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Been to Hatched at Evans Lodge once, more than a year back and found the food very overrated. But recently, my girlfriend told me they have a new branch over at Holland Village so I decided to give it another chance! Opening at HV offers much convenience for everyone especially now that the MRT Circle line is right at its doorstep. The branch at Evans is accessible with a car...


Just so you know, Hatched @HV is not located within the usual cafes. I walked the entire insides of HV stretch, only to find out that it's actually located just right at Exit B, turn right once you'r out of the MRT and it's next to a mama shop. There's a graffiti like sprayed paint word 'Hatched' outside the shopfront which I found that quite interesting.

Oh btw there's no exact big huge signboard outside, so don't miss it while walking pass. I guess you guys won't miss it because it's furnished like a bird's nest. Check this out!

Upon entering, I found the interiors pretty cosy and much like a simple cafe with minimal furnishings but already looking egg-y cute!

I absolutely loved how the menu is titled as the 'Egg Catalog' and the way the catergorised they eggs. Simple and Easy for people like me who doesn't really know what to order but know what kind of eggs I prefer!
According to the cooking style of the Eggs: Fried, Boiled, Poached, Scrambled, Omelette, etc and even friends of eggs!

In the end, both of us decided to order Mix Me Up, specially for 2 to share, because it turned out we both wanted same food stuffs and definitely the choice of scrambled eggs. It was a good idea to share because the portion was generously big and for the price, it's so worth it!

Mix-Me-Up Delights
comes with lovely fluffy waffle-pancakes alike!

Finally, time to dig into our lovely Brunch!
My Girlfriend Brunch Date!

Close Up!
I still think the food is overrated. I mean, the eggs are good but not the kind I like cause it's the creamy type :( sighs. The roasted potatoes were tasteless, idk to me it tasted like sweet potatoes which shouldn't be the case. The hotdogs and toast were good! Other than that, what surprised me was the waffles because I'm not a waffles girl but it spread with honey syrup or strawberry jam tasted absolutely yummy!

We were so full after the hearty brunch.
Good time catching up on each other's lives. More to come, girl!
Love you, Thanks for everything!      


Fans of Eggs, it's worth a visit! It's called 'Hatched' for a reason, right?

267 Holland Ave,Singapore  
Tel: +65 6463 0012 
Opening Hours: Tues - Sun, Closed on Monday
8am - 10pm

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