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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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SMU Bondue: Slightly Scarlet 2013

Read about my PRE-Slightly Scarlet Post to find out more about this event!
And so, I was part of this noble event not as an orgcomm nor model but for my involvement in the Asia Fashion Inc x Scarlet Competition. Thanks Lavone for the VIP tickets! (: These 2weeks of voting journey showed me how supportive my family, friends and fans are but more importantly, God showed me that I can do all things through him, and him alone.
Event Day @ Joyden Hall - 7th Sept 2013
The event was amazing because of it's good cause for charity - This year, we are pleased to support the cause of the Bone Marrow Donor Programme. To find out more, click on this link: or visit our booth in Week 2 (located at level 1 of Li Ka Shing Library).

And needless to say, it was a night of eyecandies, fashionistas and a unique classy experience. Enjoyed the catwalks and performances put up by our very own SMU talents

Bondue, Slightly Scarlet 2013 | Get caught up in the world of runways, fashion and style

After all the effort put in by my friends & I garnering votes, happy to announce I came in Top for the online voting segment which was 40% of the overall scores! Even so, 60% of the score lies in the judges' hands of which I had no inflence upon, so I'm really thankful that everything 100%, I was eventually crowned the winner - Asia Fashion Scarlet, most fashionable student in SMU!

But, oh please... I'm totally not THE most fashionable student in SMU. JOKE MAN, haha! Yes, I do dress up (mostly just the first few weeks of school hurhurs) w my flowers and I take my instagram #OOTDs, but I'd say walking around campus for the past 1year, I've seen the REAL fashionable kids. It's just they didn't take part in this competition, obviously. Quite crazy, I remember when I just entered school, I noticed no one really wears slippers, only like 1/10 people and it was shocking to me because back in polydays or even in nus/ntu, everyone's 'uniform' would be shirt, shorts, slippers especially when it comes to project/exam seasons. Dude, I'm in slippers most of the time I guess #don'tjudgeme, but I must say I've very proud of SMU, being a different U, we are given the opportunity to 'dress up to school' since we are in town, and I'm glad to be one of its students!
yours truly won the title of
To those who messaged me to encourage me and all, just wanna say I didn't disappoint you! I didn't do it myself, WE did it!
Back to the voting segment, even though I said I would go all out to get votes but honestly, I didn't. The entire Friday I didn't had access to any laptops since I was out the entire day so even if I wanted to chiong last min votes, it was kinda impossible. But it's okay, because whatever happens, happens for a reason anyways, right? And although voting was only 40%, it's still important and I just wanna thank everyone for your time and efforts which count to all these precious votes.

Honestly as the votes increased daily, it felt like I was running for some pageant sorta, omg last warning. Plus, I didn't like the fact that I had to rally votes making this a popularity thing, but thru this contest, I'm glad I managed to catch up w even my old friends (some of which I wouldn't have spoke to on facebook, if it wasn't for the fact I asked for yr vote). Glad it was a good conversational starter and cheers to more great years of friendship ahead! ^^
This picture totally doesn't deserve 836 votes & 65 shares, but you guys made it happen! 

Super duper uber Thankful! ♥ Some of y'all liked the pic even before I asked, some even took the initiative to share it for me! What did I do to deserve friends like you all from all walks of life, just to name the groups right from MBS, CHIJ, TP, SMU, Church, Work, Blogosphere, Friends of Friends, oh and even my customers etc! Not forgetting some friends of friends whom don't even know me at all. See how important it is to be in a large and supportive community! And to my dearest friends who also helped me to spread votes, *you know who you are*, I'm thankful for your efforts and for believing wholeheartedly in me.
To the other 11 Asia Fashion Scarlet contestants: Actually, I knew at least half of the contestants personally way before this competition thus it was quite a friendly thing as you can tell from the votes, but I just wanna say that you all are super gorgeous models and I believe we all have great unique styles individually. Glad to see that we're all into fashion one way or another. Undoubtedly, SMU has the most well-dressed students, well after all we're a city campus right smack in town! Thanks for being such great friends to have, even made new friends through this contest, haha see y'all around school!

*P.S Good News Voters, if YOU (yes, YOU) have voted, 1 lucky voter would stand to win a unique Japanese gift worth $120!

Courtesy of Asia Fashion Inc, here's the prizes:
Cash Prize $ + Full Makeover & Appearance on an upcoming LookBook Campaign Spread + Face for Asia Fashion Inc's next new line of fashion wear brand campaign
(more details will be out soon, so stay tuned!)

& for the Top 3 girls (me inclusive) + 2 Guys, we're gonna be the fresh faces for Asia Fashion Inc's upcoming fashion campaign!


Sounds really exciting! I've always love photoshoots because I get to portray a different self and try new styles. Well, you only live once and you're only young once right? Why not!

I can't wait for everything to happen despite my already-super-busy schduele! But of course, in all, always remember to give thanks to God! Therefore, I'm giving part of my cash prize back to my church funds! ^^ Ultimately, it all belongs to him, the one who provides for our every need. 
Initially, I was very keen on sharing the prize money with the other contestants but it'll be kinda pointless if everyone gets only $20 so might as well, I'll just treat my friends and donate the rest to the Bone Marrow Programme, for a way meaning cause (:

Voting aside, thanks everyone for coming down to Slightly Scarlet 2013 held at Joyden Hall. Shoutout to the awesome organising committee, willing hearted helpers, generous sponsors, the other 11 Asia Fashion Scarlet contestants and of course all the gorgeous scarlet models for making this event a success! You all rocked the stage, ☆ shining like a bright star! 

♥ ♥ 
Whimsical Shoot @ Hort Park (Kenneth PG) - 8 Sept 2013
Thanks once again from the bottom of my heart!

*inserts sparkling heart*

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