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[Media Event] Heart of House

Heart of House is a casual family diner serving Home Made classics and Signature food as well as Specialty beers. Made a trip down for their bloggers food tasting session and I felt as if I had made a trip down memory lane.
Kids get a FREE treat when they score A in an examination - Just bring along your A graded exam paper and get a meal on the house.
What a creative and heartwarming form of Marketing strategy, indeed this caught my eye!
Heart of House's 2 adopted charities - Singapore Children's Society and St. Luke's Hospital
Stepping in further, it was truly nostalgic. To my (pleasant) surprise, most of their stuffs are recycled from the past. For example, one of their tables at the corner (spot it when you're there) is made out of an old door. If you look up, their hanging ceiling lights are made out of aluminium tins. I was so inspired to think twice before throwing away my things and instead start making good use of them via DIY purposes. If you look around more (and probably, harder), you'll realised more stuffs which were recycled in a very creative way. I was truly amazed at their DIY skills and "art" work. Kudos, Boss!
SAM_5969 Picture heavy, scroll down for more
Heart of House - 7th Dec 20132
Everything down to its fine details fit the Vintage theme - from its shophouse-tiled floor to its all rounded decorations. Great place for #ootd shoots actually. Can't stop taking photos at this place where I had a taste of how living in the 1960s felt like.
Vintage, Vintage... and more Vintage
Don't these look familiar to you?
Of old school mugs, cups, glasses, beer bottles and caps, knick knacks, soft toys, toy figurines... and the list goes on... fyi, ALL seen here are collectables from Boss' family. Amazing collection! Oh notice the baby chair above, it's the boss' own. He kept it till today!

♡ ♡ 
Let the food-tasting session begin!
Heart of House - 7th Dec 2013
pizza feasting
We were served different flavours of Pizza! Regardless of the flavours available on our tables, I loved the thin crisps pizza crust! Flavours include Hawaiian, Cajun Chicken, Mexican Beef, BBQ Seafood, Otah, etc. There's something on the menu you'll definitely like!
The Breaded Chicken was tender, juicy and oven-baked, just the way I liked it. It was a little salty but the melted mixed cheese on top of it saved the day. Best eaten together, but what I loved about this dish is actually the refreshing Salsa & Fruit Cocktail served alongside the mains! It'll be a hot favourite among kids!
steamed fish
This is one of my favourites, plain as it may seem. Soft, Fresh, Yummy, 'nuff said. I would definitely order this again when I'm back the next time!
bbq st louis pork ribs
served with corn on cob and thick cut fries
Not a fan of Pork & Ribs, but I must say that this one was well-marinated and the BBQ sauce goes well with the meat. The fries? Great Complements! Meat Lovers, try this!
Heart of House - 7th Dec 20131
Everything down to the chips were made from scratch! No wonder it tasted fresh and nice. A word of caution, eat while it's hot! A tad plain if eaten on its own but a perfect combination of nachos with warm melted cheese and real beef bits. Everyone loved it!
braised LAMB SHANk
I'm not a fan of lamb but this meat was super tender coupled with the vinaigrette sauce that kept me wanting more despite feeling very full already.
st luke's chicken hugo a go go
STAR DISH for the bloggers event, specially created for St Luke's Charity Fundraising.
I actually prefer this new chicken dish creation to the chicken parmigiana featured above. The crispy and tender chicken thigh was topped with pineapple cucumber salsa sauce which I absolutely loved, with a serving of delicious garlic rice and refreshing salad. Great Choice! It's a must-try when you drop by Heart of House! Everyone, please try this dish ASAP because it's available at S$20 for a limited period only! :/ All profits made from the sale of this dish goes straight to St Luke's Hospital. Help them hit their $1500 donations target! Eat & Do Charity at the same time, why not?

What's food without drinks!

Heart of House is famous for their beers as well, and here's introducing their new range of  unique Beers! Don't forget to order some when you are here dining!

And, to end off the event proper, we were treated to their famous sweet treats.
There's always room for desserts, right?
Molten lava chocolate cake
It was a little too sweet for me, but look at them! The little sweet tooth kids are in love with it!
Throughout the event, we got to meet and chat with the approachable Boss. He was really friendly and passionate about the restaurant. He introduced all of us to things I never knew... from his shop's decors, vintage collectibles, beers to food and ensure that we enjoyed ourselves that afternoon.

Back in September 2013, Heart of House came up with the HOH Entreprenuership Award where Fans and Diners came together to compete in a Facebook Design A Mug Contest. 8 winners were selected by the HOH Management to win the HOH Entreprenuership Award and hae their Mug Designs Manufactured to be sold in Heart of House. Of the 8 designs, 4 of them are beautifully designed by the talented children from Singapore Children's Society.

Check out the range of customized hand-drawn mugs up for sale at their e-commerce store
A big portion of the profits from the sale of mugs will go to HOH's adopted charity, Singapore Children’s Society! To support them, purchase one of the limited edition mugs at S$25.
Grab a Mug!
Handpainted by Contestants as well as the talented Children

There are so many things on the menu that I've yet to try! Am sure to go back again soon.

"Family, Friends, Food and Fun are such a Fabulous Four. At Heart of House it starts with us and there's always room for more."


Address: 4 Kim Tian Rd, Singapore 169245
Dial for Reservations: +65 6274 7448


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