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COVO Salon: Hair Magic

Greetings from London!

Part of preparing for this trip was obviously getting my hair done properly! I don't have a particular hair salon that I visit regularly, I prefer trying different places until I find one that I adore. Having said that, I'm pretty paranoid of visiting salons & every time I'm there, it's like a risk I'm taking. Thoughts such as "What if it doesn't turn out well? Omg, will I look like I have bad hair day everyday? How to maintain such hairstyle?" comes into my mind. Truth is because I want my long hair and I can't bear to snip them off that much, if you get what I mean. I hope most girls are similar so I don't feel too alone in this!

Anyways, for the London trip, I was intending to do something to my hair, not cut it short but just something different. Colour it? Perm it? Anything! I guess God answered my prayers (well, I didn't pray for this, but I guess my God saw through my mind haha) and I was really delighted when I received an email invitation from COVO to do a hair service with them. I've always done my lashes with them and previously to get to the eyelash room, I have to walk pass the place where all hair treatments are done. How the Japanese hairstylists work their magic on customers' hair never fail to amaze me & I told myself that I would want to try it one day! I'm really happy and blessed to be able to try their services :)


They said I could choose from any service from their menu.
Eventually, I chose to do a Japanese perm and boy, I was so excited about it! However, when I arrived, Yoshi, my hair stylish of the day suggested that I do a hair treatment and trim instead as my hair is too dry and perming it would damage it even further. Well, dry and brittle hair is probably the most crucial issue I constantly face with regards to my hair condition. Thinking about how troublesome (and how lazy I am esp when I'm gonna be overseas) in terms of maintaining my new curls, I just went with whatever plans he had for my hair. So we agreed to chop off those dry ends, do a treatment to smooth everything out and yes it all began!!!

He led me to the wash area to give me a good hair wash. It's the usual step, I'm totally used to it and I secretly do love getting my hair washed by others. Imagine this. Your hair getting washed in the running warm waters while getting an awesome neck and head massage at the same time. Doesn't it feel refreshing? And yes your hair becomes instantly cleaner. Yes, you can feel the difference trust me. During the wash, we did the hot steam treatment at the same time. I admit, it was hot but comfortable and super therapeutic!
Spot the amount of STEAM coming out of my hair! :D

After the wash, we proceeded back to my seat for the cut! Can't wait to cut off my very dry looking ends and hello healthy hair! Chopped off a few obvious inches but thankfully (and surprisingly), I wasn't heart pain about it at all! I kept reminding him that I still want to maintain my long hair haha, but had full faith in what he has for me. He was professional about it and just did what he needed to do! This is trust I tell you! But I'm glad it turned out well :)

And since I didn't get to do my permanent perm, we did some temporary curls just to make me happy! yay so I got a good blow dry and Yoshi used the curling tongs on me ~
Little by little, I could see the curls forming nicely and I felt like a princess getting ready for her ball. Girls, fixing your hair really makes a big difference!
COVO (Hair Salon Sponsor) - 17th July 2014
I requested for a hairdo as well since I'll be heading to somewhere nice for dinner that night! We wanted to try braids but it would seem too much altogether so I decided to keep it simple instead.

And with that, we are done for the day!
image (1)
Thank you Yoshi for the great work done on my hair! (:
I'm loving the length of it, it's so easy to maintain and yes it definitely dries quicker nowadays. Most importantly, my locks are now softer than before.
I'm tempted to try ombre colour dyeing the next time! Hopefully when my hair is less dry or when it can be rescued. But till then, I'm so happy and contented with my hair conditions now. London's cool weather in this month is really good as well (;
Close-Up Shots:
This simple classy hairstyle lasted throughout the night, didn't really want to take it off but all good things come to and end awww... I wish my hair stays this way forever!

For more information on hair services, do check out their website!
Here's their menu & remember to make an advanced booking should you be interested in heading down. They're really friendly people, so I'm wishing that you'll enjoy your hair sessions there!

Location: 43 Keong Saik Rd, S089147
Contact: 6221 4585


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