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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Half Mark Point! Let's gooooo!

Just some time ago, I remember my groupmates & I realised how many days we were left with school, officially. Exactly 1 month, and our TO-DO list was countless literally. Today, I can cross some of the list ALREADY.

Typical Day @ School

Today, it's the Half Mark point. Taking a breather from EVERYTHING that has happen. Shitty or not. I'm glad I'm already half way thru this month. Phew!

POE Individual Report

Oh, I'm even done with my LAST ever presentation. Started with POM, ended with POE. How time flies!

Everything ends on 27th Feb 2012 - Taking my last paper of my entire TP education journey. Can't express how much I wanna graduate and lead a proper life. I've got enough of everything that's piling on me though at least, I don't regret any single thing I've been through these years. Everything happens for a reason, I always say. Face them with a smile, I add on.

Took some time out to have a nice dinner after MA2 test, knowing that the next few days will be dedicated to projects. I even walked home after that!

Exams were kinda a bitch as usual. Hate mugging for exams, I don't think this should be the way kids learn. Seriously, at least not for me... Well however, I know it's something I can't escape from if I'm a student :( But ohwells. I really thank god for sending me ANGELS this Semester. They make mugging for exams so much better, so much more enjoyable. Have been studying with smart kids DHL guys for practically every single exam. I never ever could study in a group, since young, I realised that I must study alone by myself to be able to concentrate. However, this time round, it made me think twice. It's the people I study with that affects me, not simply my learning style... HEH! & our Nicholas even started a whatsapp group for us, which has proven to be the most useful whatsapp grp in my phone thus far, how genius of him to think of that. Although I'm the only girl and ain't as smart as them in the study group, but I simple love how we all can study together.

For our Accounting notes & work

Snacks in-between

It's what I call community learning, where everyone learns together and hopefully, do well together. Not A also must Z! (if you get the 'joke' out of it) I mean... This should be the way. I HATE it when everyone's being selfish and not willing to share notes or simple are so damn competitive. WHY OH WHY! Maybe it's just me, but I just don't like it. Too stressful, or maybe I just can't handle it. But, what to do? And, the reason why I'm so glad my study group guys exist is because being competitive somehow has become the connotation of SG's education, yet I'm glad these people are not like that :> Besides, studying together with them actually made me some friends. It's so interesting to see how our group grew from 5 of us to more as time pass. Every next paper, more people join us, haha and I'm happy to see everyone studying together (:

Besides the exams, I stayed up for about 30hours straight with my groupmates. Spent exactly 70hours together, without counting the time we went home just to wash up and back to our project.

All the pics of us looking very cui, no image. Just get the project done! (Y)
FYI, check out the amt of books we borrowed, as usual one huge pile. I kinda find joy in going to the library at these last min hours, and dig out as much books as possible. #cheapthrills!

I can't believe it, never in my entire 3years, have I gone without sleep the entire night just for a project. The previous time, Events Management, our record was 4.30am at SMU. This time, we really broke the record. I'm so glad we were not distracted at all this time round though, must be because we knew time wasn't on our side. Despite minor disagreements here and there, I must say that we worked well as a group and basically we have ches\mistry. Got to have, since we have worked together in the same old group for more than 15projects already... Woah, what would I do without them. Was just mentioning to Zhijun the other day over lunch, 'Next time if I'm in Uni, I think no one would ever laugh at my lame jokes or appreciate them anymore! :( Sighs!' I think Uni is a place where everyone grows up, no more childish business, all business talking. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, because after all everyone in Uni is about the same age as me not older, so maybe all of us will still be as childish as ever *crosses fingers*

Last 2weeks of school!

Anyways, what's left?

1) International Business Group Project
2) 2 major end semester papers, Managerial Accounting 2 & Law, worth 50% of the modules respectively

And, I'm taking my driving practical test next week. Through I'm really afraid I'll fail because there's no guarantee and once you make a mistake, it's immediate failure :( So hard to pass but so easy to fail. Tell me, what's the odds? Having said that, I don't want to fail because I've spent so much time and money at CDC. Ohmygod, countless times I've renewed my PDL, top up the driving account, cabbing to and fro there and basically the number of times I've been there ever since I signed up for a student account. That was about a year+ ago. Anyohhows, Wish me lucks!

& the best of all, my POWER Meal cum ultimate cravings...

Dory all fries, Spicy Tomato sauce w an extra egg to top it off.
It's damn shiok to eat the egg with the fish, learnt it from someone infront of me who was ordering. Since then, I fell in love with this combination (:

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