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SIN ✈ SWITZERLAND: Mt Titlis & Lucerne

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Switzerland is a what I label a small and scenic countryside area where people really enjoy their laidback lifestyle. I mean living amongst swiss alps, what would you expect, right? This place is perfect for adventurous souls who love the nature: hiking, trekking, skiing, mountain climbing, experience countryside lifestyle and so on...

I spent 3days in Switzerland and I must agree that it's a pretty place for photos. I enjoyed the beautiful sceneries all around as well as the countryside visits - something we never get to see in Singapore. However, to sum everything up, it's a place I wouldn't want to stay for long nor have my student exchange. WHY? The cost of living is way expensive! In fact, it's one of the richest countries in the world by GDP. And, it's so true. Check out their MacDonalds, it's twice the price of what we get back home in Singapore. One large plate of normal noodles already costed $25/pax. Now, you get what I mean...

This morning, we begin our tour with an excursion to Engelberg (: Despite the temperate Swiss climate, I was very thankful that the weather was looking good and I trust that I was fully clothed in warm attire so everything's great and I'm ready to hit the roads!

Midway, we made pitstops since the journey was quite long...
Haribos Gummybears are one of my favourite lecture snacks! It's the only bear that doesn't attack me when I bite off its head... and that baby, is the right way to eat it ^^
After a long journey, we finally arrived at the foot of the mountain!
From here, it's time to ascend Mt Titlis by cable car. Enjoyed the view of the central Swiss Alps and had fun on the super icy cold snowfields. 
Mount Titlis is a mountain in the Urner Alps of Switzerland. It is located on the border between the cantons of Obwalden and Berne in Switzerland, overlooking Engelberg and is famous as the site of the world's first revolving cable car.
"In Winter, Engelberg – Titlis is the largest ski – and snowboard destination in Central Switzerland with 82 km of slopes, five cross – country ski runs, a 3.5 km long sledge ride, snow shoe trails and winter hiking possibilities. The longest downhill is over 12 km with a vertical drop of 2'000 m.

In Summer, it is a spectacular glacier, an icy glacier cave, a crazy glacier park in the perpetual ice, the chair lift ICE Flyer over the crevasses, the first revolving cable car of the world, several theme walks and Devil- / Trotti- and Monster bikes... that’s what you can expect on your trip to the highest excursion mountain of Central Switzerland."
Cable Car #1
This small cable cab that seats 6 people was the first leg of the journey up to the Top of the mountains
Looking down on Europe's biggest glacier from the top of the mountains, it's simply breathtaking!
Also, it's easy to forget that Switzerland is in fact a pretty small country... And, although it supposed to be SUMMER this period, it was still snowing and the mountains obviously, were still covered in snow!
Feeling so blessed to be here overlooking the entire glacier. Wished everyone else dear to me were here with me...
Moving on to take the second cable car up!
Cable Car #2
Love looking out of the train and admire the beautiful creation of God

Cute little Ornaments at the Gift Shop
Directory of the Place
Ahhh! What a cute 'hat'!
Explored the iconic indoor Ice Caves... It was really slippery so half the time I was trying my best not to fall. Thank God I wore boots that day so they kind saved my soul.
The wind was HORRIBLE. It was blowing right into my face, as seen from the picture above. And, it was so cold brrrr that I couldn't even smile properly.
Trust me, I was FREEZING! It's like ah omg take picture then quickly go back in for the warmth.
Most expensive Indian food I've ever eaten. This plate goes by weight and you know how heavy curry can be... so the entire cost ended up to be >$25 *screams*

The most excited part of it all? Movenpick Ice Cream!
Like the Gondolas, I also wanted to have my first authentic try of Movenpick in Switzerland itself. I have always wanted to try this brand of ice cream but I decided that I should finally have it here instead, and indeed it was a good choice!
What do I think of the Swiss Choc Flavour Ice Cream? Good Try, but it was a little too sweet and thus, my Awfully Chocolate HEI Ice Cream still wins hands down!
After the meal, I decided to head out to the snowfields since we had some time remaining to kill. Proved to be a good decision because I had so much fun out there despite the coldness and all the snowflakes literally flying straight into my face.
Returned to Lucerne in the afternoon, and spend the rest of the day at leisure which means walking randomly on the streets and shopping!
Welcome to the picturesque township of Lucerne!
Took a walking tour to Chapel Bridge and spent the rest of the day at leisure to relax. Besides those famous Swiss chocolates, branded Swiss watches and music boxes, there’s nothing much to shop because the things here are generally more expensive than the other cities, so it was mostly grocery and window shopping down the cooling Swiss streets. Even the chocolates, I didn’t buy any because I’m saving my luggage space for Belgium! I’m gonna get the real Belgium aka Dark Chocolates, direct from Belgium itself!
Unfortunately, it was raining cars and dogs after a while so we couldn't walk for very long. Instead, we had to hide in stores :( Well, then again, when life throws you lemons, make lemonades right? So I camwhored in the shop!

Managed to walk along the streets after the rain, thank god! It was a lot more cooling and it was definitely a great weather to be strolling in. Here's the iconic Chapel Bridge that you should visit when you're in Switzerland!
Chapel Bridge // Switzerland 2013
Check out the beautiful white swan! It was pure coincidence (;
The chapel bridge looks a lot nicer at night when the lights are lid up. However it was too cool to head over there at night so I missed the opportunity. Ohwells, maybe next time then!

Anyways, after walking for a really long time, we got a little hungry so we went underground to the metro station to grab a snack along the way.
One of the worst yet ironically most expensive set of nuggets and fries...

Continued to do some grocery shopping but I didn't buy much stuffs especially since I was only going to be in Lucerne for a short period of time.
Headed back to the hotel for a 3-course Dinner. It was a long day and I felt really sleepy however the thought of dinner literally woke me up especially since the setting was so renaissance-like
One of the best meals I've eaten;
Favourite combination of Grilled Fish, Sauteed Spinach and Fresh Potatoes
And this awesome dinner sums up the entire day.

I'll miss the peace and serenity of this place! Thanks Switzerland for the beautiful and unforgettable experience!

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  1. Hey Samantha,
    I must say your post has reminded me of my trip to Engleberg in Switzerland. The only difference I see is the time of the year I visited the place it was covered with snow completely. It was another way of looking at Engelberg. I am sure you would love to watch. You can check my blog on

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