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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Hit by the J Wave! #KFCchallenge



When I saw that I had to pick either Korea or Japan, it wasn't a very tough choice to make, especially having spent 5 months in Tokyo (refer to my IG: @princessamantha). WOOHOOO!!! One of the best experiences ever! To be honest, I've been to both countries and I love them both, but if I had to choose, really, the obvious choice is definitely Japan!!!


There are so many things I love about Japan!
Staying in Tokyo for 5 months made me love the city even more.

#1 Creative Quirky Things
uh huh yes, all things quirky and bizarre comes from Japan right? It's just their culture and way of life!
There are things here that you don't ever see elsewhere in the world! Ever! Especially, the cute things that make me go "OMG LOOK SO CUTE! How can I even eat this? How can I touch it? Gosh, these Japanese things are so kawaii nehhh!..."

#2 Fashion

I think I can officially say I belong here, especially in terms of height!!!
There are so many petite girls around! hahaha, how funny it sounds right, but I actually don't feel short here cause it seems like the average height of girls in Japan are shorter? I have no idea, but I feel rather average here. And because of that, there's a trend of girls here wearing heels, shoes with wedges. My favourite kind of footwear! hahaha, see it's good being a petite girl cause you can wear heels without feeling too tall. I'm just saying this cause I'm short... hahaha, but yeah you get the point. I love the fashion here, it's mainly catered to girls like me (lace dresses, crochet, floral prints, etc), and oh yes I love how they match cute shoes with shoes and even wedges. Interestingly cute! And brands even cater to the fashion sense of girls here, like how converse shoes in Japan have the special lace and ribbon version.

#3 Friendly, Kind, Courteous People
Yes. Everyone actually HELPS!!!

Because of my limited Japanese language and my bad map-reading skills, I tend to ask a local for directions whenever I need to locate a place. The amazing part is how random strangers don't just point where to go but they actually just decide to walk me to the place itself, even when they are not going the same way as me initially. I was so touched, and always am going to be touched. It's like restored faith in humanity you know! Oh, and there was once I asked a guy working in a store for directions, he said he didn't know, so I walked out. A few minutes later, he came out of the store chasing me and told me the way.. cause he actually google mapped it for me after I left. How nice of these people! Thank you every single soul who has helped me in any way possible, I really appreciate it! (:

#4 Punctual Transportation
Speaking of trains, I learnt that public transport in Japan is always on time. They are never ever late. Only I am late... When a train is due to arrive at say 12pm, the clock strikes 12 sharp, there you see the train right in front of you. So don't ever miss your transport, cause it leaves on time just like how it arrives on time, haha especially important point to note while taking those long expensive shinkansen (bullet train) rides out of Tokyo. One thing I learnt is to always arrive early, so that you are the one waiting for the train, because the train never waits for you. Plus, it's good to be early because the platforms in major subway stations can be rather complicated and far to walk to so yeah be early! Japanese people are equally on time, so if you are meeting your Japanese friend, try to be punctual and don't keep others waiting!

#5 Everything (Most) is Clean

It's comparable to Singapore, but even cleaner. Even the public toilets in the metros are decently clean and has a powder room for women to do make up in. The only downside is the lack of dustbins around, reason being, apparently you are encouraged to bring your thrash home to throw away. beats me? I don't know why such a rule. haha but yeah in general, people here don't litter so the streets are rather clean even in the alleyway. Train seats are clean too.

#6 Vending Machines
Lost in the world of vending machines...
Indeed, it is very true. There's bound to be a vending machine selling drinks at almost every street corner. Sometimes, not one but a whole row of them. hahaha, it's like everywhere! Don't worry that you will be thirsty or hungry on the streets, just pop your coins into any one of the machines and food/drinks come out almost immediately. The trouble is deciding what to get, and that's the dilemma I always find myself in - pacing back and forth up and down between 5 machines next to each other and eventually deciding on my good old fruit juice or water. 

#7 Convenience Stores
Because convenience stores in Japan are actually convenient!!!
Yes, it lives up to its name alright.

I never have to worry not being able to find something I need nearby, because besides the vending machines, there are 7-11, Lawsons, Family Mart everywhere. In one street, it is not surprising to find all three convenient stores. I admit, sometimes I do convenience store hopping, just to see what each of them offers hahaha, it's quite therapeutic somehow... haha and it's cause sometimes I actually want to find my raisin bread k, so I go to all three and I'm quite sure one of them would have my raisin bread. oh and best of all? They are open 24hours a day! (:

Besides all the things stated above, more importantly, I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD!
So much so that even after living in Tokyo for many months, guess what?
The first few meals I had back in Singapore was actually Japanese food... even my friends couldn't believe it!

I really wasn't sick of having all of that. In fact, I eat Japanese food regularly like twice a week. Can never say No to Japanese food - being light (non-oily/greasy) and tasty, somehow it just suits my taste palate!
Omg, in Tokyo, head to the basement of those supermarkets, you will find super cute snacks, unique sauces, cheap bento, artistic food decorations and bakeries, oh and of course, very fresh sashimi and sushi... and many more things you didn't expect to find. hehehe! You'll love it!!!


I'm happy with regards to KFC's current campaign!


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You decide.

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I vote for #kfcoishii
What about you? (:


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