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Forever & always, a child of God. Through this cozy little virtual haven, I hope each post inspires at least someone out there with my life stories.

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Sponsored: More about Casio TR150!

Dear Readers and Fans of TR150,

Remember my previous introductory post on this awesome camera? 

Thanks to all who have been reading and sending me emails regarding this camera. No worries, No queries, because this time round... I'm gonna introduce you more cool features, see! Told ya not to belittle it right! Anyways, I've been bringing this new gadget of mine around with me, trying to get used to its features etc.

I hope these pretty pictures below do justice to this camera & that you guys will consider getting one for yourself as well <:

Blog Post 2

Who says it's just good for human camwhoring!

All I can say is... my friends are all very amazed by it and had so much fun spamming pictures of their own faces!



Venecia and I!
Ohno! As flawless as our skin looks, can Casio invent their next camera to have a feature that removes eyebags? I would totally be sold by it!!! 0_0
*poppy eyes*

On the Train

Shiying & Ruiling

To further elaborate on the make-up mode feature, a picture speaks a thousand words

So check this out!
Blog Post 21

Honestly, I was feeling really sick from all the orientation camps, however, one of the days, I still went out with my parents to the Volks Event. Took some pictures, and I think I still look fine :/ At least... (:


What I like about the makeup mode, is that it has this 'pale skin' effect, making me look a little Korean-ish. It's like as if I can pull off the oh-so innocent & pure & super demure look (thro I'm not really...) Oh, remember my prev post, I said you could choose from twelve levels of skin beauty enhancement? FYI, this is JUST LEVEL 6!!!


Taken at the recent wedding I attended last Saturday, the only real makeup I had on was mascara and 30% foundation! Pro or what. Sorry, I was too sick to dress up. I took a nap beforehand to rest my soul, and when I woke up, I only had 15mins to get changed and get out of the house!


Also, NEW is the fun Decoration Function, which allows users to clip elements from any photo to paste into another photo with an easy stylus tool that comes with the camera, making the fun last even longer.

Decoration Function offers new fun way to create artsy images by processing previously taken photos

Using the stylus provided, the user can easily clip out parts of any image on the camera just by tracing around the desired part. Simply paste the clipped part into another photo to make an original piece of combined photographic art.

Use the stylus that comes with the camera to clip a selected image from a still photo and paste it onto another of your photos. The fun continues long after shooting!

When you select the reverse clipping button, the portion surrounding the area you outline with the stylus is clipped out and can be used as a frame for another image.
This is definitely a great feature for those who like neo-prints, or decorate their photos. Its a built in feature that is found inside the camera itself, which was not previously found in TR100 nor any of the models. As for those who like outer-frame on their photo, now you can have your very own frame shape.

E.g. if you want a triangle frame, you will draw a triangle and select the reverse button, you will get the shape you want as your frame! Its that easy.

Best of all, I repeat(!), it comes with a package - now it comes with your very own personal stylus for any camera (which was not included in TR100)


*** Special Features, only found in this NEW Casio TR150!

1. It's flexibility, Slim & Effortless (its only 14.9 millimetres thick with flexible frame of 360 degree & flexible lens of 270 degree) Now you can enjoy photo taking with no restriction at all (freedom) and the way you want it to be.

2. Light in weight: It weighs only approx of 155g (almost the same weight as an iphone)

*** 3. "Wide" wide-angle lens & self-timer (great for outdoor shooting & with family and friends)

4. Full HD movie & slow -motion play back

5. Comes in touch-screen and motion sensor (great technology in one size)

*** 6. Make-up mode of up to 12 levels! (previously not found in TR100 (make-up mode) or any other model!)

This great features of make-up mode (up to 12 levels) makes everybody face look SMOOTHER, PERFECTER, and BRIGHTER than any other camera.

*** 7. Picture on Picture (P.O.P.) & Frames DIY - after photo taken, you are now able to decorate/paste (built in feature) on-the-spot with ANOTHER picture. Your very own frame shape you want! (Drawn by yourself!)

8. Color - Pink, Red, & White!


Everygirl's dream camera colour, for me, at least it's true!

For those who are interested in getting it, it's retailing in stores at S$449!
Shall end up with an unglam picture of myself (;




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