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Skydiving, lets do it baby!

I can FINALLY cross SKYDIVING off my bucket list!

Skydiving to blog
Over the weekends at Whistler in Pemberton BC, Canada, my friends and I went skydiving and we experienced the ULTIMATE thrill of a lifetime! I dare say it's the most adventurous thing I've done in my entire 21years, especially considering the fact that I don't even dare take roller coasters. Quite proud of myself to have done it, what princess? Despite my girly girl side of which I still stand by firmly, I'm actually quite an adventurous girl! Having said that, I'm not into too extreme sports, but I generally love playing sports, biking and exploring cities as much as anyone else does!

Why I decided to wear that cuteass hat?
I was shopping the night before and I saw it at a kids' shop and it's too cute I had to buy it. Super cool cause it's reversible, mine's the sheep-kitten one! While trying on it in the shop, I suddenly had the inspiration to wear it for skydiving #yolo anyways right? So I told myself to just get it! Okay, besides the fact that I thought it was really cute (and that I'll look like a real joke) oei, got reason! I did my research(via pics and videos) and realised a lot of people either tie up their hair or end up having their hair in their face while skydiving... which means, it would look really ugly like FML you skydive already then get ugly pictures so sad right! So as much as I wanted to put down my hair + iconic flower, I knew I would look like a mess or like a lion's mane esp if my hair got caught in the flower. 
So, you see... If I put this hat then it's a 'compromise', yeee haw! Anyways, wear or don't wear already look quite silly might as well just wear right, I doubt anyone else would do what I did la but ohwells.

How was the experience?

It's hard to sum everything up in a sentence! PHEW! But yes, as clique as it's gonna sound, it's as amazing as it looks and more! I'm so glad I took the plunge and went ahead with my decision to do so.

How much did it cost?
A trip to BKK/Hong Kong, literally. Paid approx >$400. Then again, the experience is incomparable so it's super worth it!

It all started when Lucy, our UBC student coordinator walked into class one day to ask how many of us were interested in skydiving. At that point of time, skydiving this summer here, didn't cross my mind at all... but it has always been on my to-do list in life! So when I heard of it, it had a radical appeal and I was quite excited about it... and woohooo, it seemed like I wasn't the only one cause my friends were as gungho too! Thus, as much as we were on the nervous verge, I was like just heck and decided to put my name down on the list because I know I would regret more if I didn't than if I did. Furthermore, I'm on Summer School and hellooo, I'm already so far down here in Vancouver, might as well just do something once in a life time since I'm in such a pretty place.

One week before the jump, I was apprehensive and so, I did my research on skydiving. How it works, how it'll likely go, what could go wrong, watched videos and browse through some pictures. Yes, I do plan!

One day before the jump, I looked up into the skies thinking I'll be right up there and the thought did scare me a little. Other than that, 80% of me was totally excited and hyped up about jumping off a plane.

The night before the jump, I actually doubted my decision to go through with it after my friend shared his experience with us (cause a group of us went a day before us). But I know at the back of my mind eventually I'd still do it. After all, I've already set my mind for it, and once I set my mind on doing something, I wouldn't back out! Having said that, I'm still human and I'm still a little girl (heheh!) so I had weird logical thoughts like 'ohno! what if my parachute didn't open? what if I cannot land in time or worst, what if I cannot even land?' But okay, besides all those, I was already saying rubbish self-entertaining things like 'Ah, I want the colourful parachute, I want cute instructor so that it'll make my pictures look nicer'. I'm super ridiculous I know. hahaha! So to end it all off, I just made a prayer to God in my mind and went to bed. After all, with my mighty God, nothing is impossible! I know I could do it, we could do it!

