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National Youth Council SHINE! Media Conference 2011

So what special occasion falls in the month of July?
Looking at my calendar, there's few to be mentioned.

WHAT A BORING MONTH, I thought to myself...

BUT I was WRONG :/

Come July, SHINE! Youth Festival presents a month long of activities for Youths!

Organised by the National Youth Council, steered by a committee made up of head honchos of the various Youth Sector Organisations, Corporate and Public Agency Partners, NYC management and representatives from youth organisations and executed by a Youth Organising Committee consisting of volunteers, this festival will be a spectacular event, happening from...

2 July-31 July

planned by YOUTHS for YOUTHS!


Initiated in 2005, SHINE Youth Festival is a platform for youths between the age of 15 and 35 to indulge in their passion. The initiative celebrates youths’ creativity and dynamism and encourages them to use SHINE Youth Festival as the stage to demonstrate their energy and grow their skills and talents.

So, what activities will we be expecting to see during the SHINE! Youth Festival?
SHINE features an assortment of activities that cut across the varied backgrounds and interests of the modern young Singaporean. Highlights include Live Performances, Exhibitions, Workshops, Competitions and Forums across many interests, including creative and performing arts, sports and adventure, community issues, technology and business.

SHINE! Youth Festival 2011 will feature exhilarating activities presented by its 4 key partners:
4 Marquee Partners

1. Mascot Parade: COSMO 2011, Cosplay Show

2. O School: The Big Groove, Dance performances

3. SG Street Festival

4. Singapore Management University (SMU): Car Wash

What I found interesting is the PILLOW FIGHT happening right at *SCAPE.
I can't wait to see how interesting the entire area would be like on that day!


The activities that we can participate in...


Being a Corporate Communications major student, I have been learning all about the Media. I'm glad to be able to experience the real thing today!& so always, before an actual event, there will always be a media event & in this case, it is the Media Conference...

It started with witty emcee, Annabelle Francis in my opinion who had a great personality and her own style in hosting, being a natural in bringing life to the entire media conference.



Up next was the sharing session by the Steering Committee.

It was a sharing session by Mr Martin Tan (Chairperson) and Mr Eric Chua (Co-Chairperson), telling us how this whole event came about, the details of the festival happening on 2nd July & how far SHINE! Youth Festival has come in the pass few years.

Come next weekend, *SCAPE will be transformed into the most happening place in town with levels of partying for YOUTHS to hang out at!

As you scroll down in this blogpost, you will be able to see the activities that will be occuring on the event day itself!


After them, it was the key personals for the activities that will be on during the actual event.


With the speakers...

So here's a preview of what you will be expecting to see during the actual event on 2nd July 2011 at *SCAPE!

Homegrown band, Juz B

The Roses


Last but not least, an initiative by SMU students from the club (Inspirar).


Some student representives cheerfully demonstrated the creative exercise that they came up with to help the elderlys exercise, even in their seats!

I think it's a very considerate initiative because alot of elderlys cannot do exercise because they are simply too weak. With this exercise, they are now able to still stay healthy!


Their creative chair aerobics dance

Also, we were treated to a series of magic tricks by Magician, Mr Kiki Tay. He was comical and I felt he did more acting (Miming) than magic.



One of it I found interesting is the fact that he could EAT FIRE. Yes, FIRE!!!



That marks the end of the event for the Media Conference...


With Pris & Joanna

After the event, it was time for networking!

We were given a chance to do interviews with the speakers that we saw on stage just now (:


Also, there was food reception for us!

Thank You!

The after-event activities included:

1. Computer Games

This is SHINE's facebook game called 'Power 2 Shine', which was only unveiled today!
We were the privelege group to be able to try playing it!

In the game, the player is supposed to jump from levels to levels and kill zombies that he/she encounters along the way, while trying to complete the mission of collecting the 'National Youth Council's' logo-icon. Sounds easy right? Most people would be able to play it WELL... BUT...

I'm an exception because... I'm really bad at coordinating my hands and brains -.- so I didn't master that game.

Nevertheless, it was a fun experience!


For more details:

2. Cosplay MASCOTS
Look at them, so cute right!

We were able to try it out but we didn't, haha!


The Media Bloggers Group!

Yup, so come down to join us for this fun-filled event!


There will be special appearances by these artistes:





SHINE Youth Festival also offers many opportunities for youth from all walks of life to actively contribute and participate in the festival. Seriously, youths nowadays have so much more opportunities compared to the past! Live a more fulfilling life, come join in the fun this weekend at *SCAPE!

I shall end with this year's Slogan, 'ENOUGH TALK, JUST DO'
So enough of me blogging, just go for the event!

Till then, toodles!

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