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AGM Speech; This marks the end of BSC AY12/13

Mr Daniel Yeow, Director of Temasek Business School, deputy directors course managers, lecturers, fellow student leaders, students of Temasek Business School, ladies and gentlemen.
Good evening.

I am Samantha Whang, the outgoing President of Business Studies Club AY11/12.

All good things come to an end. This evening, as I unwillingly end my BSC journey, it’s also the start of a journey for the newly elected maincomms.

I remember speaking on this same stage last year. I said ‘The AY wouldn’t be a bed of roses’ Indeed, it wasn’t. Every club has its own set of problems and difficulties, and we are no exception. And, to say that this AY has been a just a rollercoaster ride, would be an understatement. But with the support of my committee, it made things better and we sailed through the AY smoothly.

Being a final year student, I did not intend to rerun for elections as I had tougher workloads, my internship and I felt that that it would be too much to handle. But my senior told me ‘Business did not give up on you, so you shouldn’t give up on Business too’. Somehow, in the end, I eventually did run, and so did two of the ex-committee members, as we felt that it was only right to pass on and teach the younger ones all we have learnt from BSC.

Now, looking back, I have no regrets to have made that decision to run.

I admit. We may not be the most perfect combination of maincomms, We may not have done everything to perfection, We may not have gotten the A* grade for every event organized, but I daresay, We have learnt from every experience and because of our passion for the club, for the school, and for each other, We stand as one strong committee. We are not perfect, but we strive towards perfection.

Through the many events BSC organised, I can see each and every one of us learning and improving together. As the president, honestly I do feel like a proud parent when I look back at what my main committee has achieved throughout the AY. From our 1st dinner opposite school, 1st trash talk, 1st outing and even our 1st overseas trip to Maldives.

With that, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few groups of people:

To my Advisors: Thanks for being there when we needed help and also buying snacks for us especially after camps. We really appreciate your efforts. Also, thank you Mr Daniel Yeow for your support towards the club and our events.

To my Comm: It’s amazing how we started as strangers filling in seats to form one committee, and we ended as one family. As we split ways, I still hope that the welfare secretary organise more meetups for us, cause you guys will always hold a special place in my heart.

Lastly, To the newly elected maincomms: Congratulations! It’s now your time to shine because the school will be looking up to you. I cannot predict your AY will be like, but I promise you a whole load of mixed emotions.

AGM today is of equal importance to my graduation ceremony, because BSC is what defines my 3years in TP. Without BSC, I wouldn’t be standing here. I am proud of Business school and leaving my second home today, I’ll leave you with a quote “You can take me out of Business, but you can never take Business out of me.”

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