Day 17
On the morning of skydiving, we were all-set to go! Our skydiving was scheduled for 10am on a Sunday. Oh and, I only told my parents back in Singapore about my skydiving decision, like erm what 10mins before leaving my apartment. Thankgod they were totally cool about it (surprisingly! but woohooo yay!)
Day 172-001
Day 177
Located just a short journey away from Whistler (about a 20mins scenic drive north on highway 99), the Pemberton Region is an adventure sports enthusiast's paradise. There are so many activities to choose from to experience a thrill of a lifetime, but for me, skydiving wins hands down! It was the Pemberton Valley Airport that we were at to be exact, and *ahems* it didn't occur to me that skydiving has to be at the airport for its runway tracks, until my friends told me so. Eureka moment, hurhur!
Upon arrival at Whistler Skydiving, Pemberton Valley Airport (which didn't look like an airport at all), we checked in at a little lodge and did some paperwork.
Day 172
The standards - things like indemnity form where you basically sign your life away
Oh and paperwork includes choosing the additional option of a set of photos OR a video. Sadly, nope we can't choose both options (if not I guarantee chop take both man!) It took me one night to think through which option I wanted. In the end, I settled for the video instead, cause it'll capture the whole jumping process plus can screenshot & turn it into photos! ^^
Sorry for the blur photos as you scroll down further later. They're all screenshots!

After that, we were led to our pre-assigned instructor and mine was Dan! He suited me up in a standard red jumpsuit which was obviously oversized for me and made me look like Po from teletubbies, followed by putting on a harness which felt like carrying a haversack.
Day 174
all strapped up!
Day 175
Throughout the whole wearing of jumpsuit, I was super enthu, enthu to even jump into the jumpsuit. God knows why and where the enthusiasm came from but I was remarkably calm, wasn't nervous at all. Probably because of the awesome company of friends I had and also by being there and seeing everything on ground helped a little. We were like 'Eh take pic take pic!' especially since the mountains behind us made great backgrounds for the photos. And Gabriel was trying to scare tactic us saying 'You have been a great roommate' (like just in case... we don't make it down)
Then, it was the start of an amazing ride of a life time. Grace and I paired up for the ride and both of us plus our instructors walked over to the plane...
Runway Sights
There, the professional instructors gave instructions as to how we were supposed to exit the plane once we're up there and ready to jump. Basically it was something like hooking both legs to the plane's pole, arching my back and looking up during free fall.
Skydiving to blog2
Flew high above the Pemberton Valley with views of Whistler, Blackcomb and Mt.Currie. The whole experience took approximately half an hour or so. After being all geared up, we had to take a scenic flight (I'd like to call it our private jetplane) up with views of the mountains above us and the valley and lakes below as we go all the way up to an exit altitude of 10,500 ft. As the plane took off and headed towards our jumping altitude, I wasn't feeling anything in particular, I was simply enjoying the view especially the clouds almost next to me. It's the same feeling as taking a normal plane, just that there are much lesser passengers in this ride. So, I saw buildings, trees and lakes getting smaller and tada, next thing I know... we're halfway through! Up there, it'll naturally start to get colder and I could feel it yet thankfully, I was warmly clothed so I felt toasty warm, great feelin' - really safe and secured!
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.01.11 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.01.14 PM
Just before reaching the right jumping altitude, Dan told me to seat tight on his laps while he dealt with securing of the harness and of course, double checking of everything else. He basically had to hook himself to me and we got into ready position.
Skydiving to blog1
*oh hello everyone! I'm sooo excited!*
Upon reaching the exact altitude, the pilot will automatically swing open the doors and the first person would just jump out! So Grace bravely did the first jump and then immediately after, it was my turn! THE MOMENT OF TRUTH!
I was literally next to the ledge of the plane and all that's left to do was put my both feet out and DO IT, JUMP JUMP JUMP OUT OF THE FREAKING PLANE! All I remember was my legs dangling out, back was arching out, heads and eyes looking up into the skies and shouting 'AHHHHHHHH! and before I knew it, I was FACE DOWN and going all the way DOWN in quick speed.....'
Free Falling - It was incredible!
It's done all within seconds, you don't even have time to think or ponder, I swear! I simply just jumped out of the plane without thinking much and simply enjoyed the adrenaline of free-fall for about 30seconds(at least it felt like) before the parachute opened up at about 5,000 feet! 
The first few seconds felt like I was committing suicide, falling into a bottomless pit not knowing where I was heading or even where I would land! At the point of time, images of people dear to me floated in my mind. It was literally flashbacks of my life in that instance.

