, Mr, Smile!".
Forever looking so unglam, but...
That was the exact definition of #YOLO!

Except, note that she has a really bad sense of direction and can be very gullible at times.
So, as expected, she got lost in the trick eye museum even though it was not super duper huge *facepalm moment*

Based on the CCTVs, she was last seen chilling out with Mr Panda!

However, she moves around so quickly that the CCTV couldn't capture where exactly she is at any one moment in time! :(

Where else could she be then?

and if that wasn't enough, Mr elephant allowed her to seat tight on his trunk!


After getting down from Mr elephant, she met an abandoned baby and because of her soft spot for children, she wanted to help him from the bottom of her heart, so she slowed down her pace and decided to focus on giving him care before anything else that's attractive in the museum. It was tempting but she knew she had to look after the poor little baby. Instead, upon picking the baby up, MAGIC HAPPENED! He immediately grew so huge! So huge that he captured her in his cage for no reason!!! :( She guessed that he liked her so much and wanted to keep her there but even so, she thought of that only to make herself feel better about this baby...

Well, now that she was trapped, it was easy to locate where she is at!


her Prince could now save her easily!


but quoting Shakespeare "The course of true love never did run smooth"

Therefore, he had to overcome many different obstacles in order to be the knight in shining armour!

first off, take the weapon!

couldn't find any, so I guess a broom from his quidditch season training works as well...

withstanding the ultimate one finger pushups

and all smelly farts

pushing your limits at the cliffs

balancing on a beam

up up up, into the air!


She was a playful wild child, she gets attracted to all things cute like the dolphins, but he always protects her from all harm knowing there's a shark behind! Gosh! #truestory 

Finally he found her!

Both of them got out of the deep blue sea, got onto the land and were so happy to see horses. How apt! Well, though they were not beautiful white horses as seen in all fairytales, nevertheless, desperate times calls for desperate measures. A racing horse that runs fast, away from all forms of danger would be a better option.

Thank God!

and they rode happily back to the castle far far away...

Yes, they were reunited... but well as stories must have a twist!

The horse couldn't stop in time, crashed... and thus, as you can tell, they were stuck in a snow globe. Don't ask me how did that happen. It's a fairytale story for a reason,
*ooops, just play along thanks LOL*


They tried all ways and means to get out but to no avail!

Instead of worrying and panicking, they started praying because prayers work wonders!

God answers prayers in 3 ways: "Yes", "No", "Later"

Though they still didn't get out, amazingly, they felt really comforted. They were happy being stuck in a snow globe so long they were together.


"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

After having heart to heart talks in the snow globe, finally God answered their prayers (with the 'later' option) and let them out!

As all fairytales, well, they must end with;
And they lived happily together! (:


You know your boyfriend's a keeper when he goes the extra mile overcoming all obstacles to find you (literally!), willing to pose shamelessly for photos like these, spending quality time together on a Friday night after a long day at work, and for taking pictures for you! Thanks dear :) Honestly Singaporean boyfriends are well trained photographers after taking instagram worthy pictures for their girlfriends, tbh, I'm super thankful for their awesome talents! (: Hoping we girls can be more appreciative of their efforts (especially seeing how some girls 'scold' their bfs for taking an ugly angle of them)

To end off, here are some 'tricks' (pun intended) for Trick Eye Museum!

1. Don't wear Skirts / Dresses
because there are a lot of poses which require you to do many awkward poses in certain angles or climb around. Actually I knew this before going there, but #vainpot me wanted to look nicer in a dress and shorts would be too casual. I guess if that so, the best bet would be to go in a romper or skorts!

2. Go in Groups
For places like this, it's advisable to go in groups. Double date, triple date, or simply hanging out together as a clique! Not only because you can help one another take nice pictures, but with more brains, you can get creative ideas getting inspirations from your friends. Also, some stations would look more epic when it's taken in a group with more people. Sometimes, solo shots can get really borrringgg...

