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Corrinne May's Under the Skies


             JUNE 30TH 2012

Corrinne May was the first to perform at The Meadow, on the 2nd night of Rhythm with Nature, a series of events collectively held as part of the official opening of Gardens by the Bay.
"Corrinne May is undoubtedly one of Singapore’s biggest and most successful music exports. The Singapore-born, Berklee-educated singer is widely renowned for her instantly intoxicating voice and performances and has received global acclaim for her powerfully melodic songs.Corrinne May is one of Singapore’s most respected music luminaries, with numerous sell-out concerts in Singapore and abroad. Her four studio albums have chalked up platinum sales internationally and she also maintains a strong local fanbase. At the 2007 COMPASS Awards, she won “Young Composer of the Year” and the “Wings of Excellence” award, which is given to the artist with the most outstanding performance in the region. Corrinne May also composed and performed the theme song for Singapore’s National Day 2010."
Spent a lovely evening at her concert with my girlfriend Alina. I personally enjoy her genre of songs - soothing and emotive. It's quite similar to Olivia Ong, whom I enjoying listening to as well. The enchanting relaxed evening was filled with her unique vocals amidst the lush outdoors setting. We had the perfect view of Marina Bay Sands on our left and the stage setup right infront of us. Blessed.

Ready to Rock'n'Roll!
The Crowd
Didn't except that we had to seat picnic-style on the grass, but it was quite an experience doing that while watching Corrinne perform live under the sky and stars. Thankfully, they provided ponchos (in case of rain), so instead, we used them as our mats and laid them down.
while waiting for her to start!

She sang her signature hits such as “Fly Away”, “Save Me”, “Everything in Its Time”, as well as new hit “Beautiful Life” from her latest album, “Crooked Lines”. She mentioned that "Crooked Lines" was inspired by her daughter's drawings and I thought that was really sweet yet creative.
Could tell she's quite a seasoned performer and that she's comfortable with her band backing her up on stage. Oh did you know! Her husband, Kavin, is part of her band, he's on the Piano!

Loved her sincere expressions while performing
Hype the Crowd!

What I like about her songs really is the lyrics - Meaningful lyrics that we all can relate too since it's inspired by real life situations and people. What a talented lady, she handwrote all her songs! There were many songs from her albums that I actually was seating there waiting for her to sing. Sadly, I didn't hit jackpot that night. Many of her songs were new and some of which I have never heard before. But it's all good, because ever since she sang them, some are now my favourites 

Oh! Halfway through, there were fireworks (thanks to the NDP rehearsals) during the concert, but instead of letting it interfere with her soothing music, she smartly made used of it and included them into her concert by talking about it like how the fireworks were specially for her etc. The crowd just cheered along with her songs and little jokes here and there.

Probably inspired by the fireworks, she ended off the night with our National Day 2010 theme song, 'Song for Singapore'. It's been a long time since I heard that song, so I was quite happy and sang along with her  ٩(^‿^)۶

After the concert, Alina & I took a trail walk around Gardens by the Bay since we're already there.

Iconic TreeTop Walk


If you walk through the entire place, you'll spot lots of animal statues and plants around ❀‿❀ 


Unauthorised Climbing Session! It was quite a feat ok!

We almost got lost while trying to get out of the place. The night factor played a part  ๏̯͡๏  Thankfully with the help of some kind souls, we managed to see the exit leading to Marina Bay Sands. Took a bus and we headed off to Supper afterwhich!

Craving for Fruits, so I had them alongside with my fav Rochor TauHuey!

Found some LIVE! videos online courtesy of some people who recorded the concert songs down!
Here's for you to enjoy!

You'll soon see how she manages to interact well with us, audiences!

Corrinne May’s highly-anticipated new album “Crooked Lines” has just been released in March 2012. It is her first new album in five years – since 2007’s “Beautiful Seed”. The first single “Beautiful Life” is garnering increasing airplay on radio airwaves."

For more information, visit About the venue: The Meadow, located in the heart of Gardens by the Bay, is an outdoor lawn with a panoramic backdrop of the Gardens’ cooled conservatories, Supertrees and the city skyline. The Meadow provides an ideal venue for a great outdoor audio experience with an emphasis on crowd comfort while being in a lush green surrounding, allowing the audience to move around the spacious grounds while enjoying the music performances.

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