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Amethystory Beautiful Skin Search


Dear Readers,
Do you remember my previous post in 2011 promoting Amethystory when they first launch in SG? It's been awhile ever since & this time round, I'm gonna promote their exciting campaign!

First things First, Thanks to Amethystory, I was yet again sponsored with these 3 products from their beauty range - to Exfoliate, Cleanse and Tone

1. Mineral Bubble Face Wash

2. Mineral Aqua Gel

3. Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer

Mineral Bubble Face Wash 160ml ($14.90)
AS-BW(V2)_TODAY 04 Nov11_VPFC(P)et-01 small


As the name suggests, it's a self-foaming facial wash. It's such a promising soft creamy bubble wash option!


Rinse off with water, my skin feels so refreshed and hydrated after the wash. My T-zone area was less oily for sure. Gentle for daily use. What I love about it is that the foam does not drip, in fact, it stays on my palms perfectly well, thus cleaning up would be less of a hassle.  



Mineral Aqua Gel 150ml ($24.90)
AS_MAG_Cleo_Dec2011_et-01 small

The consistency of this gel is like a watery clear liquid with a little sweet fragrance. It feels as through it's just pure water on my face.


For me, I took about 5-7drops, enough for full face coverage. Upon gentle massage in circular motion, you will realise that white flakes appear. 

These are your dead skin cells being removed! Don't worry, it's a good sign! Best of all, these products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin like mine. Oh! You can op to use it on other parts of your body as well. The only thing I don't really like about this is that it's kinda sticky for my skin, so I had a hard time washing it off :/ Maybe it's just me... :(

Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer 150ml ($19.90)
As-Enhancer(V2)_CLEO march 12_FPFC-et(P)-01

An advertisement of it launched in Cleo Magazine

After cleansing, pour an adequate amount of this whitening enhancer onto your palm and gently pat it onto your face. Slowly, let it be completely absorbed by your skin. Upon full absorption, skin will feel smoother and in the long run with regular use, you will get fairer!

My favourite of all 3!


So here comes the exciting part!
For those who love this product as much as we do, it's your chance to show it and be the front face of Amethystory! They have launched a
“Amethystory Beautiful Skin Search” contest, in search of a face to represent the brand! If you have good skin and a pretty face to boost, sign up now!!!
Open to all females age 18 -25yrs old, based in Singapore.
10172 AS Beauty Searching A5_Mx2-01
The winner of ”Face of Amethystory” will win attractive prizes and of course, front Amethystory's advertisments be it on print or media!
To participate, you can now register @

Don't hesistate! Amethystory's next face could just be YOU!

Yes, YOU!

I've also taken part in it, uploaded my D&D photo ^^


That's not all!

& to get your hands on a free Amethystory Mineral Aqua Gel sample as well as to know more about the Beautiful Skin Search, do come down to their roadshow events as stated below:
14th April along Orchard Road: 1pm to 5pm
21th April along Orchard Road: 1pm to 5pm
27th April @ Temasek Polytechnic:11am-3pm
28th April along Orchard Road: 1pm to 5pm

Seeyou there!

Remember, this ad could bear your face next!


For more details on upcoming exciting campaigns, refer to the Amethystory's Facebook Page!

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