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Aventa Hair Salon: Back to Brown



Hello Singapore, I'm back! (:
It's been 5 months away from home, besides missing some Singapore food, I really enjoyed my stay in Tokyo.

And when in Tokyo, with regards to beauty and hair, I went to many salons. However my insufficient Japanese probably caused a misunderstanding between my hair stylist and me. I wanted to dye a darker shade of brown but it turned out black!!!
The Japanese stylist in Tokyo promised me that the black colour I saw that day, would naturally turn brown after a few weeks... hmmm! But when it didn't happen, I knew I had to do something about it.

Now that I'm back in Singapore, I immediately thought of visiting Aventa as my rescuer!
Remember my previous post?


Aventa Hair Salon never fails to do such a great job to my hair. I was in for a good hair dye and hair treatment finishing. All credits to my hair stylist for the day, Seiji, Director Stylist (:


I mean having black hair temporarily was a good change, since the last time I had it was when I still had my natural hair colour in Secondary 4 days... However, in the long run, I really wanted to get my brown hair back! ^^ heh, somehow somewhat, I just couldn't get used to seeing myself in very black hair.

Always opt for a treatment option when doing a hair dye!!! It's only 10mins of your time yet your hair gets smoother and healthier. Very worth it right!
All I had to do was to pick the hair dye colour I wanted, seat back relax - read some magazines, get some drinks and snacks, use my phone and let Seiji work his magic!

The end result was a darker shade of brown. So much better than what I originally had when I first stepped into the salon (: I know from the pictures, it kinda still looks black-ish? But yeah! At least I could tell the difference. Can't wait for it to further fade into a lighter shade of brown in the next few weeks!

Thank you! (:

#01-02 Stamford Court, 61 Stamford Road (S178892)


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