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Sponsored: NEW! Casio Exilim TR150


Am finally sharing the joy about my latest baby amongst my other gadgets! Proudly sponsored by CASIO

This new addition stands out from the other cameras I have as it's really unique on its own. I admit I'm not savvy with tech&gadgets, but how tough can it be figuring out a new camera right? Brought it along with me and it proves to be extremely well-liked amongst my friends. Woohooo! So let me introduce you to my new friend, I've named it 'CAMMY' (for now, till I get inspirations for a nicersounding name)


It's the NEW Casio EX-TR150!

Available in white, pink and red! (OMG CHIO CHIO CHIO!)

The new EX-TR150 features a slim and stylish camera body only 14.9 millimeters thick and a variable frame design comprising a frame that rotates 360 degrees around the lens and a monitor that rotates through 270 degrees.
The camera has a 12.1-megapixel, back-illuminated CMOS sensor, a wide-angle 21mm single-focus lens, a countdown timer, a face recognition, an included stylus, Casio’s HDR technology and a motion shutter that takes a photo whenever movement of the subject is sensed.


Focus on the Camera!


What the Kit includes

Upon opening up the package, I admit, I was really clueless about how to go about using this camera because I've never seen this unique gadget before. I COULDN'T DECIDE WHERE TO HOLD THE CAMERA! :/ Such a loser.


Okay, so I did what a normal person with a new gadget would do. I charged the camera for about 3 hours or so before starting to play with it.


I realised why it's called the 'Self Portrait' camera! What they call in Chinese, Zi Pai!



Good to play with Angles!


Basically, it opens by flipping the camera to shoot images on any position you want. You can even face its lens to your own face without having to aim aimlessly. For sure, you know your face will be right smack in the middle (: Best of all, it has a built in stand so you may capture photos automatically and manually by hanging stand on wall, or any other smooth media.

T-A-D-A! You don't have to bother someone else to take for you or awkwardly having to say 'Sorry, can take for me again?'. With this camera, you can retake as many times as you wish to! It's impt to camwhores like me because I want the very best shot!


Just flip the camera out of its frame and rotate it to any shooting position you want. You can even take a self-portrait while looking at the LCD monitor and take low-angle photos effortlessly.

Also, its design made very light weight so can be taken in one hand easily and move to any position, so now you don’t have to move full body to take irregular images. Casio EX-TR150 introduced many new shooting modes including normal, group, stand, movie, free wide angle and suspended modes.

Unique Point: Freestyle Digital Camera, Superb for Creating Artsy Self-Portraits

Rotating Monitor and Frame for Totally Flexible Shooting Style,

Make-up Mode Ensures Every Face Looks Great


There are many functions for users to choose from. I shall introduce 2 of my favourite ones!


#1 Make-up Mode!

flickr to upload

I heard so much raves about the make-up mode, so much so I just had to try it.
Apparently, it made me a little Korean looking? haha It simply has this effect of smoothing your skin. NOT literally helping you put mascara, eyeliner, etc. Come to think of it, it would be cool through! haha!

flickr to upload1

So, How does it work?

Click the last box, to access makeup level choice!

This is what you will see upon clicking that tab above...

I tried Level 1 to 12 (different strengths of image processing), amazingly! Personally, I recommend somewhere around Level 7 is good enough. Won't look too dreamy and fake!




FYI, I have absolutely NO makeup on. My hair is undone too... Does it explain that I came from a camp? Yes, I was in the midst of camp when I came back home. But everything happens for a reason right? See, this mode is beauty mode and it supposed to be AU NATURAL for the best effect possible!... Erm, *ahems, to me, at least (;

It shoots well enough, even in a dark indoor room as such!

#2 Motion Shutter Mode!




What I love about this is when I camwhore with lens facing me, I don't have to put self-timer. Instead, I can simply 'wave' to where I have set the frame to be, and it will automatically start the timer countdown and eventually take a photo. WOOHOOO! I'm in love with new age technology! (;

Attempting a full-body self shot! Pass? HAHA!

Don't belittle this compact camera, there's much more to what meets the eye. *sings* You better be good, You better not cry, if not I'm not telling you why...

Check this out! Even under 'Best Shot', there are many hidden treasures ^^


HAHA, really, say real! There are so many more functions in this small gadget I call mine. Just a little heads up since you bothered to scroll all the way to the end of this post... The functions to discover further include: Slide Panorama for taking panoramic images, Photo Editor, etc!

Click here for more info:


After reading this post, don't be jealous! You too, can owe this NEW! CASIO Exilim TR150!

To win it,
Join the Casio Exilim FB "You Wish" Contest!

Wish List Contest:
Step 1: 'LIKE' the facebook page:
Step 2: Write 'Why you deserve to win the TR150 in less than 250 words.

Contest starts on 9 April 2012!


1 x TR150 for participation (based on Casio's judge 60%, Voting take 40%)
1 x TR150 for voter (based on random selection)

More details on contest/voting process can be found on Casio Exilim Singapore FB page from 9 April 2012 onwards!

#ootd $gold #bigblackflowers


Good lucks! (:


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