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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Last week of Official school

Last official week at school was spent like this, in a summary:




Had the longest trashtalk with the beloved maincomms. I reflected. Guess, I have been so very selfish. No doubt if I had to go through this phrase again, I won't choose to change anything because my academics come first that's for sure, but I guess I just have to apologise for being selfish. Probably, I should have balanced my time more. Regretting to run or not isn't important anymore. From the start, Daddy already advised me not to because he said as much as I'm able to cope with my studies and ccas, being a Year3 is a fact and a Year3 means work load content-wise is much tougher. I should have listened. But, being easily psycho-ed by my ex-maincomms, I decided to take the challenge of re-running. Actually one of the reasons being they said 'it's okay to concentrate on your studies for that period of time, the others will understand', but I guess it may not be the same anymore. Not everyone will be able to understand, really. oh and fyi it's because when I was in last year's comm, I never ever complained that much abt studies and bsc reason being I felt everyone would say they have exams and projects as well. Then during the deciding talk to rerun or not, I mentioned that point and they said I was so silly, I should have told them and they would understand... LMAOZ, do you see where I'm coming from now? Hai *shakes head* Anyways, guess I'll just have to buck up & pick up my game... Next few events are major events and as the President, I'm the organiser. No choice but I have to do it, so I will do it! *prays*



Restructure, grads group. Feels so surreal. 3 years ago, first stepped into Poly, I was from EAST Grads group (Secondary School Days) now, it's the Poly Grads group. Time really flies. Current group, more guys than girls. ohmygod, first time SiewLing & I are facing such a gender-inequality mix (hahaha) it's okay. Anyways, I would miss the current girls in my group. Well, moving on is part of life... and for the better. God's plan so none of us would go against it and it's all for the good for us. Just hope that the last few weeks/mths in this new Grads group would be a fulfilling & fun one!



Failed my 1st driving TP practical. Didn't expect myself to pass. Actually, quite surprised and 'proud' of myself that my circuit stations were really good. It's just that when I went on the roads, I changed lane abruptly & that caused Immediate Failure -.-

Went to book a re-test date, & I was really damn lucky. 1 step later, 1 step earlier and I won't get the chance already! Normally it takes 2 months for the next test date, but someone cancelled and when it was my turn to book the new retest date, they told me the next available one which was cancelled is in 10days time! I was so happy! Even though it's during the midst of my end-sem exams, but I just wanna try my luck. See, I always believe everything happens for a reason. Hope 2nd time's a Charm!



Oh, btw did I mention, this year the school's chasing over our backs to take NAPFA? I always don't do well. This year, I'm going there to fail. Even planning to fail, so don't bother failing to plan cause there's no plan in the first place. Can't be bothered, just want to go mark my attendance and do whatever comes my way. Things I don't see hope in, I don't bother doing. It's plain honesty. Of course, I'll face it with an open heart and mind, put my heart and soul into it. #justsaying

And, on the last day of school, I ended with a Law Tutorial. Took a class picture and tada! Here we go, GRADUATES of CLASS 3B08 Ay11/12!


After this post, I'm going on a 2week hiatus on this space of mine. Going into the kickass study zone. Gonna chiong for my last 2 papers of my entire TP life. Managerial Accounting & Law. This is certainly not the time to slack fall crash & die. I'll do it, no, We'll do it. BELIEVE!


Can't wait for the exams to end. I'm flying straight after the papers end

This is where I belong & supposed to be at, doing.

WOOHOOO! I just HAVE to do that, it's the shiokness feeling that I can get out of it. #cheapthrill, I suppose. WOAH! can't wait can't wait!

I'll find time to blog in-between thro, I promise!

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