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Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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ADV: Antic1ockwise Spree

Shopping makes me the happiest!
If it goes the same for you, then good news! Today, I will be introducing to you a new avenue to fulfill our shopping desires! What's more, you don't have to be a girl to go shopping

Antic1ockwise is a Singapore-based online spree website that offers an extensive fashion range for all individuals, especially students and young adults. Be sure to find something you like upon entering their site!

And so, they were nice enough allowing me to choose the pieces I love and oh boy, I had a really tough time deciding because there were simply so many pretty things and I wanted to get them all! Eventually, I decided on 3 items that I loved most (:
Sweet Floral Lace Theme // Samantha's Fashion Inspiration 2013
SAM_0179 SAM_0175

And so, let me share what I've picked!
Such a happy addition to the basics in my wardrobe! White, Crotchet, Crop
It's the perfect top to match a lot of my skirts, do some layering of outfits and creating different beautiful #ootd looks. How versatile can it be! And yes, it's definitely gonna be one of my all-time favourite classic pieces. I can wear them all-day long, ha! just kidding!
My undying love for skirts ~ goes on and on and on...
I fell in love with the pastel colours on this piece, put them all side by side, it'll look super adorable. I chose the lilac one because it's really unique and recently somehow, I've been buying lilac stuffs :/
The Pastel Coloured Suspender Skirt also comes in Yellow; Pink; Purple; Mint.  Straps are adjustable and detachable so there are many ways of wearing them. FYI, they are up for preorder only after 7th June, so stay tuned for their new collection spree then!

IMG_3597SAM_0088 SAM_0088
This is my second satchel yet the first in striking hot pink. When it arrived, the colour appeared way brighter and more pinkish than what's shown on the web, but it's really lovely and definitely an item to carry when you want to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, it was a great variation to my usual bag styles.SAM_0173SAM_0176
For your information, it's only 11 inch so it doesn't fit A4. Yet, it's really portable and good to carry for a simple day out to town (:
Available in Neon Pink, Blue and Yellow

For students, you'll be delighted to know that they bring in Eastpak Bagpacks and they're currently instock so there's no need for waiting time.
Main Page 2

Besides that, they also have other instocks for caps, accessories and many more...
Their CAPS range from SSUR Replica Caps to Snapback Caps worn on Big Bang Members as well as Running Man caps. So, to all the K-Pop Fans out there, do take note here's where to get hold of those caps!
Main Page 3
Running Man Caps
snapback caps
Snapback Caps
variety of caps instock
sales section
I love clothes but I have a soft spot for bags!
pastel coloured bags
holey clutch_副本
collage of shoes

Besides that, Antic1ockwise also focuses on doing preorders for female + male items. If you'r wondering, the preorder waiting time is an estimated period of 7-10 days. There is a wide variety of preorder items from caps to accessories to apparels and bags/shoes as well.

new shoes
Here are some style inspirations for you to consider:
style 1
style 2
style 3
style 4
style 5
style 6

(/◔ ◡ ◔)/

collage 3
bags 1

Ordering 4th Batch on 4th June 2013, Tuesday
Ø  Mass Orders are submitted EVERY TUESDAY
Ø  SHORT waiting time – Estimated to arrive 7-10 days after mass orders are submitted EVERY TUESDAY
Ø  Shopping Guide on "How to order" can be found here; Status of Preorders will be updated here
Ø  Join our Mailing List! Products are updated fortnightly to bring our customers the latest and most updated fashion trends!
Ø  Check out Lookbook constantly for some humble fashionable styling tips!

Like their Facebook Page and join their ongoing GIVEAWAY!

Most importantly, do remember to quote 'SAMANTHA' for $1 off each order! Valid for 2weeks till 23rd June 2013!

☞ Start spreeing at now! (:

TWITTER: @antic1ockwise1


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