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LIVE!Singapore Conference @ Marina Bay Sands

Thank You Ms Sandra Goh,
for giving us VIP! passes to this event.

For our Events Management module in school, we are supposed to attend one Arts event & write a report/review about it. Ms Goh open invitation to us & upon hearing MBS, I just signed my group & myself up for it!

Good right, but hey! ... The aftermath of such events are not that great afterall...

Anyways, the day started with meeting Andrea first up!


We went to recee the place first & managed to find the registration booth!


Walked all the way down this rather long 'concourse' & decided to head for lunch first as planned.

Guess who I met?


Juat Teng!

She was working as a surveyor there, so I helped her do surveys to reach her target, LOLS!

Juat Teng!

Andrea & I!

This was the Grand Ballroom Lunch area...

There were so many waiters...

So what's for lunch? Lots of Goodies that I LOVE big-time!
Food is probably the BEST thing of this event man. Really enjoyed my lunch that kept me going on for more servings... Ooops! :/

There were 3 of each similar set of stations, ard the ballroom.

So what's at each set of station?

#1 Bread w Butter & Jam


#2 Salad Vegatables & Dressings


#3 & more variations of Salads

Love the Duck Mango (Left Bottom) one most!

#4 Main Courses


#5 Desserts!

Tell me about it! Such pretty desserts, I was so unwillingly to eat them up! :(
Just put your eyes on the last pic of this collage - Do you see something very colourful?
FRUITS omgzzz! My favs of the lot!


After lunch, headed for some serious Business...
Went to the function room for the talk on Korean Dance Industry.


It was quite boring, I must say... Cause no interaction, no ppt slides. The speaker simply SPOKE & the way he spoke was as if he was talking to himself :(


Nevertheless, I'm so proud of myself and my groupmates! Managed to keep awake (Quite a tough feat I must say... especially after eating so much for lunch!!!)

My lovely tutor, Ms Sandra & my groupmates...

These were the other on-site events happening at LIVE! Singapore Conference


Entered the Trade Fairs, to have a peak of everything!

Basically, there were alot of booths set up by various vendors. Mostly those Arts & Theater related companies...

There were some interesting ones like mime workshops, puppetry, etc


This is the 1st booth once you enter!


Not cheap to have a booth there...


Now, to end off the event proper, we need some pictures!

ESTHER BallyyyWallyyy girl!





Took a walk around MBS...

Like tourist in our own lands... Took pics with the most branded of the branded brands. LOLS!


I'll really end off this post with a really cute & funny pic of myself...

How interesting right?



Here you gooooo!


It's the GSS happening on right now! Go SHOP now!!!

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