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friends like sisters

Short Post! Met up with my darling girl for a girls night out one of the weekdays last week. She wanted to do facial for the longest time ever since coming back from India. Wonder what India did to her, but anyways we proceeded on to our facial plans at my Aunt's!
Felt super refreshed on face yet tired inside. Wanted to sleep more, but we had plans! Our awesome after facial plan was to go satisfy my waffle cravings! hahaha. Wanted to try out Haatos but somehow we ended up at Plaza Sg for Gelare, only to find out that it has been closed down. So Cafe Cartel was the best next alternative...

Desserts are really sinful, I know. Plus, we added on to the sin by eating it for supper! WOW FANTASIC BABY! -.- Hmmm, ohwells, I mean #YOLO right? *make myself feel a lil' better* Treated the girl to her fav dessert as featured below. Didn't really try it because I can't take creamy stuffs, but I know she enjoyed it and that's all that's impt! OH, I took the fruits, very fresh!
As for me, I had my waffles, of course!
IMG_6116 IMG_6111 IMG_6117
Verdict: I didn't really like it because it was soft :( Sighs!
To be fair, I would say it was hot and yummy, but for me, I prefer my waffles crispy on the outside and light on the inside. Not those soft and fluffy ones. So yeah! Just letting you guys know the type of waffles they serve in case you wanna try them there. here's a collage to end off my short and sweet night with the girl.IMG_6112
Girls & our lovely desserts at midnight!


Thanks for the meet up, and for telling me about India! Don't worry too much, we will go on a trip soon okay! Then we will find out more about each other... but, no matter what, I think we'll be just fine! HEH! Love youuu truckloads! (:

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