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Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Introducing CallApp – The Future of Communication!

     no more spam & scam calls

Imagine this.

You excitedly pick up your phone ... YET it turns out to be a scam call that you have to second guess or someone trying to sell your something you don't need... SIGH! What a waste of time and effort... plus it's such a kill joy!!!

I'm sure I'm not the only "victim" of such incidents - most of you can identify with these statements:

‘DBS bank’ claiming that you have an issue with your bank account…  


Singpost’ telling you that you need to send over some money for parcel release...


‘Singtel’ saying that you need an update to your Internet connection...


These are very prevalent nowadays. It can be difficult to recognize these kinds of scams, especially since the calls all appear to be from these "official agencies" that you are likely to trust.

CallApp, you longer have to worry!

Go ahead... Pick up all incoming calls on your phone with confidence!

Featured on Google Play, CallApp is a free android app that is trusted by more than 100 million users and supports over 200 countries. It has not only been chosen by Google as one of the top Android apps, it has also won several awards and is highly recommended by many top-rated tech magazines worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Caller ID and Spoofing Identification

    Instantly identify any number that is calling you, even those that are not saved as a contact in your mobile phone. This includes any individual or business, hence helping to identify potential telemarketers, harassment or fraud calls. CallApp also has the unique ability and technology to verify numbers against Caller ID spoofing, a feature that is not available in most Caller ID apps. You longer have to second guess even the
    most 'professional scammers' pretending to be company representatives - the banks, government agencies, police, post office, telemarketers and more.

  • Block any number with just a click (even those not in your contact list)

    Well, so you will never receive a spam or scam call again...

    CallApp combines tech capabilities with creative techniques to give users the ultimate call blocking app. While it can recognize a scammer or spammer when they call you, it also allows you to prevent these calls from coming in from the get-go. Any number can be blocked with just a click, and they’ll never know too! With CallApp, you will never receive a spam or scam call again. Besides blocking spammers, CallApp also allows you to block phone calls from private and hidden numbers instantly.  

  • Record both incoming and outgoing calls

    I'll definitely use this incredibly useful function. For example, recording a scammer’s call, or getting proof of verbal abuse so you can provide necessary evidence if any verbal conflicts arises!

Other features include: Caller ID, Advanced contact book, Back up contact list, Phone number search, Personalised video ringtones, Incoginito mode, Who viewed your profile, Call reminders, Analytics and insights and Car mode.

Best of all? It's FREE!

*Basic Package which includes the above-mentioned features

Download it on Google Play today!

Premium Packages

The basic version of CallApp is free to download, but premium packages can also be purchased either on a monthly basis or a lifetime subscription from not more than USD1 per month, both of which offers an ad-free experience, unlimited call recordings, and access to CallApp plus (the ability to identify messages from unsaved contacts), unlocks all your profile views and data insights, store items for free and even provides you with premium support with a faster response rate.

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