07 March 2015

Monochrome Months


because sometimes life throws you lemons, and you simply need some faith, hope and love

For the past few months, life has been like a monochrome. Black & White.
Kinda meaningless I would say...

IMG_5704 I mean life goes on.
Day in day out, week in week out, month in month out.
I've been doing the usual routines, weekends spent with the boyf and attending church/kids ministry. weekdays spent cafe-hopping and meeting up with old friends. Nothing wrong with that, but after a while, I find myself not being as productive with the huge amount of 24hours I have on hand everyday.


Truth is, I thought that I would have been away from Singapore since January since most exchange students fly in that month or so. Little did I know that Japan universities start their exchange term in April! Gosh, it's March and I'm still stuck in Singapore... doing nothing. If I had envisioned this earlier, I would have gotten myself an internship stint or part-time job. Then again, as the days go pass, I admit I was kinda lazy to do something about it. But then again, even while doing nothing, I was procrastinating on documenting my back-dated blog posts. Trying to do up some posts before I fly at the end of this month...

But, having so much free time at hand, taught me many things about myself and others.
Having free time is precious. Use it to bless others as much as I can...


Be practical.
I need a vision in life.
Appreciate every opportunity given to you.
I cannot simply stay home all day and night.
I need to have something to do everything else I'll be frustrated.


It's true that...
"Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another: "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself..."

In this world, it's already quite hard to get acquainted, to maintain that friendship, let alone being able to find someone similar to you. Once you have found that person, cherish.

Quite glad that through these few months, I have my equally unemployed girlfriend to entertain my boredom. We have been going for zumba/yoga/pilates try-outs, did some cafe-hopping and did some random photoshoots to kill time. Basically, she makes a great partner, one whom I can gladly and shamelessly try out new things with! Thank God for you babe, I don't know who else who crazily do all these things with me, heh. Thanks for everything!


05 March 2015

羊 // Lunar New Year 2015


After all the feasting, celebrations, gambling, games, partying and louheis, I've finally decided to seat myself down on the final day 15 of CNY (which is also the day my Dad decides to host an extended family dinner at our place tonight), to write up blog entry to serve as a closure for the festive season of love, joy, faith, hope, happiness and lots of food...

This is one of the most fun and fulfilling (or rather, I would say... different) CNY ever!

To start off, finally from this year onwards, I don't have to worry about studies and school term examinations over the lunar new year. Because for the past few years, it has always been CNY holidays followed by stupid examinations or project submissions the week after. I can't even enjoy myself properly. Okay not like I really care about school, but you know the thought of having deadlines at the back of your mind VS not having to bother at all. Yes, that's what I'm driving at!


Plus, this year I'm having a super long holiday, waiting to fly off for exchange. When others have to get back to work on a Monday, well, I don't have to!

So I'm a very happy girl this year!
Even if I'm stoning at visitings, I'm happily staring into blank empty spaces.


I must say that the weekends passed by quickly and one of the best part was having to spend time with my family, relatives, friends, and for the first time also, I am spending it with my boyfriend and his extended family. When I say extended family, I really mean it.

IMG_6541 2

Normally CNY for me ends on Day 1 after the routine affairs of visiting my maternal and paternal side of the family. But for his family, the next few days of CNY would be all the uncles/aunties taking turns to host at their houses, even though technically we are seeing the same faces every day. I found that quite interesting... and yet, at the same time, I enjoyed myself playing with the kids and watching cny-specials movies as a big family. So here's the rest of how the other days went...


I'm quite an enthusiast when it comes to visiting. I don't like staying at places for too long of a time, I like moving from houses to houses. Keeping things fresh rather than cooping myself up at a place... hahaha, my own logic. But nope, we didn't do that. Everyday's programmes were rather decently scheduled and we found ourselves having time to catch a movie and play tennis amongst the busy period.

I enjoyed the catch up sessions with my dear friends too. You know those groups you hold dearly too, well everyone's too busy during the year, but yet no matter what, we make it a (silent note) point that we should/will meet up on special occasions like CNY and Christmas. Oh yes, and I refreshed my memory on how to play mahjong, bridge and many other card games. Those once-in-a-year kinda things you do...

Met up with my CHIJ girls for brunch at Working Title cafe, caught up on each other's life in all aspects includes love, work and much more. The constant teasings and laughters never stop.
Happy to hear that everyone's doing well in our own fields. I'm not worried about them because everyone's so talented in our own ways, I'm just so so happy to see everyone coming together.

