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Hello, C.O.V.O

Since last year, I've started on eyelash extensions. It was super good for me because I'm not one who would put on thick make up, falsies, eyeliners etc. With those lashes, I could literally walk out of my house without makeup and still (look) very awake. Where do I get them done? Far East Plaza (FEP), where else? Once tried, I just kept going back monthly like a routine till last December when I had to go Laos for my community service trip. I lived without long eyelashes for a month and it actually felt fine. So, I didn't head back for many many months till recently because I needed to doll up for my 21st birthday party! I felt that my usual extensions were too thick for me making it look not natural at all so I wanted to try somewhere new! Thankfully, I managed to find COVO!
image (6)
To date, I've been there twice and I'm equipped to write this post from the bottom of my heart, not just because they're sponsoring me. Trust me, I only blog for things I believe in and this time round, I really want to share good news with you girls!

COVO is a Japanese salon and they just started on their new eyelash extension service a month ago!
I love all things Japanese, just look at the Japanese girls... they're famous for their big dolly eyes and beautiful lashes so why not give it a try and see how it goes right? After all, Japanese eyelash extensions would definitely look prettier (and more natural) than the typical eyelash extensions out there.
On my first trip there, like any other girl, I was a little worried. During the primary consultation where I met Jeane (my friendly eyelash guru), I actually asked her if it would hurt? She looked at me surprised and in turn asked me why would it hurt? I told her my previous experiences and she was actually shocked! She told me eyelash extensions were not supposed to hurt at all! I was so relieved at that point in time. Then we got down to business.

I was able to choose the style of lashes I wanted! The eyelashes are put on one by one which means they can be designed finely according to what we want. Every single detail - From its curvature, thickness, length and even colour
Decide between the more Natural looking ones or the Unlimited ones of which are more obvious!
There were so many combinations for me to choose from; I couldn't decide but thank God for Jeane because she made the choice for me in the end, haha! I just told her I wanted pretty lashes that suits my eyes and those that wouldn't block my double eyelids, so she basically customised something for me! I'm quite sure everyone's would be different, so no worries because these extensions are supposed to be customised to fit your eye shape and of course, to your individual preferences too. For mine, we settled for a mixture of 9.10.11mm length and all I needed to do was to lie on the comfortable bed while Jeane works her magic on my eyes.
I couldn't see the process of my eyelash extension, but I could feel her being very meticulous about my lashes. The eyelashes were carefully attached on one at a time which truly requires lots of patience and skill. Though it was my first time, I had total faith in her since she has got years of expertise in doing eyelash extensions in Japan, so rest assured you're in good hands! In fact the bed was so comfortable that I felt asleep, and literally woke up feeling prettier!
Indeed, after the session, I felt like I've been living in a rock all these while, or probably cheated for the past year. For the many times I did eyelash extensions at FEP, the aftermath was super painful and left me in tears for about half an hour. I'm sure many girls can identify with me in this aspect. Well, truth is... I thought it was normal, but after trying COVO, now I know... I'm NOT supposed to feel the pain! There were absolutely NO falling tears nor uncomfortable feeling in my eyes. I didn't need to fan my eyes like what I used to do in the past. When I opened my eyes, it felt very normal.

Besides the professional work done, I must comment on the fact that I really trust their services. On my first trip, I chose the unlimited 'Gorgeous' lashes. But after which, Jeane told me that she did the natural one for me instead because while working on my eyes, she found many 'holes' caused by my previous FEP experience and thus the natural one would suit me better as of now while waiting for the 'holes' to recover. At that moment, I thought to myself 'She's so honest. Even if she had told me it's unlimited, I wouldn't have known the difference anyway!' See, how to not trust!
for my 21st birthday celebration
After my party, of course I still had them on and they lasted me through many occasions as seen below WITHOUT any makeup on:
Fashion Shoot
[Sponsored] Eyelash - COVO
Casual Dayout
Hong Kong ; Dec 2013

To be exact, my lashes lasted for about 3weeks to a month before I made my second visit to COVO last weekend. What I love about my lash extensions is that they have curls already so you don't have to put on mascara or anything else. Well, I mean if you want, you still could! Oh and the best part? It's water proof!

Why should you try eyelash extensions?
Well, saves time on your makeup! For those like me who doesn't put make up regularly, well, you'll look more presentable (or more like awake) I guess! Once you try it, you would just continue with it.

 Really can't wait to go continue trying different styles and lengths the next time round to see which one I eventually prefer. Here's their Menu!
The price per session is almost double of what we normally pay at those FEP shops, but for what I'm getting here, it's truly worth it.
And of course, fret not because...

Quote 'SAMANTHA' to get 20% off eyelash extension services for first-time customers!

It's a good deal for you to get started on what true eyelash extension feels like.
Book your appointments now ~
It's time to pamper yourself and look pretty with a set of new eyelashes for the upcoming festive seasons! (:

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