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*P.S when God was blessing others with the gift of height, He left me out realizing that great things come in tiny packages, so instead I am gifted with endless energy and a big wide smile to get through difficult times.

Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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SMU, My Eventual Choice

1st June 2012
24 : 00hours
 Common Acceptance Period CLOSED

My Choice
Rejected NUS Business and NTU Mass Comm
Accepted SMU Business
So after a whole round, it's back to square one, my inital choice.
I was swayed here and there throughout the years just because I don't want to do a Business course anymore. No Maths please :( But ohwells. #Factis, ever since I was choosing my Poly choice, I set my eyes on SMU. In Poly, I mugged on SMU Campusand made my groupmates have proj meetings there. See how onz I am. haha!

When I shared this piece of news to my friends, they commented 'I LIKE. YOU'VE GOT GUTS'. I was in awed, shocked, whatsoever. Guts? I shrugged. The continued 'You've got guts to reject NUS & NTU. Wow!'

Indeed, nods head, I get it I get it! Prestige? NUS & NTU are no doubt prestigious and highly sought after by many because it's tested and proven. Since young, NUS or NTU is ‘the’ university to be in. It's a safe and secured route that wouldn't go wrong. Everyone seems to want to get it but yet, some can't. On my side, I rejected them and went for SMU instead. Well, if you know me, I'd never settle for something just because it's tested and proven. I would choose something that I like, something that suits my personality better, something that I believe in so that I can 'sell' it.

School's Brandname, Student's Global Exposure and Convenience were the 3 main factors in deciding which school to enrol to. The future employment opportunities I heard about, was also something that attracted me. I mean, I was really impressed with the high employment rate of the seniors who got not only one but many job offers even before they graduate.

Sometimes, I think I should be looking at the course instead. I told myself to enrol into Business in Poly because to me, it's easier to get better grades and mainpoint get into a local uni at least. Then in Uni, choose to study something really different and even if I don't do well it's kinda fine because there's no need to chiong for a higher level of education, get it? But now, I'm doing what I'm best at, back to Business. Sighs.

3years ago, I was so damn sure that I want to be in a Business course, 3years later, graduating from TP, I tell myself that through I still love Business and that it's just in my blood somehow, but studying an extra 4years of Business course is really very useless, to me at least... The course itself, in terms of skills. Because to me, Business course is something either you know it or you don't. Unlike courses like Engineering, Law, Media, at least when you graduate, you learnt a skill, something niche that sets you apart from other course's graduates. OH +Plus, I've already got 3years of experience from Poly. It'll be rather boring to do a total of 7years of Business, ohmygod! *stabs myself coupled with a facepalm*

I should be taking up NTU's offer in Mass Comm, or Law or Hospitality. Like, what am I doing in Business when what I really want to do is something else. Yet, I'm really sold by SMU. By it's teaching style, culture, global exposure and convenience. Hope it doesn't disappoint.

About SMU

Choosing a university and course of study that’s right for you is one of life’s crossroads. Having given countless students the skills to successfully navigate through their careers, we at SMU understand this better than most.
An education at SMU is a life-changing experience. Our President, Professor Howard Hunter, assures, “We seek to educate the whole person by providing our students with hard, professional knowledge and with the soft skills necessary for them to become effective, creative, and flexible leaders for the 21st century.” a short span of 9 years, SMU has come to be regarded as a catalyst of change and a leader in the new education paradigm. system of education that is holistic, broad-based and flexible; conducted in purpose-built, small seminar rooms that are conducive for learning. faculty of professors with teaching and mentoring skills that are constantly referred to as ‘outstanding’ by our students. campus is in the heart of the city’s business, arts and cultural centre, giving learning new levels of engagement. chart your own career with a choice of 6 degrees: Accountancy, Business Management, Economics, Information Systems Management, Law and Social Science. double degree programme allows you to choose 2 degrees from a total of 15 combinations. Single degree students may also opt for a double major from the wide range offered – giving you the versatility to enhance your career prospects. fresh perspectives and build confidence from international exchange programmes, community service projects and business study missions. a career head start in the form of practical internships. Exposure to real-world working life means you develop valuable contacts and acquire critical insight into your career choices. of our students secured employment within 6 months of graduation; 84% were offered jobs before or within one month of graduation; 66% received 2 to more than 10 job offers. graduates have the option of pursuing postgraduate degree programmes offered by the various schools. in 8 freshmen stand s to receive a scholarship , ensuring that students who require financial assistance will not be denied a place of study at SMU. has a vibrant and diverse student life with over 100 CCAs that cater to a wide range of interests.

