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Tokyo: Enoshima Islands

Discover this mysterious island loved by the sun and sea...

a pocket full of sunshine

Shonan Fujisawa area is popular among young people in Tokyo for surfing and swimming. Located about 50min from central Tokyo, come in search of seas breezes and sunshine. This place offers a picturesque scenery, one of the best sights I've seen in Japan. It really has many superb view spots. Sunset is a great time to admire the splendid view so do stay there till the sun sets! In fact, I witnessed the best sunsets at Shonan beach!

Here are some things to do in Enoshima!

Benzaiten Nakamise Street
This old-town styled street, lined with marine product (yup, pretty seashells) shops, sourvenir shops, cafes, street snacks and desserts and restaurants, leads you all the way up to the entrance of Enoshima Jinja (Shrine).

Enoshima Jinja (Shrine)
Enoshima Jinja is made up of 3 shrines, Hetsunomiya, Nakatsunomiya and Okutsunomiya, each dedicated to a goddess; the goddess of the sea, water and fortune. They bring happiness and riches as well as artistic success. The shrine is also famous for matchmaking.

Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden & Enoshima Lighthouse Observation Tower
The gardens filled with beautiful flowers like pretty and big roses, lead you towards the lighthouse observation tower which affords a superb 360-degree panoramic view. Enjoy the view of the coast from up there. Oh yes and there's a quaint cafe at the foot of the observation tower. We had waffles and coffee there to rest our tired selves.

Ryuren no Kane (Love Bell of Dragon)
This is a new sightseeing spot on Lovers' Hill with a scenic view. It's not on the main road, we had to hike up a little into a side road to get there. Surprisingly, it wasn't crowded! yay! Oh, it is said that if a couple rings the bell, they will stay together forever *cues awww*

Enoshima Iwaya Cave
I'm never really a "want to visit caves" person, but since the rest wanted to go, I decided to go along, I mean why not right! After all, it's one of the highlights of Enoshima. Formed through wave erosion, these natural caves are the birthplace of Enoshima faith. Inside the caves, you will see stone statues of Buddha and there's a dragon head too. At the first cave (it was very dark), we were given a candle each so fear not! It's actually quite safe, just mind your steps as it can be quite slippery inside, especially on a rainy day. Experience the mysterious atmosphere in the cave...

Shonan Beach
The beaches in Enoshima are very popular in summer, as well as being a great location for swimming and marine sports such as surfing, windsurfing and yachting throughout the year.

Enoshima Aquarium
The highlight is the huge tank that recreates the environment of Sagami Bay where Enoshima is located. The unique topography leading to the deep waters harbors an immense wealth of marine life.


After the sunset, we had dinner in the island before heading back to central Tokyo.

Ate at a cafe facing the beach, the skies were not fully dark yet thus we had dinner facing the seas.

It was the best feeling of the night! YAY!

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