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and this space encompasses my personal milestones made beautiful in His time. Combining my flair for easy-to-read writing and my love for photography, here you'll find me sharing the thing I'm most passionate about - travel, food, fashion and my conversations with God.

*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Chock Full of Beans

maRch 30TH 2014397329_210147602403216_2032093713_n
Finally had the chance to visit this cafe at Changi Village on a weekday night, also a great end to my (feels-so-long) week! Yay, yet another awesome cafe in the East adding on to my Eastie-Pride (hurhurs) but even so, Changi Village is equivalent to the far end of the east so it's still quite inconvenient for me on a typical day.

Anyways, I have been wanting to dine here after seeing impressive photos of their cute latte art uploaded on Instagram and other social media platforms. Yes I even did my 'research' and knew what latte art I wanted! Indeed, it didn't disappoint! Only for the fact that that night their 3D caffe artist wasn't around, so all we had served to us was in 2D. It's okay! I'll be back again next time because their coffee/chocolate drink tasted good, not just another oh so cute gimmick for kids and girls.

The ambience of the cafe was rather cosy but since indoor seats were full, we sat outdoors. No complaining or whatsoever because it was night time and thank god for the great chilly weather. Well, at Changi, the ends of the East Coastal areas, what do you expect.

Their menu is decent, not many choices plus no all-day breakfast sets of weekdays, so we were left to choose from the main courses and desserts.
seafood spaghetti|$8.50
Not exactly the best pasta I've eaten but it was still good for cafe standard considering their prawns were quite fresh. Could have been more peppery and less oily.

beef meatballs|$10

salmon salad|$14

IMG_0857mushroom escargots

And, there's always room for lots of Desserts!
Mr Bear looks like he is thinking of something Scary :/
dark chocolate cake|$6.50
new york cheese cake|$6.50

Food was pretty mediocre I would say, but it's okay because the highlight of tonight is of course their super duper adorable latte art.
“Well-Loved for their Unique 3D Latte Art!”
Oh and my research led me to know beforehand (sadly, and the truth hurts) that the latte art designs are randomized! I was like WHAT GOSH SERIOUSLY?!? But I guess a smile and some puppy eyes help sometimes (at times like this) so I managed to request for my Hello Kitty design! :D
Look at this QTpie! ^^
I took so many pictures of it and with it, and still #bimbome, just couldn't bear to drink it up ~ but eventually I decided to drink it and to my surprise the kitty foam was still there even when it was half drank!

Only when I got to almost 3/4 of the hot chocolate, did the kitty head kinda disappear. Little Joys, I guess!

"Happiness is seeing this adorable Hello Kitty in my hot chocolate, especially after a long day"


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