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Forte Hotel Group // Taipei

onboard the Hello Kitty Airlines! Excited!
finally onboard EvaAir Hello Kitty Airlines!

In addition to my kitty dream come true, I was blessed with a 3d2n stay courtesy of Forte Hotel Group, Orange Hotel Kai Fong (:

It was a pleasant surprise when I received the sponsorship email confirmation as I had initially booked a flight to Taipei with the sole reason of wanting to take the new EvaAir's Hello Kitty plane. So yup in every way, I was really very blessed, and obviously I took up the sponsorship!

Thank you kind folks of Forte Hotel Group (:


Forte Hotel Group has many hotels across Taiwan and I chose the Xi Men branch however it was fully booked. Thus, my second choice was the Kai Fong branch, located walking distance from Taipei Main Station. One good thing is that all of their hotels are strategically located thus any one of them would be ideal! Plus, I would recommend that travellers stay near Taipei Main Station as it has 2 lines there making it more convenient for sightseeing and moving around Taipei by train.


This hotel was located about 5 mins walk from Taipei Main Station, walking distance to Xi Men Ding district and there are many good restaurants nearby. There's Family Mart directly next to the hotel and 7-11 across the street, making it very convenient to grab essentials you may need for the night. All else fails, theres always a 24hr McDonalds at the corner of the street! *cues supper*

It was not hard to locate the hotel considering the fact that it was night time. Upon arriving at Orange Hotel Kai Fong, we had to take a lift up to the main lobby. It wasn't a very grand lobby, just a decent service desk and cozy area, which felt more like a home than anything else. 


What impressed me was the professional service of front desk staff. Check-in was swift and smooth and we got our room keys very quickly. Couldn't wait to check out the room and just nua in bed, since it was so late already! Oh, another impt thing for most travellers, you will be happy to know that the hotel's wifi signal at the lobby and in the room itself was both very strong!

Oh! And just a note, there are drinks provided in the reception, as well as my favourite apples in the morning whereby guests can grab and go! Not forgetting the huge Mac that you see above. Yup, free for guest to use! (:


To me, what defines a good room is not how big the room is (Size of room was decent, in fact, bigger than I expected), but rather how clean the room is and how comfortable the bed is. I mean it's legit right, most of the time when you are in the room, you would be lying on the bed! Thus, bed is very important, haha, yes I'm that easy to please!


Anyways, I jumped onto the bed and I was immediately satisfied - so happy that it's the soft kind that I like!!! YAY!!!


Sadly, there was trouble with the toilet flushing system in our room, reason being the higher level rooms always have such problems. However, after our feedback, the reception staff changed our room without any hesitation. Though it was troublesome to move our luggages in and out of rooms, but it was their quick decision making skill of wanting to make my stay an enjoyable experience, that impressed me.

The next morning, I was expecting a buffet spread like how hotels normally do provide. But instead, breakfast was at Dante Cafe, within walking distance from the hotel, which was a good alternative as well (:

Xi Men Ding District!

All in all, it is a cozy hotel perfect for two, which I would definitely recommend to all visiting Taipei.


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