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The Minster of Education, Mr Heng

w Mr Heng, Minister of Education

Thanks to Temasek Polytechnic, I have been given so many such opportunities which I'm really grateful for. Thanks for picking me to representing TP/Business School,out of so many people. I may not be the best choice but I believe everything happens for a reason!

& IDK whether it's this season or what, but really, it was 2 invitations to 2 diff ministers in a row man! Even I got confused. The school called me up for Minister of Education, Minister Heng. & this upcoming Saturday, my Law manager FACEBOOKED (YES FB!) me to meet the Deputy Prime Minister @ his office function room sorta. OMGZ! Me, of all people? I hope I don't embarrass myself or the school.

Had breakfast in the morning while reading up on the Minister.

Got this black pepper chicken pie last night @Vivo. Through I'm not a pie or pastry lover, but when I saw it, it's a new pie shop at Basement SO just wanted to TRY. I doubt I will buy it again thro... not very nice :/

When you open it up, 1st surprise I got was the EGG! hehehe happykid ^^ Didn't expect there to be an egg. It's like a western PAU! ~~~


So anyways, the dialogue session with Minister Heng was @ ITE College West. At CCK. OMG I know right, it's literally at the other end of Singapore. I doubt I have really been in that grounds before. Ah, nvm at least I can say I have been there before now!


It went quite well, although I couldn't keep still cause the room was freaking cold & I have been seating in that same seat from 9.45 to 1.30 almost 4 hours, omgzzz... I think alot of us had many things to say. Thankfully, it's a small group of 4 from each Poly, 1 from each ITE. So about 25 people only... (:
The whole library room setting

TP Representatives

The Minister was quite nice & friendly, no doubt about that. I think he is a very accomplished man. Talked to him 1-to-1 in my TP group, when photo taking with him after the whole session.


Time for some refreshments. These snacks aren't my cup of tea but I just wanted to try it. Partly because, guess what? It's made by the ITE students & teachers. How cool! Hmmm, I doubt TP would allow that if it's meant for VIPs. haha, Idk. Initially I didn't believe that it was made by them, BUT, look at the cookies, one of them has the ITE letters carved on it!


Went to recce the school. Omg it's so big!


w Justin, on the way back in e cab! So cool, our driver is a caucasian!


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