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For the love of Meat



Was invited by my Aunt to join her family and my grandparents for Carnivore's weekday 1-for-1 lunch (12-3pm) promo at Vivo. When I heard about it, I was quite excited because I have heard so much about it but I would think of going for it because it's all meat and I'm not so much a meat lover. Nevertheless, despite myself not being a big eater, I agreed, just so to take a look at what this hype about the Brazilian Churrascaria (barbeque) experience is all about!



There was a long queue, but I walked in #likeaboss 
because my family was seated inside already. Suddenly dawn upon me that you really need to call early, book early and come early to queue. Heard that if you book ur table and late for 5mins, you automatically give up ur seat. Whoa!IMG_8136
crowd of the day

Enough of the place, let's have some Food Talk!


Carnivore is a must-try for all meat lovers! They have 9 and 14 churrasco items to select from for lunch and dinner, respectively. Although it's buffet style, you don't get on your feet to get the meat. Instead, the Passadors (Skewer Waiters) will weave through tables and bring them to you, right onto your plates! Most chunks of grilled meat were served hot on the long skewers while the rest were on huge plates. They are very observant waiters, and they know who they have served so it won't be long till you get new pieces of meat on your plate.
The Passadors are indeed authentic, I read somewhere that these guys are really from Brazil!
After trying the different kinds of meat, my Favourite of all has to be the tender and juicy chicken thigh and the buttered fish which had a hint of salmon-tasting. ᵔᴥᵔ The other meat that I was quite impressed with was the beef slices (above) which were one of the softest I have ever eaten as well. Talk about good meat, they definitely didn't disappoint.
Flip your sign to indicate YES/NO (whether you want more food or it's enough!)
Dip your food in sauces specially prepared for you

I partically loved this sauce! Very refreshing and keeps my tummy wanting more food!

Vegetarians, fret not! ت Besides the meat, there's a salad counter with over 15 hot and cold fresh serving vegetables and appetizers. They are certainly good complements to the continuous servings of slabs and slices of meat piling up on your plate.
From raw typical salad veggies to cooked ones, I must say it's really a good spread of greens. I'm not a salad person, so I didn't enjoy it much. I personally loved from here were the cocktail chicken sausages (yes, meat again!) and the cooked ladyfingers w onions. What I thought was interesting with the rest of them tried (and said it was good) was the not-so-common purple beetroots, black bean stew etc. Oh the mushroom soup was too diluted  

Brimming with veggies from your typical salad veggies to the really authentic ones! I personally loved the zangy taste of the purple zesty Beetroots. It was quite spread I have to say. Good for me to try out new stuffs like Peas and Black Beans Stew. 

Oh, did I mention grilled/charred pineapples? They were my favourite of all! Weird tastebuds? But YES, I love them! They were sweet (probably, caramelized) instead of typically sourish, what a nice interlude between those endless portions of meat!

When I was there, there were many groups of young adults and mostly, big groups of army guys! I think for them who can really eat a lot, it's super worth! People like me who can't eat much, it's kinda a waste, but I really love buffets! only because I can eat a little of everything to satisfy cravings of all kinds of food at 1 go!

1 Harbour Front Walk #01-161/162Tel: +65 6376 9939  | Website
Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm–3pm (Lunch) 6pm-10pm (Dinner)
Prices: Look below...

Buffet Dinner

DayOperating HoursPrices per AdultPrices per Child*
Monday to Thursday12.00pm to 3.00pm$31++$15++
Friday to Sunday12.00pm to 3.00pm$34++$15++
Buffet Dinner
DayOperating HoursPrices per AdultPrices per Child*
Monday to Thursday6.00pm to 10.00pm$45++$20++
Friday to Sunday6.00pm to 10.00pm$47++$20++

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