3. Bring a Camera / iPhone
DUH! I brought my camera but eventually, I ended up using my iPhone camera. LOL, such a failure. But I felt that it's easier to snap using my phone because I can review it quickly and it's more handy afterall. But if you are intending to do a legit photoshoot there, then it would be good to go with like a semipro or dslr plus a tripod or even a selfie stick! It saves the day especially when you are alone or as a couple (and there's noone else to help you take pics). Having said that, be prepared and be nice in helping other people take pictures too! :D

4. Be Creative!!!
Don't worry if you don't have any ideas on how to pose! On the walls next to every station, there will be photo inspirations. So just look towards it and follow suit! Honestly, I regret a little in not being too creative in there, mainly because there were too many people there and I felt very "rushed"... plus, those queueing up were staring at me so I felt as though I was being judged for awkward poses that I did, LOL. Okay, not that I really care cause I don't know them anyways right, but still... I felt quite restricted somehow, don't ask me why hahaha :/
I guess I would have been more creative with my poses and actions if I was the only one there. #justsaying Don't need to PAISEH. cause everyone else would be doing those poses too!

Waterfront @ Resorts World Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098138

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 10:00 - 21:00

Entrance Tickets:
Adult: $25 | Child (4-12) & Senior (>60): $20

Plan a trip down to this place over the weekends!
Hope you have an unforgettable experience at Trick Eye Museum!

29 September 2014

The Key to a Happy Relationship / Marriage

In light of the 'Family Series' that my church is working on, here's something to share

There are many things to take note of and it always take two hands to clap, to form a healthy relationship which eventually should lead to marriage.

One takeaway is the Key to a happy successful relationship.
And the answer lies in, settling all your arguments or displeasures (if any) or differences before the day ends.

You might be feeling really upset about a certain thing, but your partner doesn't know because he/she can't read your mind, and you cannot expect them to do so as well. Therefore, communication is really important.

Don't bottle everything up yourself.

It'll eventually overflow, and you'll be even more unhappy about life as time pass and these unhappiness accumulates.

21 September 2014

Tian Kee & Co

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2014

Visited this small downtown cafe just because I was drawn to the vintage-looking vibe of this place, plus it's in the east near my place so why not? So glad for new cafes popping up in my area, east has never been well-known for good cafes but yay cheers to the new kid on the block!

“because old is new”

Was there on a weekday during its non-peak hour. There was no queue, yet I saw many seats being taken up by typical customers who just ordered a cuppa coffee and get seated down long hours using their laptops. It was a kinda laid-back culture down there and a part of me really felt as though I was back into the 80s/90s where things were much slower back then. Oh, and I must agree that this quaint cafe is good for casual business meetings or discussions due to the quiet surroundings. Much serenity needed.


Charmed by its Monochrome interiors, decorated with old school knick knacks, furniture and snacks at the counters. Fuss-free and simple, coupled with songs from the 60s, I enjoyed my time in this little cafe.


Menu's pretty limited, I was expecting some old-school food or snacks looking at the entire concept of the cafe, however they serve Western food instead. Like your typicall all-day breakfast, salads, pies, light snacks, variety of coffee and slices of yummy unique-flavoured cakes.


As we already had a heavy brunch, we couldn't order much when we checked out this place. So we ended up ordering a cup of Iced Chocolate and a light raw Salmon salad.

salmon salad

Here's showcasing their range of cakes, thought the rainbow cheesecake was rather interesting! Well, at least it caught my eye with its colourful pastel appeal. Other than that, they have Strawberry Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, Yuan Yang Cheesecake, Gula Melaka Cheesecake, and others!

While I was chilling around, I witness a couple taking their pre-wedding shoots. Using this Vintage theme cafe as their backdrop proved to be ideal, but they were asked to pay if they want to use the cafe officially for shooting.


 I realised Tian Kee and Co actually has a wedding photography package! And, of course, it's only fair to the other couples who have previously (and those interested in future) paid for the wedding photography package. Anyways, thankfully I managed to catch a nice back shot of the couple, well, it made my day. Marriage is such a blissful event, why wouldn't I be happy for them? :)

Nestled just a stone's throw away from Dakota / Mountbatten MRT Station, this unassuming retro concept cafe in the estates is worth a visit, especially, for those staying in the East. It's one of those few shophouse cafes that is so rare in Singapore, so do pop by and say hello! Also, remember to check out the old-school playground beside it, snap some pictures as there's not many left in Singapore.

Tian Kee & Co
Blk 12 Dakota Crescent, #01-48 S'390012