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SIN ✈ SWITZERLAND; Jungfraujoch

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✈ JUNGFRAUJOCH It's pure Alpine bliss
The Jungfraujoch isn't known as the Top of Europe for nothing. Its spectacular scenery makes your entire trip up the swiss alps so so so worthwhile. I enjoyed myself by simply looking out of the train brainlessly most of the time and thinking to myself 'This is life's simplest pleasures'. It made me reassured that we, as humans, actually don't need to ask for much in life. All we need is some time for ourselves and for people we love dearly. Many other thoughts ran through my mind, it was a good me-time well spent.
The journey up there was made possible by entrepreneur Adolf Guyer-Zeller who took it upon himself to make Jungfrau accessible to the public. There was a part in the Gallery which showcased the construction process which took place more than 100 years ago. Since 1912, the Jungfraubahn railway train has been taking visitors from Kleine Scheidegg through the more than 7km long Eiger North Wall tunnel to Eigerwand (2685m/8,809ft.) and then Eismeer (3010m/9,875ft.) and finally, all the way to Europe's highest train station at 3454 meters/11,333 ft. above sea level.

The train ride up was not a boring one, especially not so with the pretty postcard worthy scenery outside. Half the time I was trying to take nice pictures of the snow mountains (what I call Swiss Alps) and after a while, the whole mountain area looked more or less the same to me... I think it's just me
The entire train ride took about 45mins and it like what I mentioned earlier, it makes 2 stops from ground till the top. During those 2 stops, visitors can disembark to use the toilets or get a glimpse of the swiss alps and lots of snow through a large framed window.
Headed to the Ice Caves where there were many cute ice figurines
Nuff' Said!
We also visited some other galleries indoors.
Decided to be very adventurous and head outside to where the cold wind and snow awaited me. Glad to say I braved and conquered the coldness for at least half an hour before heading back indoors.

Conquered snowfields on the top of Europe!

After all the playing outdoors, it was time for lunch. I didn't even realise it was lunch time :/
What a cute Ice Cream! Anyways, #justsaying, we managed to get WIFI at the top of the mountains (what a place!) in one of the restaurant. I managed to skype some of my friends from up there just to show them the snow mountains and swiss alps. It was unbelievable, I was like 'WHUUTT? Wifi on top of a mountain? I don't even get wifi at ground level sometimes'. hahaha, so if you'r a wifi slave, what I'm telling you should be good news to you!

YAY I'm a Conquerer! Made some of such stamps in my own Singapore Passport! *not kidding* #legit #okcan
As the day pass and the sun started to set, all good things have to come to an end and thus, we headed all the way back down to ground.
It was an amazing experience being among the snow despite how cold it was. Decided to have some hot Thai goodness for dinner after a cold and dry day out.

Dinnertime, lets tuck in!

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