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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Group Therapy Cafe, Duxton


Group Therapy Cafe is a cosy space of its own along Duxton Road. It was one of the cafes on my to-try under the area of Tanjong Pagar and today, I finally had the chance to dine-in there with my cafe-lunch-brunch girlfriend partner, Ru Ting! Tucked away on the 2nd storey of one of those typical shophouses, it is easy to miss the slim entrance of that flight of stairs leading up to the cafe itself. However, it's a whole new world once you'r up there physically. Upon entering, I was greeted with an aroma of coffee as well as a crowd, on a typical Friday afternoon, surprisingly!


Limited all-day breakfast items choices on their simple menu :( So we were better off ordering main courses instead. And, here's what we ordered. Generally, I wouldn't say its reasonably priced for the kind of food - something I could easily whip up myself at home :/ Nevertheless, I enjoyed my lunch.
Grilled Melted Ham & Cheese Panini
Can you see the tempting cheese oozing out?

Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Waffles with berries, almond flakes and chocolate syrup!
The waffles were technically the 'star of the show', in this case, the reason how I chanced upon this cafe. It wasn't too bad. Was served hot & rather crispy on the outside, but I wouldn't consider it to the best waffles ever.

For those intending to visit this cafe anytime soon, do try out their coffee. It's supposed to be more of a coffeehouse if I'm not wrong! I'm not a coffee lover so I didn't order it but I saw that they have really pretty coffee art! (: Other than coffee, be warned about the mediocre and a-little-steep-price food menu. This cafe only score points for its comfortable and chill space.

49 Duxton Road #02-01
Tel: +65 6222 2554

Opening Hours:
Closed on Monday
Tues to Thurs: 11am - 6pm
Fri: 11am - 11pm
Sat: 11am - 11pm
Sun: 9am - 6pm


Hi friend, we almost forgot to take pictures together. That happens oh-so-frequently with longtime girlfriends. Thankgod, she reminded me. heh! <: brunch="brunch" cafe="cafe" decided="decided" eating="eating" impromptu-ly="impromptu-ly" next="next" on="on" our="our" p="p" stay="stay" to="to" try.="try." tuned="tuned" we="we" while="while">

My lovely gift, from her to me. Thanks girly!!!

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