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#princessamantha21 | Absolutely Nails

Hello Lovelies!
Besides having a pretty venue, decors, food, the birthday girl has to look pretty on her special day too! And, NAILS is an important aspect of the look-good package.
Blessed to have my nails pampered by my sponsor, Absolutely Nails as I prepare for my 21st Party Celebration. yay, it's located near my place too, all the merrier!

When I first stepped into the place, it felt like a secret getaway from the crowd because it's hidden at the back of a foot reflex spa. No worries about not being able to find the place because there's a sign right outside the shop! Anyways, I must say that it felt really cosy in there, especially with the jazzy music and the smell of aroma therapy oil. Plus, I love the popart vintage looking decors on the wall. Oh, not forgetting the classy looking chandelier in blank hanging downstream. I'm happy that they went the extra mile to decorate the place so that customers feel like home!
credits to their facebook page
many colours to choose from
Wall of Fame
I had the choice between nail colours as well as designs! I decided to go for the glittered nail colours as welll as the bling blingz paste ons. There really were quite a lot of gorgeous paste-ons to choose and I'm so happy I chose the nicest (in my opinion) looking ones heh!
I felt like a princess all ready for my whimsical themed party!
image (13)
My manicurist, Yanz, was friendly and super dedicated to beautifying my set of nails! (: Awww!
All I had to do was to tell my manicurist the theme of my party, how I prefer glittered colour shades, show her some inspired pictures and I could just relax as she worked her amazing magic on my nails. It's really magic, miraculous in a sense, because my nails were rather short that period of which I felt really guilty. Yet, she patiently worked with (whatever) length of nails I had and still tried her very best to make the final design look as pretty as possible! I left everything up to her, trusted her 100% with the designs so long it's nice and indeed it turned out very princess-y looking!
I did Gelish manicure with addon diamonds and jewels, as you can tell from the pictures above. Choose gelish! It lasts way longer, which is worth it cause you don't have to keep getting your nails done especially since everyone's so busy, right? :>
On a sidenote, I really think my manicure suited my theme well, evident from how it goes perfectly with my floral decors. hurhurs.
Close up on my Nails
As with every sponsored advertorial, readers/friends would think I'm just saying good things because it's sponsored. hurhur, but no way! I'm saying this genuinely (: Especially since I'm a big sucker for pretty things (which obviously includes nails as well), so you can trust me on this! I'm really thankful for them for giving me picture perfect nails for my party! Thanks for being part of #princessamantha21  

They have other services as well, for example, classic and express mani/pedi.
You can check out their services here!

Do make an appointment with them before heading down! (:

136 East Coast Road, S428821
Operating Hours
Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 20:30
Sat - Sun: 10:00 - 19:00
For Appointments: +65 6345 3303

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