Why I choose SMU?

Teaching Style follows the US way of learning, a comparatively different system which is something that I know suits my talkative and opinion-orientated personality best! Hello, my background from debating and drama, what more can I say? Also, the small class sizes would motivate me to prepare for every lesson so that I have something to contribute in class, adding on to the intensive discussion, as well as encourage me to speak up in class, like what I always do ever since young. I like the fact that presentations are integrated in almost every lesson so much so that it seems like a natural thing to speak in front of both small and large groups. So basically, to me you see, just have to talk and present. Sounds so much like what I love doing right? Many people may be apprehensive because they prefer mugging and memorising for exams, but sorry, I can't do that man. I respect those who can actually, but ohwells. Go elsewhere then? Another thing I like about the small classes (as opposed to huge lectures) is that you get personal attention and you get to ask questions there and then on the spot!

I live in the East, obviously, SMU is the nearest Uni. Besides, it's a city campus right smack in the middle of town. My goodness, I have all the shopping and dining options available all around school! And it's really impt because having been through so many damn overnight project sessions, I now make it a point that no matter how hard we work, we need to balance it off with some fun time! Oh, did I mention, I crave and envy hall campus life because everyone seems more bonded and its really my concept of university since young. But thus far, no Singapore university's hall impressed me. As compared to the ones I saw in USA. So nope, I hate staying in hall. Home's always a better place (;

Social Life
I have no idea how it's gonna be. Hope I'm up for awesome social life still! I know that my university life wouldn't be the one I dreamt of when I was a kid because the one I imagined to be is staying in halls with my pals and school = home. But choosing SMU, there's not gonna be hall, no hall campus life, instead it'll be a city campus where I'm right smack in town almost everyday! No typical college life that I'll be experiencing, esp after attending NUS RH Camp, I know I miss hall life. Nevertheless, I'm ready for corporate world style instead of student life style! And, I'm intending to join many CCAs as well, got a couple in my mind already. Shall go find out about them during the CCA fair I suppose there's gonna be one. Hope SMU opens more opportunity for me in terms of entrepreneurship, business competitions and travel exposures!

Having said the good and exciting points, I'm kinda nervous as to what lies ahead.
I heard how competitive SMU is... sighs :(

My aim of Dip in Business (Poly) is to gain a further inside into the Business world and score well get into a local university. Now, taking Degree in Business (Uni) is probably to hone those skills of mine and more importantly, find opportunities to start my own business proper. One thing I found out in Poly is that I don't really see myself working for others in the long run. I need to run my own world, own business as I'm someone who likes to see things done and take ownership for it. I hate 9-5 jobs. I need to move around. So I'll see what opportunities are open and at the back of my mind I always know God has a plan for me and his plan is the best!

Oh yes, I heard from others that in university, there's absolutely no fixed class as there's different classes even for same modules, well depending on what you bid for. Speaking of bidding, I also heard there's no fixed timetable and all is flexible. Good or Bad thing, I don't know :/

4years is a long time, but I remb the Prof saying that we should not complain, instead, treasure and enjoy these 4years. You can work a lifetime, but you can't study a lifetime. I hope graduating from SMU would hone my business skills, and I believe my confidence level and communication skills would definitely improve. I hope!

For now, for everything comes as it is, I'll just have to adapt and deal with it.


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