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Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Every TALENT is a gift



                   DREAM A LITTLE DREAm

Situated at the far corner on Tras Street in the heart of Tanjong Pagar, there lies Talent Cafe. First sight of the fullwhite shophouse, I noticed the cafe's sign. Is it just me or does the colors of the 'cafe' word remind you of Google's logo? Hmmm...
Photo Credits: Talent Cafe

Went there on a weekday late afternoon, no surprise that we had the whole cafe to ourselves, haha nice! Was with the girls and they were open to try this new place too! Love my brunch/lunch kakis who go explore new cafes with me.

Photo Credits: Talent Cafe
Teas for orderings

Besides its chic contemporary black & white furnished dining area which made the whole place look more spacious, there are actually our colored theme rooms however, a pity I didn't get a chance to take a look at it :( Shall go back another time to explore all the rooms and take pretty photos!

They actually have a standard simple menu unlike the variety of dish choices I saw online. Food served definitely changes seasonally, ohwells. Anyways! That afternoon they had some lunch specials so that's what we ordered (:

Here's what we had for lunch that day! (;

Every set meal comes with a mini tomato soup of the day & yummylicious refreshing salad. The tomato soup tasted a little sour but was overall, good. The salad was normal, nothing amazing to be mentioned. What I like was their minimalistic food presentation style. White, Simple, No Frills!

What the girls ordered: Carrot Cream Chicken Linguine
It's creamy so I didn't eat it but apparently, it tasted not bad according to them. Okay #iadmit honestly, it doesn't look very appetizing don't you think so!

What I ordered: Salsa Fish with Rice
To me, it was a disappointment. It was decent yes, but just not something I would eat and definitely not worth its price! There were only 4 small pieces of pan-fried fish fillet with a heap load of rice. I'm biased, I hate rice can't finish them every time. hahaha. And, just when i thought the salsa could help 'save' the whole dish by covering up for the rice and fish, it turned out to be the worser than the fish. It was not refreshing at all! :( Maybe it's my expectations and what I imagined salsas to be like, but yeah this salsa was hot and all so I didn't really enjoy my meal.

I generally didn't enjoy my food but I feel that the place is cosy and has a great ambience. Like I mentioned, whatever I ate, wasn't worth the price, for sure. Don't think I'll visit Talent Cafe just for the food in the near future. Until and unless they come up with a better menu and a greater variety of food choices. Then probably, I'll visit again!

For more information on Menu, Location etc, refer to their FB Page

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