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Colors of Flowers Have Meanings for a Wedding Day

It has already been part of the culture of many people all over the world to use flowers as an element of a wedding. From courtship, proposal and up to exchanging of vows, flowers are essential accessories used to express love.

It is not surprising, therefore, that flowers will ask for a budget in your wedding plans. For you not to doubt this decision of allotting some amount to buy for your flowers, talking to a flower express Singapore can somehow help. An expert who knows a lot about the colors and meanings of each kind will inspire you more to use these ornaments for the most special day of your life.

The symbolic meanings of flowers can be traced in history and the beliefs have been acculturated in many Asian countries. Example of this is the “forget me not” flower, which was believed to be a symbol of true love. Another one is the four-leaf clover, wherein Japanese people take it as a sign of luck.

Moreover, flowers come in a variety of colors. Each shade has a meaning and knowing them all will encourage you more to fill your event with these hues as they all send positive vibes and best wishes for the newlyweds. Others believe that with different colors filling the entire room of the wedding ceremony, it can also brighten up the mood of everyone.

A bridal bouquet can be filled with red roses or other flowers with red shade as this color represents romantic love. Especially when this bouquet is a wedding gift from the groom, a wonderful flower arrangement of the red bouquet can be the icon for the event. Another option you can pick are those tulips in pink shades. When the bride is young and pure, the meaning of flowers matches the bride’s personality. Pink is for youthful glow and happiness.

As observed, best flower delivery Singapore usually get requests to fill the venue with some shades of blue. Flowers of these shades bless the couple with the spirit of fidelity, which is a perfect gift to receive in the first phase of starting a married life. This can be combined with lavender colors, as these are symbols of beauty and grace.

In addition to that, other colors like green represents good fortune, which are very visible as accents to almost all main flowers, reflected in their leaves. Yellows, on the other hand, is a sign of deep friendship and orange is for confidence and enthusiasm.

Therefore, you can get a hamper delivery service filled with different shades of colors of flowers you wish to include in your wedding decorations. All the meanings will shower your ceremony as blessings.

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