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NDP Post-Rally Forum 2011

Thanks to TP once again, I was invited to another political-related event.

The NDP Post-Rally Forum 2011, with Dr Amy Khor & Mr Teo Chee Hean



Went into the cozy auditorium and was greeted by this huge signage on stage.

As we were early, the food wasn't ready... haha to kill time, we did what we're good at!

When the clock stroked 7pm, both of us went to get our dinner. We were really oh-so-hungry!

It's buffet style & was quite a good spread (:

Look at my plate #likeagreedypig :/

Soon after, the NDP forum started.

Mr Teo started the session with a recap of what was said during the NDP Rally by PM Lee Hsien Loong, as well of his own sharings. Then, audiences from the floor get the chance to raise concerns & speak up by moving out of the comfy seats and walking towards standing mics in the middle/sides of the audi. Moving forward, Mr Teo & Dr Khor will then address the issues/concerns raised.

I like the fact that there was this huge twitter screen on stage.
Melody @meowz and I @samankaylee, was spamming the whole twitter screen with our comments & questions + people RT-ing us. Really, the whole screen on stage was filled with our account names or our friends who RT-ed us. We had so much fun!!! The little joys of seeing your twiitername of national tv screen. HAHAHA!


After the whole event ended, took a pic with Mr Teo Chee Hean!

Before leaving the Audi, he commented 'Do you always wear a flower on your head?'

I nodded.

I secretly think he was starring at my flower the whole time, cause I was seating quite close below him off stage.

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