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Tokyo: Mount Takao

so here goes...


For unspoiled nature and beautiful sights, Mount Takao is a great day trip (or even half a day) to make. Escape from the hustle and bustle of central Tokyo, and in a mere hour's time, you find yourself in a natural and scenic wonder. Accessibility is one of Mount Takao's greatest strengths!

This place is unique and breathtaking in all four seasons, anytime of the year is good to visit. Located in Hachioji City on the western edge of Tokyo, it boasts lush broadleaf forests, fully blooming cherry blossoms in spring, brilliant autumn colours and stunning winter views of Mount Fuji.

There are several routes to reach Mount Takao's summit (whereby you can view Mount Fuji... on a clear day). Anyone can enjoy a day here regardless of your physical condition, level of interests or purpose. Hiking is a definite must, especially to reach the top of the summit, so get ready your hiking gears! It's not that tough, but better still, to be prepared... for anything that may come your way. Of course, fear not if you do not want to hike up, because there's a cable car (930yen return trip) and open-air chairlift (930yen return trip) from Kiyotaki station (walking distance from Takaosanguchi station) to the upper mountain! Ascend up with so much ease! There's an observatory deck upon arrival at the respective stations - Takaosan station for cable car and Sanjo station for open-air chairlift. But, the downside of them is that you still wouldn't be able to reach the summit :( From the respective station that you alight from, you would still need to take a 40min hike up to the summit for the best views! :/

I was feeling quite lazy (and obviously not prepared to hike...) so I chose the easier route of taking the cable car up. It was quite a good choice, yay I got to enjoy the scenery on both ways up and down. Oh, and did you know... it's also Japan's steepest cable car! It runs 1,000metres between Kiyotaki (elev. 201meters) station and the ridge line (472 meters), approx 6 mins ride!

Along your hike, you will find that Mount Takao's slopes are dotted with numerous unique historic sites and ancient religious statues, complementing its many natural features. Depending on which hiking trail you choose to take, there are some attractions to look at. Namely, the Biwataki Waterfall, Miyama Bridge, Monkey Park/Wild Plant Garden, Joshin-mon Gate, Yakuo-in Temple.

Once you make it up to the summit, you can choose to stay there to watch one of the best sunsets in Tokyo. Also known as the Diamond Fuji, it is where the sun sets directly - like a diamond - into the top of Mount Fuji as observed from Mount Takao's summit, on clear days.

getting here

Mount Takao is at Takaosanguchi Station

From Central Tokyo (Shinjuku)
*recommended* a) Using the Keio Line: Take the Semi Special Express or Rapid train from Shinjuku to Takaosanguchi station direct.

b) Using the JR Chuo Line: Take it all the way to Takao station (final station on the Chuo Line) then change to Keio line and travel one station to Takaosanguchi station.

From Yokohama
Yokohama station to Higashi-Kanagawa Station, then take JR Yokohama line to Hachioji station, then change to JR Chuo line to Takao station, then change to Keio line and travel one station to Takaosanguchi station.

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