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SIN ✈ FRANCE; Paris (I)

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♡ ♡ 
Welcome to the City of Love & Lights!
Paris has always been my favorite part of Europe, because I’ve always dreamed about visiting this city. Think it’s one of everyone else’s dream must-visit places as well, I can understand, you see, we grew up with images of the Eiffel Tower in our minds.
City of love and lights, oh my Paris!
It was an unforgettable weekend getaway in Paris and it was a really good place to be in! (:
Trying every chance to take a picture with the Eiffel Tower
Arrived at Paris in the afternoon so we headed for lunch before getting started on touring the city. Home of the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Sacré-Coeur, Champs-Elysées, Arc de Triomphe and many more. There's plenty to see right here and there's never enough time for everything. But well, to discover the real Paris, sometimes, you've got the take the route less taken in the lively cosmopolitan city. Spend some me-time doing that, and that's what exactly I did the next day.
Carousel by the Eiffel

And, since I was in Paris on the Weekends, horrible fact is... most shops are closed on Sundays! Therefore, we decided to do shopping on Saturday and sightseeing on Sundays #smartidea. For shopping, we visited the famous shopping mall, Galeries Lafayette, where most tourists drop by for a few hours of shopping. Kinda overrated (and omg *facepalm* everywhere's super duper longqueue) but still one of the more iconic places in Paris to shop... till you drop!

Lovin' the classy interior decor of the place!
Walking around Paris and in this mall made me feel very materialistic, which isn't me at all. Everything around me is Branded, literally the epitome of Shopaholic. At times, I felt my hair standing because things felt a little too surreal. Then again, because I'm not a huge fan of these highend European brands, I was quite bored. Really, when it comes to these branded goods, I'm very specific. I only go for certain brands, but most of the time, the design and style of the product captures me more than the brand itself.

There were queues to even enter the store, let alone paying for the item...
What global recession? You're kidding me!
For shopping besides Gallery Lafayer, I suggest visiting the world famous Rue de Rivoli which has fabulous shopping, especially in between the Louvre and the Marais.
After an afternoon's of shopping, we headed for a good and simple Thai dinner!
Along the way, it's not surprising to see popup crepe stands. In fact, Paris has one of the best crepes I've ever eaten (blogging about it in my nest post!) Yumyumz, I'll totally have that AGAIN when I'm back in Paris next time!


After dinner, we arrived at Compagnie des Bateaux Mouches. It's a boat ride which brings tourists around Paris to reveal the heart of the City of Light and Love in a different way (on the waters) along Rive Seine, while visiting the most prestigious monuments which have marked history.
For more than 60 years,the Compagnie des Bateaux-Mouches has been a love carrier for generations of passengers. It's a romantic ride for those in love, at least it's more romantic than dining on the Singapore Flyer? ^^
Wasn't the best boat ride of my life, the waters in particular were a disappointment :( Overall, it was just a normal ride to me, nothing spectacular, wouldn't exactly recommend taking this unless you're a huge fan of boat rides or just want to try something different. For me, I'd rather be on the roads or even walking to these iconic monuments. On the boat, it's hard to take a good picture despite the boat moving slowly, mainly because there're SO SO many other tourists wanting to take pictures on board (especially when it passes by the Eiffel Tower) so I got quite sian actually #emogirl. Nevertheless, blessed to be able to try it, indeed it was an experience, a one-time off experience for me at least...
That's all for Day 1 of Paris, stay tuned for the next day of Paris Wanderlust!

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