Plus, I was looking up when I first fall off the plane so when I finally looked down, ohmygod,  I was blooody excited about everything around me at that moment! It's a moment that I will never ever ever forget in life. And oh, I finally felt how a bird felt like...

I'm quite glad that I managed to catch some glimpse of the plane above my head as it flew pass because Dan told me that's the exact thing to watch out for when free falling!
Throughout the whole free fall process, I was quite sure I screamed OH MY GOD IT WAS AWESOME a few times. The vocab on air was simply limited, I couldn't even think properly. Thank God I didn't tumble or do any somersaults in air...

My free fall was quite a smooth one so at least it didn't feel like those roller coasters that turn you 360degrees around. For me, it just felt like I was floating on air, *I wanted to think of myself as carebear dancing on clouds* Oh and yes, Thank God not once did I feel any ear pressure (you know those you get when the plane takes off) HENG!
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.03.38 PM
Sadly, I didn't get the RAINBOW parachute!
Then again, it's by luck cause you don't get to see which parachute's inside until it opens, but I'm not complaining, I'm more than glad that it opened! ^^

Suddenly, the parachute opened and everything felt different. Dan tapped me twice and that signals time to open up my arms into freedom position. Whoa, that moment... I heaved a sign of relief.
I was highfive-ing Dan screaming, 'We did it!'
Evidently, from my video, you could hear me epic-ly screaming 'AH OMG PARACHUTE!' I was super duper happy I tell you! Like wahhhh it opened! HENG AH! That's when I could take my own sweet time hanging up in the air and enjoying the scenic view beneath my feet. The scenery was so beautiful, I wished I had a camera with me. It was pure greatness being up in the air with the cold air right in my face plus the breathtaking view... I wanted this moment to stay still... I can't describe every single thing I felt at that moment and put them into words. I just felt blessed, really blessed, so blessed. Thank God for everything!
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.04.37 PM
Skydiving to blog3
Made a few turns here and there because my tandem instructor challenged me to, other than that, we were slowly descending and from where I was, I could somehow see the tiny heads of my friends looking up and waiting for us to descend... so I waved to them and shouted HELLLOOO! *waves*
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.04.49 PM
Check out my left hand, I was really waving!
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.04.59 PM
The landing part was quite cool, it was like a slide. Super fun. I glided down onto the grass, smooth landing indeed. It was so chill yet I was so tired that I just sat down on the grass taking a while to actually feel the actual grounds, ohmygod.
All I knew was... HELL YEAHHHHH BABY! WE DID IT OMG OMG OMG! So I got up the next moment and reunite with Grace who made her landing as well.
Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 2.05.22 PM
On Ground Level
Day 178
Day 173
Day 176
With the rest while they await their turn to skydive
After an entire morning, we were done! Still in disbelieve that we are crazy and brave enough to jump off a freaking plane right amongst the clouds, but as bazar as it sounds, woohooo we did it, baby!
Day 179
We were done within 3hours in total. Glad everyone came down alive and enjoyed themselves!

My adventurous experience was completed with a personalized video but I can't seem to upload it on youtube, so you can check it out on my facebook! Click here!

Totally enjoyed the whole flying experience! I soaked into the atmosphere and truly experienced every single moment on air. Today was an amazing feeling and I have absolutely no regrets at all. I just knew that I really wanted to experience this and baby, I did it!

I was such a memorable jumper ^^

It was truly amazing, what a once in a lifetime experience! #YOLO ~ Definitely worth a try and these memories will remain for life.

Would I SkyDive again?
only with the right people at the right place, I guess!

And, I shall be shameless and post an epic face of myself for y'all to have a good good laugh ~
Have a great midweek! Hope this cheers you up!
"what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"

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