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☀ Sunsilk Academy Fantasia: GRAND FINALS

This is my last official post covering snippets of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia. Feeling a little nostagic about it. Through I wasn't part of the Top14 obviously, but I've journeyed and interacted with them from the press conference till the the finals and it feels surreal now that everything has come to an end.

After 10weeks into this contest, I am proud to announce that HUI XIAN emerged as the winner of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia! CONGRATULATIONS GIRL! Covering this competition was more significant for me based on the fact that my own girlfriend was part of it. Felt so happy for her because I know this is her dream and she's finally got her foot into the music industry, by securing a two-year singing contract and recording album with Ocean Butterflies Music.

(L-R) Yiusi, Myself, Ya Ting, Reginia, Liyin

When the results was announced, my clique and I literally went crazy. I ran up to them and screamed so loudly I think I embarrassed myself but heck! Oh doesn't matter cause anyways my voice got drowned by the other loud crazy screams around... Goodjob babe! PLUS, she made history and did all girls proud by winning championship because if you have realized, no girls have ever won champion for these sort of televised singing competition before! don't ask why ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘


* * *

Reality sinks in,
here's what happened prior to all these glamourous moments as seen above...
I stood in line with my other friends who had to queue to get in. We were munching off our super early dinner aka bread from breadtalk in case we didn't have time to eat our actual dinner later on. Yummm Yummm for the Tummm Tummm


The finale night hosted a full house crowd. It was hard to squeeze through or to even call out to your friend. However, that's a good sign. It just goes to show how well received this competition is and I'm sure the founders/organisers are very encouraged.
Hosted by Joe蔡荣祖,伍洛毅 and Ophelia苏贝如, it was a night of glitz and glamour! The Top 3 finalists - Irwin, Zhang Chi and Hui Xian performed to their best abilities and presented a stunning performance. The audiences were treated to melodious music for the ears and groovy dances for the eyes. I spent my entire evening and night at St.James but it was all worth it watching them; it wasn't a competition, I felt as if I was in a concert.

Deenise, HP, William chilling out at the VIP media couch
Media Bites for yours truly

Judges of the night: 黎沸挥, 许环良, 蓝波, 方文山

The show opened with all Top14 contestants gathered once again on stage and they sang to the theme song of the show.

Round 1: Self-Chosen (a test of whether the contestants know how to show off their strengths)
梦想 by Irwin
Irwin started off the competition with his self-composition. It was a risky attempt singing something noone has heard before plus he had to tell the band how to play it his style. However, he pulled it off very impressively & that goes to show how musically talented he is by being so well versed in both singing and composing! Kudos! Btw, I love the lyrics and melody of the song! (;
我爱你 by 卢广仲
Quite a touching song sang by Zhang Chi. He managed to score with this song due to his surprisingly good stage presence. Still a little 'not the right feel' but his vocals saved the song.488289_10151239400883665_272941521_n
潘朵拉 by 张韶涵
Hui Xian impressed everyone with her excellent sing and dance act. I felt she has breakthrough herself without any holdbacks. It was enjoyable watching her melodramatic 'act' and dance to that song. She really knows how to use her super duper cuteness to her advantage! Go watch if you haven't!

Before moving on to Round 2, we were treated to a few performances by the other 11 contestants.


Round 2: Judges Choice

王力宏 - 唯一
阿杜 - 坚持到底
A-Lin - 给我一个理由忘记

It was also their final song & last chance performing on this stage in the entire competition. Make your mark or be defeated. I could tell all 3 contestants performed as if it was their last, leaving no regrets behind whatsoever. Goodjob, we really enjoyed your music very much!


While waiting for the results show, we were treated to special appearances by 2 very talented singers:
Rachel 蔡艾珈
Celine Dion's "I Surrender" 



Chillax moments, still?
Announced: Zhang Chi - 2nd runnerup
'AHHH Just tell us the results!'

Announced: Irwin - 1st runnerup, Hui Xian - Winner

THE Grouphug! AWWW!
Winner takes the stage, singing to her finale song 给我一个理由忘记. How appropriate!
I could see and feel that she meant every word sang & it's as if she 'converted' the song into words she wanted to tell the other 13contestants, academy teachers, family, friends and fans alike. Thanks, ni xin ku le!


After the show ended, Deenise, Mark & I made our way to the media room for interviews. Felt so honored seating next to real journalists from various medias as well as listening to what the judges and contestants have got to say. Learnt more about REAL music and how to go about feeling & appreciating it.


The judges gave their 2cents worth of comments about how the whole competition went as well as how they felt the contestants were. General comments were that they are good singers however if they were to be competing with singers-wannabe from China/Korea/Japan, they are definitely not up to standard YET. Well, quite obviously right? But please don't doubt our local SGtalents. They are good but just not AS good? Hmmm... Oh and they are having thoughts of sending the winner, Hui Xian to Korea for training. Don't think plastic surgery ah... it's for their set of strict grilling training so that she would become a shinier shinning STAR & do SG proud soon!

An interview with Hui Xian went a little more casually.
Being more like a chat, she spoke to us about how surreal she felt about winning and her intentions to finish her last year of studies at LASELLE (studying Music). Probably will have to work things out with Ocean Butterflies but I'm sure they will settle on a good deal (: All the Best! She then adds that she will be taking a month's break to simply rest & relax before going back to school. Yes, she totally needs it.

Interview with the boys were the most fun amongst the 3. Because the both of them 'coordinates' very well when speaking which turns out to be really entertaining for all of us in the room. It was as if we were watching a comedy talk show or some sort. On a more serious note, they shared about their dreams and how they would continue pursuing music as it is really their interest. It has been a good experience for both of them and as reality sets back in, they will be heading back to school when it opens in a few months time.



bubbly Angie who's been the one liaising with us! (:





♥ ♥ 

To the other 13 contestants:
Some I may not know you individually, Some we are now friends. It was fun interacting with you all especially since we are all about the same age *more common topics, haha* I've seen how you guys and girls have grown from the start till now. Feel so happy for some of you all who have great offers from media companies, etc. Continue singing and shining! May the odds always be in your favor! Stay in touch!

To the Organisers: Thanks Starhub, Refinery Media and the rest involved for engaging me as an official blogger for this competition *honoured* I daresay I've learnt a lot about music through interacting and interviewing the judges as well as contestants. All the best & I look forward to Season 2!


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