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SIN ✈ FRANCE; Paris (II)

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On Sunday, I took independence to a higher level. Always love exploring various cities free and easy, with nothing to think about, no time constraints and simply experiencing the citizens’ way of life. Proud to conquer the complicated metro system with just a map in hand and a mouth and *some poppy eyes* to ask for directions. Anyways, even if I got lost, well, that's the fun part of travelling as well, right? Thank God the people were really nice, so nothing could go that wrong! *kept my fingers crossed*
It was indeed an adventure but yay, managed to not get lost in the city #achievementunlocked and in fact, got to my destination which was none other than The Louvre, for some iconic touristy pictures early in the morning. Upon arrival, it felt like a dream when I saw this monument infront of my eyes. On the other hand, I thought it looked like SMU's mrt inspired. Don't you think so? We have something like this in school too! hahaha!
Home to thousands of classic and modern masterpieces, the Louvre Museum is the jewel in the crown of French culture.
Day 9 - Paris, France
Although I was there quite early in the morning, I was greeted by a long queue waiting infront of me. Talk about tourists and recession, no way! Incredibly long queue... cause in there lies the portrait of Miss Mona Lisa smiling directly at you when you visit her (: After visiting The Lourve, might as well as take a long stroll down to Champ Elysees thereafter, instead of being underground if I had taken the subway.

It was a bright sunny day that morning. Very rare, especially since we braved through cold times in the last few days therefore I was enjoying every moment of soaking up the sun. Finally understood what it means when the citizens of 4seasons country say to treasure every moment of summer days. 
Along the way, you’ll spot many souvenir shops selling more or less the same things at the same price so once you have bought what you want from any of the shops, you can literally ignore the rest. Don't bother comparing the prices really, just walk away. Take a glance in if you spot something really unique, other than that, I'd say lets just focus on the quincy dainty hotels and nice cafes along the streets.
Freshly Baked Goods!
Was thinking, whoa, they must be really confident that their products can sell very quickly because they dare to put them in the open. Then again, I was reminded that the weather in Europe's generally better than Singapore, thus, food can be left in the open and still stay fresh. Hmmm, how interesting!
Passed by ANGELINA, apparently my friend told me to try their desserts and macaroons there. I really loved the classy looking themed cafe/restaurant. Felt like royalty upon stepping in, would definitely enjoy staying in here for a longer time but I had way more of the city to visit, so till next time!
After walking a long time towards Champ Elysees, I realised I'd actually pass by Place de la Concorde, the largest square in Paris.
pretty sights of pastel flowers along the way
In the afternoon, we embarked on a Paris City tour!
Take in the sights of Napoleon’s Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees Boulevard and Place de la Concorde. View the famous Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most magnificent masterpieces of Gothic architecture.
The Arc De Triomphe is one of the most iconic monuments in Paris and must for any visitor to Paris.
When it was first constructed, everyone said it was the ugliest thing built ever, but today, it has become one of the most visited monuments around the world! No one could imagine Paris today without its signature spire of which has become the defining fixture of the beautiful city's skyline.
Eiffel Tower, Paris
We were taken to the back of the Eiffel Tower, apparently one of the best spots to take picture with it. A pity I didn't go to the foot of the tower nor climb up, but probably I'll do so the next time I'm back here, and coming back here is for sure (just a matter of time)
At 8 hectares (20 acres), the octagonal Place de la Concorde is the largest square in Paris! It is situated between the Tuileries and Champs-Elysees.
Thereafter, made a stop to visit the Fragonard Perfumery, one of the largest perfumeries in France and a great place to purchase exclusive scents of France at affordable prices!
_MG_7602My Paris city tourguide & myself
Indeed, it's one of the cities I've always been wanting to visit. I'm glad I've visited it...

If only I had more time in Paris, I would have visited La Vallée Village and Paris Disneyland! *dreams*
Oh man, definitely on my next trip, I will! But for those of you who are heading to Paris, just letting you know you should totally go to La Vallée Village for outlet shopping, woohooo! It's just  five minutes away from the Disneyland Resort outside Paris and it's open daily (except Christmas Day, New Year's Day, and May 1st) from 10am to 7pm.

That's all folks for this part on France, Paris. Stay tuned to my next Paris post on the famous Moulin Rogue town! Till next time, see you & have a happy long weekends!

*credits to Joycelyn and Shely for their wonderful pictures

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