As the celebrations lasted for 15 days, the second weekend was spent with my poly classmates clique. Those familiar faces I've known since we were 17. Time flies, but friendship stays. Here's the massive amount of food (I forgot the guys were no longer army boys who eat a lot, hahaha) which thankfully we managed to clear most.

and here's our family portrait, with our +1s, heh it just keeps increasing... for the better!
Can't wait to see how we'll all be like & what we'll be doing 10years down the road. Hopefully, it'll be a pic with our kids in toll, hahaha I don't even dare to think so far, but I surely hope all's good in God's plans.

23 February 2015

Aventa Hair: Brown Hues

Hello, I'm back again!


Visited Aventa in the month of February wanting to do something new with my hair since it's the festive season. Chinese New Year.

Initially, I wanted to do a permanent curl however my stylist suggested otherwise, as my hair ends from the previous pink dye were quite fragile now and not suitable for perming. I could only perm if I cut off the entire ombre ends (HEARTACHE!!!) plus I wanted only permed long hair not short hair, thus I decided to go for a hair dye instead. Shall perm only in the future when my hair grows longer and less fragile (:

Somehow I didn't feel that adventurous this month thus I decided to dye the whole head back to the same colour.

As boring as it sounds, yup back to basics of BROWN!

Initially I had my pretty pink in ombre tail ends remember?

Yup the process thankfully was fuss-free and enjoyably quick. As usual, I didn't feel the hair scalp "biting" sensation every time my hair gets dye. I could even book my air ticket successfully in a carefree manner without having to bother about what's happening and who's meddling with my hair. How nice!

So here's how it turned out!
Close Up



And remember I mentioned that their shampoo and conditioner smelt super fragrant?
It's the red bottles from Hoyu... Well, I decided to buy them back for home use.
Loving it!


Lastly, I have Good News!
~ No CNY surcharges for Japanese salons ~

Achieve nice locks effortlessly, just like mine.
I'll def back back to Aventa once more before I leave for my Tokyo exchange in March! (:

#01-02 Stamford Court, 61 Stamford Road (S178892)

17 February 2015

Wednesday is the New Friday

februarY 25th, 2015


How cliche can it be, but where better to spend your lazy chill out Wednesdays at than Wednesday Cafe! Located on Tanjong Katong road, slightly hidden behind a bus stop, this cafe caught my attention because of its concept. Basically it runs like any other cafe with pretty simple whimsical interiors (and cats as a bonus) but instead of paying for the food ordered, you pay for your time spent in the cafe. And, we are free to take and taste all the desserts served for the day on the dessert bar, just pray that they have the cake flavours and variety that you like for the day since one doesn't get to choose the menu for the day.

Well, if you have a sweet tooth and any good food works for you, it's worth a place visiting!


Visited the cafe with my darling girl that day.
And guess what?

I insisted that we should go there on a Wednesday since the cafe name goes as such, hahaha! Don't laugh at how cliche or lame I am, because I actually made a good decision unknowingly.

Because, Wednesdays are indeed a special day at Wednesday cafe.

It's 50% off!
“we ended up paying only $6/hr instead of the usual $12"


It's a new cafe and what impresses wasn't really their food (to be fair, I'm not a sweet tooth person, I wasn't there to eat, but rather to chill/kill some time before dinner), but rather their super friendly service offered. We felt like we were in a hotel instead of a cafe, the owners were very down to earth and always very smily. Even helped us to take many pictures willingly (:

The typical spread of goodies and snacks served on their dessert bar!

The Egyptian Gypsy Hideout, all we needed was a legit gypsy ball...

Loving their floral swing chair!

Wanted to just take a picture there but woah it's so comfortable. All we felt like doing was to continue seating there and really, we didn't want to get up! But we had to. No wonder there was a lady who fell asleep on it while reading her notes earlier on, haha we were like huh how come she can sleep on it. But now we understand, you are forgiven... :P


Yet another cafe opening in the East, great for meeting up with friends or a casual mentoring session. I can't help to say but I'm loving my hood!

Before I end this post, stay happy visiting Wednesday Cafe because it has a happy hour promotion, weekdays (except Wednesdays 50% deal) from 1pm to 5pm, pay only $10/hr (U.P $12 - 1st hour) and enjoy free flow desserts and beverages bar.

Time to catch up with some friends in the upcoming weeks!

Wednesday Cafe
220 Tanjong Katong Road