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Sponsored Review: Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen

What's a woman's motto in terms of beauty? To stay Beautiful.

Right, so to achieve that, as women, we tend to have to source from a feast of beauty products just to find the suitable one for us.

I received this at my doorstep!
YAY! It's for me! *jumps around*

But...errr... What's that, right?


Let's just open it up & take a peep...


I DON'T KNOW. Ohwells, It's a present! Just be happy & smile! :>


In this post, I'm gonna introduce you a common substance in the beauty industry.
Collagen as we know it, has multiple benefits. It keeps our soft skin firm and elastic.

From Collagen cream, powder to masks... you've probably heard or seen them before. One thing common is that they are all applied to our skin surfaces. However, research has shown that the most effective way of fully delivering collagen to our bodies is through consumption, not application.

That's where the product, Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen Drink is being featured.



Made of pure marine collagen of 3000 daltons, the perfect molecular weight for human body, your body will absorb up to 99% of this collagen drink that you consume. Not only will the collagen you ingest keep your skin moisturized from the inside, the Vitamin C present in this powerful but convenient packet gives an added benefit of promoting the synthesis of collagen.

Now, don't just get collagen for the sake of getting it.


I admit(!), initially I was very hesitant & had my doubts about this product, because afterall it's NEW to me, and it's something I need to consume. Kinda afraid but I had to try it... but, I'm glad I did!


Indulge in any one of the 3 fruitilicious flavours - Lemon, Mango and Blueberry for firmer, younger looking skin & to keep your skin in the best condition.

The product also offers easy convenience for those who are constantly on the go as it comes in slim, handy 2500mg sachets that can fit discreetly in your handbag or even pockets and makes consumption of collagen a pleasurable daily affair.

Time to pick a nice flavour!


Personally, I like Lemon flavoured stuffs, okay well, it looks the most normal and likeable compared to the other 2.

Day 1 - I drank the Lemon flavoured...
Packed with L-Vitamin C, magnificent anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties, AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen is the ultimate health supplement and possibly the key to turning back the clock. With no added sugar, it’s perfect even for weight watchers or those with diabetes.

So this is how you consume it...

This hassle-free health & beauty supplement can be consumed right off the sachet or mix w your drinks! *I chose the latter*


*FYI, Today, I drank the Mango flavoured...

Actually, it's very simple

Open the packaging,

I chose to mix it with water, so just simply pour it into the cup of water

This is how it looks like, when opened...

Told ya! It's just like white flour. *gasps* Don't worry, it's v safe!

Anyways, it's no sugar as mentioned above, so I suggest you guys add honey or something sweet to it, or else there's this fishy lemonish taste and it's not sweet at all :/



Fortified with Probiotics complex, AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen is also the first product in the market that contains a combination of beneficial bacteria strains that work to balance the intestinal microflora and rebuild a healthy intestinal system to further boost collagen peptides and L-Vitamin C absorption. It doubles the effectiveness of anti-ageing and anti-oxidants, hence resulting in skin becoming radiant and healthy.

Despite it's nice taste, to be fair, I can't comment much on its effectiveness (But I'm super psycho-ed that it's good for my health... heheh! It's all psychology anyways, positive thinking!) since these small sachets on a short-term basis isn't enough to see its effects.

Anyways, bringing effective health with great taste to a whole new level, get your daily dose of AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen now! Priced at introductory price of S$48.90, Usual Price S$58.90 for a pack of 30 sachets, the product is now sold island wide in Guardian, John Little, OG, Robinsons, NTUC Unity and Watsons.


YOU (yes you!) can redeem a free sample of the Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen just by clicking “Like” on their Facebook page! So what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!

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