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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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"Not so long ago, our American founders embarked on a humble quest to bring a little piece of the Big City they loved to the tropical shores of Singapore. Their restaurant, The New York Dessert Café quickly became a favourite haunt and meeting place of many; a chillout pad for friends and family to share a meal, celebrate over a slice of cake or just simply catch up over a cup of coffee. 

Today, as part of the Singapore-based lifestyle conglomerate, SUTL group, nydc's simple yet winning formula is poised to bring nydc's brand of fun and food to every major city in Asia and beyond. But don't you worry, we won't let it get to our heads. At the heart of all we aspire, nydc will remain true to itself — a fun, dynamic and cosmopolitan place for great food, desserts, beverages and not forgetting the company of good friends."

This is what I rushed out of my classroom for last Tuesday evening. I tried dressing to theme, in a sweet cherry-floral like dress. What a memorable party and time spent with the other bloggers, indeed enjoyable! *blows balloons & throws confetti all around*


Last Tuesday was a fun-filled night for all of us who attended NYDC's 17th Birthday Bash, hosted by bubbly YES 93.3FM DJ, Lim Pei Fen. As part of its birthday, they have launched brand new menu additions (don't worry folks, they have kept your all-time favourite desserts!) & we, as their media friends had the privilege to savor the dishes firsthand! Other invited guests include winners of NYDC Birthday Message Contest, lucky readers of and online personalities, Love Bonito's co-owner Velda (, Maureen ( and Catherine ( as well as young MediaCorp Artistes, Edwin Goh & Jayley Woo.

Thiang & I, Forever 17! WOOHOOO!

Although it's a PG18 party since NYDC's only 17th, they have been really naughty by adding alcohol inside these seemingly innocent dishes. tsk! noone else does it better, good job! (;

Check out the quirky cheery names of dishes on the new menu!
Not all's new, they remember customer's favourites so there's still two comeback dishes which make appear familiar to regulars - Romeo & Juliet as well as the Picasso Pizza!

NYDC Happy 17th Birthday - 18th Sept 20121
BRRR! Berry refreshing, Berry nice! A perfect blend of fresh mixed berries, real lemonade and soda - Caution! It may be a tad too sour for some!

Chocolatey Delights
I didn't try them but my table mates enjoyed sipping them ^^

NYDC Happy 17th Birthday - 18th Sept 2012
Waldorf with a Hic
 This salad may look just like any salad but once you sink your teeth into just a bite of the grapes, you will soon to realize that they are infused with whisky! I ain't an alcoholic fan so I didn't like the taste of it however I thought it was a really interesting concept - unassuming dinners will be in for a surprise!

NYDC Happy 17th Birthday - 18th Sept 20122
Skinny Dip Chips 
Warm Tortilla Chips with 3 dippy dips for sharing: Spiced Chilli Beef ; Blue Cheese ; Artichoke blend. I personally prefer the spicy chill beef dip but it was surprisingly spicier than we thought!

Romeo & Juliet
I loved the herb rice baked with oozy melted mozzarella cheese, however I don't taken Bacon nor Sweetcorns thus this dish didn't appeal to me. I would love it if instead the ingredients were mushrooms and ham for example. Thankfully, Thiang was happy to have my unfinished share of rice but later regretted after seeing so many other dishes coming up!

NYDC Happy 17th Birthday - 18th Sept 20123
Picasso Pizza
because YOU get to mix and match your fav toppings #likeanartist painting your pizza, don't you feel just like one? I loved the toppings served to us, it very pretty tasty and a unique combination!
Create your pizza canvas & be the Picasso of the pizza world today!
Choose a base:
- nydc Signature Garlic Mayo
- Blue Cheese
- Tomato
Choose 3 toppings:
Toppings A: Add $2.25 each
Bacon, Beef Pastrami, Beef & Pork Meatballs, Cajun Chicken Cubes, Fresh Shrimp, Pork Ham, Pork Sausages
Toppings B: Add $1.50 each
Button Mushroom, Capsicum, Onions, Pineapple Cubes

NYDC Happy 17th Birthday - 18th Sept 20124
Yankee’s in Town
The thick hot sauce reminded me of Yankee Doodle, somehow! Don't ask me how.
Anyways, besides my not-so-love for bacons, I thought the thick garlic bratwurst sausage scored points for this dish! Oh, the potato wedges on the side too! Too bad I was really FULL by the time this dish arrived or else I would have enjoyed it more.

Drunken Masta
Diners get to choose their drunken master level depending on the number of tequila shots, which gets coked with a feisty, chunky seafood shell pasta tomato stew comprising tiger prawns, dory fish fillet & clams. I preferred it to be more tomato-based tasting, but overall it was good! The seafood was really fresh, omg *can we have more of it please?*

NYDC Happy 17th Birthday - 18th Sept 20125
Yellow Themed Cakes
Same same but different!
A Passion for Cheesecake, Sourpuss on the Loose (Lemon Tart), Peanut Buttered Up, etc
So many to choose from! And, through they all look alike but trust me, they are different tasting.

Besides that, don't forget NYDC's famous MUDPIES!

Aren't you tempted already?

After all the food was served, we went on to the cake cutting segment, just like any other birthday parties you & I have attended. It was also a time to announce winners for various games we played in between dinner earlier on. Congrats everyone who walked away with a prize that night!

Singing the Happy Birthday song!
Check out the creative catchphrases & the winning birthday messages!

The winners were given 1YEAR's supply of muddies *GASPS!!!*

Photobooth ~ Manic Moments!
with the fellow blogger friends

Trying to attempt an 'UP' shot!

Thiang & I w Edwin & Jaylee
w Pei Fen!
Pretty Velda! #bridebliss
It was nice been able to catch up with the other NN bloggers won I met during NN Awards last Dec & was happy to find out during the event itself that they were attending it too! Plus, I met new friends during the event itself too.
w the NN team, all always looking ohsoglam at every event!

Thanks NN/ChurpChurp as well as NYDC for the awesomely planned party. Happy Birthday once again! &, I'll be back for the gastronomic food soon!



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