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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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I survived the 1st week of SMU, and there's so much more to go

Morning Lovelies!


Week 1 is over, just like that! It's been one mere week of school and it doesn't really feel very much like it. I'm still in my holiday mode somehow yet I see some other freshmen mugging their ass away already. Is this really the JC culture or what? If I were to choose the University route, I never regret choosing SMU but what I'm rethinking is if University is for me or not. 4years of my life, my youth. It better be worth it! I'll make it worth it.


This one week showed me how SMU is really like. I experience it by myself, not just by listening to sheer comments from people around me or the perception of people who are not even students of the school. I may change what I say now, but currently here's what I think.

It's not a bed of roses and it is surely not easy! Especially with the fact that this is Singapore and we have super competitive kids in school with me. SMU is famous for class participation, but it's not that bad honestly, it's like the same percentage as poly just that here in uni, they emphasize so much on it. And, there'll be some idiots who 'spoil market' - I have some classes where there are really people whom I label 'Class-Part Whores'. You know, like how I'm a camwhore... they are those who keep raising up their hands, their voices and make sure they get heard by the prof. They class part so much until I couldn't take it and every time one of them speak, I make sure I stare at them fiercely followed by leaning my head forward to see their name tents - make sure I remember their big name. I swear, it's as through the whole class revolves around them. Studies wise, the subjects I'm taking this semester are things I have never encountered before, except for BizLaw. I admit I took some slack off doing pre-readings for it because I done it before in Poly but really, I underestimated the JC kids. I thought I could say something smarter in class, but low and behold, seems like they ate up the whole legal textbook instead of just the pre-readings. They actually know all legal terms, etc. I don't remember me knowing them before class when I first did this subject. They are really very hardworking. Maybe instead of 'complaining', it's something I ought to learn from them. Ohwells. I just don't want to get into the whole motion of being caught in the ultimate rat race.

Thinking about it, I just feel so sad that my final stage of school life will be spent like this for the next 4years, and probably could get worse along the way :(

Was in SMUSA info session the other night with Gwen and listening to the sharing going on, it struck me how much I miss BSC because it was very much like BSC's elections succession talk, just that SMU's one was done in a more proper/formal way. Point is, this whole SMU journey thus far, made us both realize how much we miss our respective polys. We had everything there... my good bestest friends, my family... It's where we began, where we roughed it out, where we had a 'glory' end, and really, it's a place we are proud to call home. I remember I couldn't wait to graduate from TP, handover all my leadership duties and simply move on. I am still very excited and happy to move on, but I will always 'remember my roots'. TP is one of the places where moulded me to be who I am today and it's inevitable that I'll feel like a little homesick girl in SMU. Some days, I feel totally in place in school, like I'm totally adapting well. But you know, on some other days when bad moments happens, it's like... I feel I don't belong in a school filled with smart kids. I never going to be like them to matter what.

Thankgod for Gwen who totally understands how I feel because she's going through what I'm going through too. Sometimes, when I want to tell her something yet I can't find the word to describe how I'm feeling, she'll already know what I mean. Also, wanna thanked for my FTB mates, MUSHU one big family. These people are sunshines I look forward to meeting, don't expire so soon k! Must continue with our weekly lunches, heh!

Anyways, moving on to happier things, the week was promising and very much fulfilling. Whirlwind!

Lunch at DOME with part of MUSHU on the first day of school.

Something I know I won't join, so I signed up for the workshop to experience it at least once in my life

MUSHU Thursday weekly lunch
Really wish these lunches can last through this semester at least

Attended OCSP info sessions *hope all of us can get in together!* the whole day and went to have le sinful dinner with Ray at Macs because he wanted his Mcwings. Had a good chilling session with him and Junwei who joined us afterwards.

Attended VIVACE2012 on Friday afternn, probably the coolest hippest school CCA fair ever. A part of Freshmen Orientation, it was themed like an amusement park, literally. Even had a map, see!
And, whoa lots of goodie bags I'm not kidding!
We signed up for so many different CCAs just for fun. It's like everyone wants a part of you. In SMU, it's like this, a lot of happening stuffs and many distractions around. Got to know yourself best, know what you really want and who you really are if not you will end up being thrown here and there and feel like you are losing yourself.

The week ended with Gourmet Club's food trail with the ACJC girls!
It was super fun trying to get the clues and making our way to the 8 various stations. What an experience! Went to cafes that I've always wanted to try, as well as discovered nice food places I've never been to before.

Indeed, I experience the true meaning of 'PLAY HARD, STUDY HARD' here in SMU and I foresee 4more years of it. It's a mini tiny quote I live by when education comes into play. Learning to love every minute of this!



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