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TCC Delights!

#ootd #lovin' my katespades
This is such a long overdue post but I love the food we ate so I'm still gonna blog about it! Anyways, it was a meet up with Yoke Ting for her belated birthday lunch at Changi Airport's TCC!
Thankfully, it was quite quiet the day we went, didn't even had to make reservations. Tip: Go non-peak hours & you should be fine!
Ordered TCC's famous Azuki Freeze, totally lovin' Red Beans! It was very refreshing yet at the same time, the soyabean drink made me very full even before my main course arrived :/

TCC is one of the famous players in the coffee-cafe-bistro market. They'r famous for the coffee, drinks and desserts but do you know, they serve pretty good food too! Having said that, I've never eaten at TCC before until now. Upon arriving, I took my seat, immediately checked out their menu and many dishes caught my eye. For the fish itself, there were 3 diff kinds and I was really spoilt for choice. Eventually, I settled for something I felt like eating that day. So here's it!

Ocean Surfin'
It was a very simple dish comprising 2 short pieces of dory fish fillet, served with baby asparagus and roasted/grilled sauteed potatoes, dressed with sweet onion sauce and zesty salsa to accompany. WHOA! I really loved the super yummy salsa sauce! It was so good I could eat up 2 potions of everything on my plate (;
Yoke Ting ordered this, the one you see below.
We requested that the bread be toasted a little longer and without butter. That's our way of food (:
Bulgogi Beef Open Face Sandwich
The tender slices of beef were surprisingly fresh! So yummy, but what I loved about this dish is really, the crispy tasty Focaccia bread itself!!! Comes with mixed sauteed mushrooms and ohyes, you could ask for a separate portion of Terriyaki sauce which goes really well with the dish. The lettuces there was a great neutralizer after all the meat *ahems* carbs & protein.

There's so many other food that I would love to try at TCC the next time I'm there. But if all else fails, the fish dish would never fail me. I'm sooooo going back to have it, sooner than I think!
Took some pictures before she left for work...

Till next time, toodles!

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