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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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KJ Studio // Japanese Dolly Eyelashes

I know I've been on a blogging hiatus, but everything's still going on well and likewise, I'm still faithfully going for my monthly eyelash extensions! I have come to a point that it has become a NEED instead of a want. *shoots myself* but woah, I really love my set of lashes!

Before I'm back to blog on my personal life and what has been going on, I'm happy to do an advertisement for KJ Studio! Previously, I blogged about my sponsorship with COVO Singapore... well, it's actually similar! ^^

Remember Jeane?

KJ Studio is her new start up!
And it's conveniently located right above COVO! 2F!

Yup, nothing really changes, still the same person doing my lashes and same awesome services, the only difference is that from now onwards, I'll be heading upstairs to KJ Studio to experiment with new lashes for the month!☺ I'm gonna try to be more adventurous instead of always sticking with the cute type of lashes (which I really really adore!)

I have been sticking with the cute dolly lashes 
(Dimensions: 10-12-10 to be exact) for the past few months coupled with some touch ups every 3 weeks. I like how it looks and feels so natural even though it's relatively long and curled up.


This was done at the most recent touch up session. See the standard of her work? It's so consistent, and that's what's amazing about it.

And this coloured extension lashes are what's unique, which I have yet to tried and still rather apprehensive.
Very proud of Jeane, she has been building her reputation up over the few months and within less than a year, she has become so popular that bookings must be done way in advanced and now, she even has her own space to do our eyelash extensions! Check out the bigger space and oh yes, she has more beauticians on board!

Check out those comfy beds!

They put me to coma within 10mins every time I lay there. It's a great time to relax or to catch up on an hour more of precious beauty sleep be in early in the morning or halfway through your hectic day.


If you are looking for manicure services, yes they have them too!
Gel Nail Services also done by a friendly Japanese beautician! (:

Because I'm enjoying and loving the eyelash service by KJStudio, I'm here to share with you girls out there!
Good things MUST share!


Really very excited to share this deal!


Unlimited Eyelash $150, now at $100 for ALL customers
Don't worry if you're already a customer of COVO previously... because COVO's existing customers are also entitled to this promotion as long as it's your 1st visit to KJStudio.

Promo ends on END AUGUST, so, book early to avoid disappointment! (:

Location: 43 Keong Saik Rd, S089147
Contact: 6221 4585

On a happier note, already booked my next appointment, scheduled to be 3 weeks later! Imma happy girl now! Hoping my next set of new lashes will last me for at least a month when I travel around Europe expecting lots of self discoveries / self reflections and a whole load of fun ahead!

Till then,


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