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Tian Kee & Co

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2014

Visited this small downtown cafe just because I was drawn to the vintage-looking vibe of this place, plus it's in the east near my place so why not? So glad for new cafes popping up in my area, east has never been well-known for good cafes but yay cheers to the new kid on the block!

“because old is new”

Was there on a weekday during its non-peak hour. There was no queue, yet I saw many seats being taken up by typical customers who just ordered a cuppa coffee and get seated down long hours using their laptops. It was a kinda laid-back culture down there and a part of me really felt as though I was back into the 80s/90s where things were much slower back then. Oh, and I must agree that this quaint cafe is good for casual business meetings or discussions due to the quiet surroundings. Much serenity needed.


Charmed by its Monochrome interiors, decorated with old school knick knacks, furniture and snacks at the counters. Fuss-free and simple, coupled with songs from the 60s, I enjoyed my time in this little cafe.


Menu's pretty limited, I was expecting some old-school food or snacks looking at the entire concept of the cafe, however they serve Western food instead. Like your typicall all-day breakfast, salads, pies, light snacks, variety of coffee and slices of yummy unique-flavoured cakes.


As we already had a heavy brunch, we couldn't order much when we checked out this place. So we ended up ordering a cup of Iced Chocolate and a light raw Salmon salad.

salmon salad

Here's showcasing their range of cakes, thought the rainbow cheesecake was rather interesting! Well, at least it caught my eye with its colourful pastel appeal. Other than that, they have Strawberry Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, Yuan Yang Cheesecake, Gula Melaka Cheesecake, and others!

While I was chilling around, I witness a couple taking their pre-wedding shoots. Using this Vintage theme cafe as their backdrop proved to be ideal, but they were asked to pay if they want to use the cafe officially for shooting.


 I realised Tian Kee and Co actually has a wedding photography package! And, of course, it's only fair to the other couples who have previously (and those interested in future) paid for the wedding photography package. Anyways, thankfully I managed to catch a nice back shot of the couple, well, it made my day. Marriage is such a blissful event, why wouldn't I be happy for them? :)

Nestled just a stone's throw away from Dakota / Mountbatten MRT Station, this unassuming retro concept cafe in the estates is worth a visit, especially, for those staying in the East. It's one of those few shophouse cafes that is so rare in Singapore, so do pop by and say hello! Also, remember to check out the old-school playground beside it, snap some pictures as there's not many left in Singapore.

Tian Kee & Co
Blk 12 Dakota Crescent, #01-48 S'390012

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