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Aventa Hair Studio

Finally, it's the end of exams and the start of my 9months holiday!
Today, 3rd of December's my birthday too (:

A few days ago, I was already thinking of getting my hair done before my birthday dinner and it's amazing how God always has a plan for me, even before I could plan anything myself. I'm so blessed to receive an invitation from 
Aventa Hair Salon! It's a new Japanese salon near SMU and I was like, of course sure! 
Perfect for my dinner celebration tonight anyways! I've probably mentioned it before, really love the Japanese especially when it comes to beauty and hairdressing, a reason why I chose Tokyo for my exchange next year, woohooo can't wait! (:

So late afternoon, I headed down to Aventa and the hair pampering session begins!


Established with more than 50 branches around Japan, they have decided to venture into the Singapore market with their wonderful services and the best part of all? I'm so glad they opened at Stamford court, a stone's throw away from my school, Singapore Management University. In fact, I wanted to google where it was but I saw the shop in front of me when I was at the School of Business! It's just opposite SOB, next to Cheers. SMU students, you know where to head to if you need a quick haircut or hairstyling for rushy day events or even presentations! Look good, feel great!


Stepping into Aventa, it felt very spacious with the use of mirrors and glass. Look above with the Chandelier in place, it gave me the posh feeling ~ well, it's true, especially when you have a vintage looking full length mirror right in front of you! ^^

As it was an invitation, they said I could do anything I wanted on the menu, super generous folks! (:
But I just wanted something simple cause I was just going for dinner plus I'm flying off the next day. So in the end, I chose to do their simple hairstyling service instead of anything more extreme like cutting my hair short, perming or colouring my hair. Though if given a chance again, I wanna try an ombre dye or highlights! I saw some pics of it from their fb page and I'm really quite tempted to try, especially since I'll be on holidays for the next few months!

What better stage of my life to try something creative and adventurous, right?

Here's their online menu if you are keen on trying a new look!


Started with a wash and blow following by curling the ends of my hair. I really loved the smell of the shampoo, Chiho, my stylish for the day, told me nicely that it's a Japan brand cranberry flavoured shampoo.
Wow, it really did leave an impression on me even as I'm typing this post (:

Showed her a design that I was keen on trying and she managed to do it similarly to my liking. Did some curling before the hairstyling.
loving my locks!

Look at those braids in the making and of course, the end product!
She was really meticulous with the braiding just in case I felt pain or whatsoever, but honestly it was done so quickly that I didn't feel anything. Was using my laptop all the time, and when I looked up, it was already done and I felt like those Korean princesses in Hanbuk, with their braided hair over the top.


and, we're done for the day!


Thanks sweet Chiho for the pretty braids!
Wishing that I didn't need to take them off at all, but as the day ended I had to... :(
how it looks under sunlight

Till then!



#01-02 Stamford Court, 61 Stamford Road S178892
Appointments: (+65)63372527



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